48 Yr, 5'3 150 Lb Replacing 270cc over Muscle with the New Seintra Silicone 510cc - Kinston, NC

Replacing 15 year saline implants with the new...

Replacing 15 year saline implants with the new Sientra Gummy Bear using existing over the muscle pocket. I've read so many reviews it would be best under muscle but after 2 consults recommending using existing pocket. I wanted 600 cc which is what I thought would give me a D or DD cup. I asked the doc to fill up my pocket to its limit and ended up with 510cc's. I'm concerned I'm only going to end up with a full C. I was a very small C or Full B with the 270cc Saline. I look very round not a huge projection. Definitely bigger than I was just worried I should have gone larger and if the doc could have given me 550cc or 600cc perhaps that would look too big on me... Maybe the larger size would have caused me issues such as bottoming out... I have read on this site about the drop and fluff that makes you feel and look larger. Does anyone know if this occurs with someone that has had replacements over the muscle. The majority refers to under the muscle...

4 days post op!!! I think I'm over obsessing my size...

Since I'm over the muscle they seem to be dropping really fast! I was told since replacing implant in same pocket I didn't have to massage or wear a sports bra and to actually go braless waiting on tape on stitches to come off. It is really starting to itch!!! Anyone else over the muscle that is dropping fast? Afraid of bottoming out!!! I will take Picts and update soon! It is very helpful seeing and reading the updates!

Pics 4 Days

Additional pics

Day 1 after surgery

I think you look amazing...I just had a revision due to double bubble deformity. I am currently 14 days post op. My 6 day post op pics look horrible. I am going to try to get current pictures posted tomorrow. Wish I had results like yours! :)))
Thanks so much!!! I feel like I'm all over the place with the size. One day I like them and the next day I feel they are too small. I am obsessing which is not typical for me but it can't help it. I have seen pics on this site where 500cc look huge and some small. I am beginning to think I have really large pockets I think they made pockets much larger 15 yrs ago than they do now. Perhaps my pockets are swallowing up the implants or it's just in my head. When I lay down they fall toward my underarms not sure if this is normal. I'm so afraid they are going to appear smaller with time if so I will be extremely disappointed. I guess I should be thankful for my current size and not be so boobie greedy! I was very disappointed with my first implants 270cc they were way too small just afraid of a repeat... Are you over or under the muscle? I've read on this site you see more fluff with undies. I can't wait to see your pics. I hope you have a wonderful outcome! Stay in touch.
I forgot my pics today! :( Mine are unders. The pictures I took yesterday still look aweful with my camera. They look better in person..The camera is distorting the girls...lol..It makes the color look funny and adds shiny places that aren't really there..Mine still droop though. They feel way better than before and not as heavy. Just don't think us girls can ever be happy completely??? LOL...You look amazing! Mine fall to the side some too when I lay flat on my back. I think seeing all the girls on here with such great results(including you), it's getting me down in the dumps, because I was hoping for similar results. I don't think that yours will appear smaller...

8 Days after surgery pics

I went to Victoria Secrets to be measured for bra size. I was very surprised that I was a 34DD! I tried several styles on with simple T-shirt. My nurse informed me that I should not wear regular bras until 3 months post op. I didn't buy anything but it was nice to see them in the bras!!!

8 Day Pic

You look great!!
Thanks!!! I'm excited to see your new additions!!! It's amazing how much better they make you feel. I'm still struggling with accepting the size. Sometimes wish they were larger... Not sure if my gpframe could have handled 600cc... The bra fitting at VS made me feel much better! It was short lived since I'm still wearing the sports bra. I know I will feel better once I can begin wearing bra's. I have read on this site some patients are allowed to begin wearing regular bras at 6 weeks. I'm gonna call the nurse and ask why I have to wait 3 months. I may have misunderstood perhaps she was only talking about underwires... I will confirm tomorrow.
You do look great ! Did you have any problems with the old ones ? Just decide to get bigger and silicone ? Just curious because I don't hear much about over the muscle. You are much closer to my age too so that's nice to see also. Great decision hope you keep everyone posted .

Swollen left breast with pain

Yesterday I had pain in my left breast. This morning it is very swollen and hurts! I contacted the doctor. He thinks I may have fluid collected in the pocket. Have a 9:30 am appt. tomorrow morning. He said he may have to open my pocket back up and remove fluid and put in antibiotic and input a drainage tube. He said sometimes the body absorbs the excess fluid and sometimes it had to be removed by adding a drainage tube. He did day it might just be inflammation but to come prepared for surgery :( . Not what I wanted to hear but at least I don't have to pay if he does have to go back in... Concerned and freakjng out!!! I hope it's just inflammation. Have any of you had this happen.
I think that when you can start wearing underwires is different for everyone. It depends on what you had done , over or under the muscle , your Dr., how your healing etc.. You don't want to wear them too soon if your Dr. says not to. I do remember that I couldn't wait either, but some Dr.s say don't wear one at all. I asked when I could stop wearing the surgical bra when I slept and was told I could do what ever was comfortable. sometimes it was better to wear one .

