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I got my rhynoplasty April 4, 2013 done by dr roy...

I got my rhynoplasty April 4, 2013 done by dr roy David : I recommend to get your nose done by him, he is very professional, experience, kind, and plus he is double certified

As the day of surgery I was not nervous as I trust dr David

Staff: I love all the staffs very kind very helpful

After surgery hardly any bruises just miner swelling but that's totally normal: I'm very happy with the results :

Before my surgery I had abevuated septum, crocked nose, hump ; and after the procedure it's my dream nose looks exactly what I expected

Thank you dr David and the staffs for everything : I'm not insecure anymore I feel more confident I can breathe again at both nostrils

Loving my new nose

Front pic my new nose

Front view before and after 3 month out

After pics

11 months now since my nose job.

Love my new nose looks natural

Dr David did such great job

He did a lot work on my nose since I had trouble breathing right nostril since my nose little cricked when I borked it when I was teen playing sports, he a lot raise the tip little and shaved hump I had on bridge of the nose

Love his work

Sorry for the typos

Typing out iPhone fast and I didn't read my comments before I submitted it

I meant he raise the tip of my nose little and when I borked my nose from sports I had trouble breathing out of my nose so he corrected it

8 days since I had my BA

I'm updating eah day from my surgery, since every day is approving

Getting softer and the swelling going down

I feel sexy with no close and with clothes, but I haven't worn any reveling clothes since my hubby gets jealous (a lot arguments of what clothes I should wear)

Any who, I love my breast no pain no bruise but constipated bad since of surgery I took stool softer everyday and drink lots of water still not working

So I decided show my nipples since everybody showing so why not

My right boob little more swollen then the left buts it's normal

Ignore 11 months BA lol

I typed my review on the wrong dr

Any who since I'm here I love de David did fantastic job he is such perfection

Every penny counts my nose looks natural I never got much bruising just little swelling on the tip as it's normal

I suggest take arnica that u can purchase at dr David's office the pill will help reduce swelling and bruising that u take wk before the surgery

After the surgery follow dr instructions sleep elevated will help woth results

I feel very confident and no pain when I had the nose job

Today pics again lol

Later I'll take more pics

Tonight I'll take more pics with no makeup

And text me if u have any questions please don't hesitate

New pics no make up

Here's some pics I took this morning out of bed with no make up

It's already 11 months since surgery

One more thing

Rhynoplasty most difficult surgery it's like art

Who ever wants rhynoplasty done do your research or if u r in San Diego area meet dr David

Make sure u see dr boar certified like dr David not dr the offer promo or some type deal it's red flag u got pay top dollars for board certified dr
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your nose look beautiful.congratulation
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Great results. Congrats!
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I absoluty love your results! You look beautiful.
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Thank you
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Hello! I have an appt w/ Dr. Roy on Friday for rhino as well. Do you think if I have my surgery in April, and get married in Sept, that's enough time for healing? Thanks for sharing your experience!
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Yes u just wear cast for week and first the swelling for me took couple months but each day Serling will go down it take year final results but the time I get married your nose will like fabulous dr David did great job also I recommend take arnica pills wk before the surgery to reduce swelling an bruising
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So for the typos I meant when u get married u will look fabulous
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It takes 3 to 4 years for swelling to go down on face upper lip bridge sides between brow. At 6 months there is major swelling and the doctors don't say the truth. Plus there will be inner swelling irritation breathing problems. Then there is the problem of inverted v, nasal valve collapse, polly beak, alar reaction that happens to many people even with the supposed good doc it's a gamble with u r life, face, health, emotional health. I know another girl whose nose collapsed with Dr roy. Enjoy u r wedding day, be happy and healthy. Don't risk it all. Be confident in us own skin, I'm sure your nose isn't hideous be then you wouldn't have a man that loves u and wants to marry u!
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Who told u takes 4-5 yrs? I had mine done, and no swelling by my ps told me it take yr for the final result and I had mine done 11 months ago Life is short if something u don't like and if u have the money fix it:)
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It's true nosejob12. I had my primary 13 years ago and now my nose is a mess and I am having a revision this month. My surgeon was board certified and had amazing after photos but my results were less than average. And now my nose has collapsed. Had I known about all these complications I wouldn't have had the surgery in the first place. Surgeons tell you that rhinoplasty results are permanent. Then they say some patients need a touch up!! It's not a touch up, it's a revision which is far more complicated than the primary.
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Collapse, of the nose, after Rhinoplasty occurs because to much bone or cartilage was removed during the Rhinoplasty. The nasal bones are set 1 month after a Rhinoplasty and things will not just out of the blue collapse. The collapse happens during the surgery and is temporarily hidden by swelling but only barely...it is typically visible as soon as the cast is taken off and the shape revealed.
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Nose should never collapse.... This is a simple answer....If you go to an experienced and well qualified rhinoplasty surgeon the answer is never. In 30 years of dr David rhinoplasties (3000-4000) He have never had a nose collapse. It is important to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.
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I meant 15 years dr roy David has never had nose collapse As I said it's very important to ask you ps do research make sure your dr don't have any claims on his record Like my mother got nose job over 30 years ago never had any issues an I love her result and as I almost year no issue
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The collapse in my nose took years to show up.
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After doing some further research on Vitals.com and the ABPS website, it looks like he is a certified ENT, but not board certified in Plastic Surgery. Scary!! Do your research people! It seems like a trend where ENT docs are marketing themselves as Plastic Surgeons. A friend works for a Plastic Surgeon and she said to stay away.
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Wow you are gorgeous before & after surgery! But I must say your results are amazing!
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wow, he did a great job. im in search of a surgeon- he is def. on my lift now
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If u have any questions about the surgery don't hesitate to ask
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Hi Did u get the surgery done yet or schedule the consult yet
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You look gorgeous, before n after
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Thank you , your r very sweet
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Hooray for your success story! You look fabulous and I love your makeup!

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Thanks :)
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Dr David very professional looks natural still swollen but it's normal cant wait final results my tip of my nose
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Thanks just 3 months out still swollen looking forward after result
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