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Juvederm in Smile Lines - Lancashire, England

I had this product injected into my lines as had...

I had this product injected into my lines as had lost weight and was looking very tired and old-where as botox improved my appearance this has left looking like a hamster !with the left side very lumpy! I wish I never had this procedure done and now feel I look older! I have contacted the place I had it done and have been told that it will dissolve in time! has anyone else had the same experience and how long will it take to dissolve?


Ive been told that it will dissolve its self! and that they dont do the enzyme injection to break it down!oh great!!!
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I'm sorry to hear what is going on for you. Please keep us updated on how this turns out & how you are doing along the way.

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Good for you!! xx :)


I sometimes think they expect most of us not to continue on with a complaint. There are LOADS of great doctors out there, but the ones that try and avoid responsibility should expect a visit. If you still don't have any joy, be sure to document your calls and visits.


I am pretty sure there is always some sort of recourse for such things. :)


Keep your chin up. You are already gorgeous! It's just one of those situations we can end up in-but it CAN be fixed. x
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Well the person who did this says I will just have...

well the person who did this says I will just have to wait untill
the juvederm dissolves!!! it was juvederm ultra
so that could be a year!!


I feel your pain. Its been over 3 years for me with 2 lumps on the side of my mouth (from botched lip/mouth injections) that look like mouth bags and make me look like happy the clown with giant uneven double parentheses when I smile. Tried to dissolve twice with no luck. Only managed to thin out my real skin tissue underneath my lip. This stuff is in my skin like glue. Swells up when I play with the area. Tried to use a Tua Viso microcurrent to tone it, and it swelled for a week. I dont get where people say this stuff wears off in 6 months to a year. it just doesnt. Its just as bad as when I started. Its so depressing because it makes me look like I have jowels when I dont and the pillows stick out more than my thin lips.

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How are you both doing now, did it ever go away?
Unfortunately, It may come down to injector experience. Placement and volume can make the difference... But the good news about Juvederm is that it can be dissolved immediately
with an enzyme called Hyaluronidase. It works right away so no need worry but wait a few days before having it dissolved to see if it's just swelling...
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