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First let me give you my make up. I am 5 feet 8...

First let me give you my make up. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall. So for all of you tall people, you know it is easier to carry more weight. People always seem to be shocked when you tell them how much you weigh. Currently I wear a size 14 pants.

I have battled my weight all of my life. Believe it or not, after my freshman year in college, I topped out at 285 pounds wearing a size 20 in pants. I was only 18 years old. I had turned to food for comfort. When I looked in the mirror, it made me sick. It did not take me long to become motivated to lose weight.

From the age of 19 to age 20, I worked hard to lose weight. I lost down to to 210 pounds. Beleive it or not I wore a size 14 in pants. I started working at a gym when I was 20 and worked at the gym until I was almost 22. I lost down to 195 pounds. Believe it or not I still wore a size 14 in pants.

Well after graduating from college at age 22, I got a real job and along came the real stress. I got married at 23 years old and along came some more added stress. I went through a divorce at 24 years old. By that time I was weighing around 240 pounds, wearing a size 16. I met my second husband right after the divorce and by that time I was weighing 255 pounds, wearing a size 18. Now mind you at this point, I still had no children.

I got married in 2007 and found out I was pregnant in February 2008. At that time I had lost weight and weighed in at 235 wearing a size 16. At the time of delivery I weighed 270 pounds. I had a baby in September 2008 and was actually able to lose my pregnancy weight, plus five pounds and I dropped down to 230 pounds.

After some marital problems and job stress by July 2012 I had gained back up to 250 pounds. I recently went through a divorce and a job change and I have lost down to 216 pounds and wearing a size 14 in pants.

I have continued to be movitated to lose weight but at this point, because of the stretched skin and abdominal fat, I feel that it does not matter what progress I make, I will still be unhappy with who I am.

I am ready for this. My surgery is schedued for May 24 and by that time I hope to weigh 200 pounds. Can anyone tell me if they have had a similar experience? I know I am still overweight, but I want this so bad. The overweightness comes from the stomach. What size were you before surgery and what size are you know? How many pounds did you lose from surgery? Is it worth every inch of self esteem that I feel I will gain after this is done?

I know I am not ugly, but I have let my extra skin, stretch marks and abdominal fat define me. At this point, I no longer am going to let that define who I am in life or let others define my based on the extra weight. Please give me your feedback.

Hi Allison , you have been thru so much in your young life. Now it is time to slow down and take one day at a time. I have read many stories on this sight and have learned that those who are close to their desired weight are most successful with the tummy tuck. Allison is your weight giving you love handles, thick waist, upper abdominal rolls, back rolls and large breast? If so, when you have your consultation with your Board Certfied PS, be sure to let him/her know what all you expect from surgery. Lipo suction is not performed for weight loss. It is for reconstruction of that part of the body you are unhappy with. Are you sure you wouldn't find it more rewarding to. Try and loose more weight to meet your 200 lb goal??? I only want for you to set realistic goals for yourself. These kind of surgeries are very expensive. I wish you much luck and all of us women on this site are supportive of you and want only for you to be healthy and happy.
I would ask if you think being about 25 pounds from your recommended weight is too high? I actually have never weighed less than 195 even as far back as age 14. I look good at 195-200. I am very muscular. I do have large breast but that is heriditary. I have lost 9.8 pounds since I posted and have 11.2 more to go. I have 4.5 more weeks until surgery and feel that I can do it. Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for putting it out there about tall girls. I can totally relate.
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