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One Week Countdown to LBL - La Jolla, CA

Hello, I am scheduled for a LBL next Monday, Aug 5...

I am scheduled for a LBL next Monday, Aug 5. I was going to do a medial thigh lift at the same time but have decided to split them up, and may not even do the thigh..I want to see how the LBL goes first. I'm wondering if anyone has any wisdom to share about speeding the recovery process? Foods, supplements, things that might aid healing/reduce swelling? Best positions for sleeping? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Update: today is day 11 post op. I have had three drains removed, one to go. To shower I hang a ribbon around my neck and pin the drain to it so I can be hands free. I pat dry and then lightly blow dry the incision after showering. All dressings have been removed. I've been off all pain med for about 5 days, and I can drive again. Still feel puffy and swollen, which I expect will continue for some time. Ironic, since there is less of me and I'm anxious to get into pre op jeans. Advice I have to offer: prepare for potentially very painful constipation by taking stool softener regularly right after surg. Drink tons of water. Rest a lot- let others help as much as possible. Don't be in a rush to get drains out even though they are a pain- ultimately it will make healing easier to get that fluid out. Get up and walk around a bit once an hour or so- this is good for circulation any your butt will be getting sore from constantly sitting! So far I'm glad I did this. One question : my butt looks kind of flat. Will it round out at all as things settle down?
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How old are you? Usually with lower body lift the do a butt lift but even then you could get a flat butt. I'm 59 and my doc recommended a fat transfer to buttocks because he said and showed me that just pulling it all up would flatten butt. So that's what he did. Didn't transfer much though only 280 per side. He could have gotten more but he was super conservative forgot the fat knees. I told him if he needed more to get it there but he didn't. Take care of yourself.
Thanks for your comment. I'm 47. I am seeing my PS on Monday so will inquire.
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