2 weeks post op'

Great news it's just inflamed tissue. I'm taking anti-imflamtory medice every four hours and doctor will check on me in a couple if days. No lifting or stretching, I was told I may have pulled something and inflamed the tissue. I'm gonna take it easy for next couple if days. No compression sports bras only light weight non confirming bras. I'm so impatient!!!
U look great! !
Thanks!! Wishing I would have went larger but I'm trying to lose weight before the summer which make them look bigger... Ready for the swelling I lefty to go down.
I'm right with u on trying to loose a little weight before summer, then mine will look a lot bigger too lol

19 days Post

Still have significant swelling and pain in left boob. Sainting to hear back from doctor. Aleve and warm compresses around the clock has not helped! Feeling sad :(
Did your left side calm down or are you still having complications? What did the doctor say was the cause of it? Are you still loving the Sientras? I really want to get them but still haven't heard a lot of feedback good or bad.
Hi! Been off the radar been and still sick with nasty chest cold. I was told my breast tissue is inflamed. My pain has subsided and I think the swelling is going down. The left is not squishy like the right and is definitely larger. My doctor instructed me to begin taking 1000 iu of vitamin E and continue taking Aleve. (Aleve is really bothering my stomach). Doctor is telling me it could take a couple of months on vitamin E to see a difference. I certainly hope if my boobs don't even out he will do something about it! I didn't have this problem before the replacement and he put in the same size on both sides. They should be the same do you agree? I'm afraid it could be scar tissue from fluid or excess blood in the pocket that wasn't taken care of during the initial swelling. I will update my review with new pics tonight. You can't really tell size difference in clothes unless I wear a tight shirt. I love the way my right one feels so squishy and feels natural my left is tight and a lot harder... I hope the vitamin E does the trick!
Do you think a hot Epsom salt bath soak would help? Hope it gets better. You look so nice I love the results.

24 Days Post Op

Hi everyone! Been off the radar sick with chest cold. It's been 24 days and time has flew by. My lefties is still larger than the right. I no longer have pain it's just more firm and larger than my right. My doctor has instructed me to begin taking 1000 iu of vitamin E daily for a couple of months. Here are some updated pics. Is anyone else having an issue with one breast larger if so I would love to read about your experience. I am hoping for a better result as I did not have this issue prior to the replacements....
The size is great (in my opinion)! They look really good for 26 days post, hopefully your lefty will chill out soon. I'm ready for my incisions to heal and then I'll be happy! Can't wait to hear how lefty comes along!
Have to say that I don't think anyone ever really has both sides feeling or looking exactly the same. My left one was always ahead of the right . I think you chose a great size for you by the way. I take vitamin E also because it can't hurt you and it is suppose to soften any scar tissue . Thanks for the update. hope you feel better soon !!

29 Days Post Op

Feeling excited! Looking more symmetrical. Leftie is still not as squishy but is a lot softer. Vitamin E and time is making a big difference. It is so important to have patience and allow healing time for the final results! I feel like I have been an emotional roller coaster with the healing process. I can definitely see that they are evening out and have excepted one is going to be larger than the other. It's not noticeable in a bra. I appreciate the positive comments thru this process.

29 days Post VS wireless 34DD

For to add VS Pic
Looking good
Thanks for the update , you look great! Hope your able to calm down a little now .
Yes, definitely a lot calmer now!

6 weeks Post Op

Looking good after six weeks. A little pain at incision on left side just need to continue with vitamin E and massaging.

Additional photos

girl you look great! i caught a comment of yours saying you feel like you don't have enough projection, but i think it's the moderate profile doing that. your change from your previous implants to your new ones is a major one, you really look much better and amazing :) i also feel a bit lacking in projection, because not only do i have mod+, but they're underfilled at the moment! i can't wait to have them filled up properly.
You look amazing!
Your girls looke great!! I Have a Question Did U Get hp Or Ultra High?

4 mths post op

Just a few pics. Currently researching a great revision surgeon. I am wanting more projection and cc's. I wNt to get it right this time!!! Pics in swimsuit was a disappointment considering how much I've already invested. I'm convinced it's all about the right surgeon and communication to ensure we both understand the desired results I'm trying to achieve.

Added other side view

Swim suit pic

Desire more boobs!
I know how you feel I had revision in December from 400 cc to 595 cc and they don't seem big enough and no fullness on top
It sucks!!! I'm gonna try one more revision hopefully I won't be disappointed. I am currently researching surgeons that specialize in revisions. Thinking about Dr. Revis in Ft. Lauderfale Fla. it's about a 12 hr drive... I've had a hard time finding a local doctor specializing in revisions that go larger than 600 -700 cc. I requested 600 and got 510cc. I can't shine they'd body would not be able to accommodate larger than that.
Yea I hate not being satisfied afterwards..spending all that money

Wish boobs

More Wish boobs using internal bra

Maybe when you talk to revis you can tell him our realself profile names so he knows we're the real deal lol!
Def could do that, I already told him mine. I have a friend who was checking out realself and she's made a consult with my original PS. he's a good 1 too just don't like to go big and she's not interested in really big ones so I think he's a good choice for her. I think getting boobs is contagious lol! The boobie virus is going around ;)
Ok...thats a deal. If you check with rc that its ok with her too. ..but if you give him our profile names and ask if we can get a realself discount if we end up booking in. I can't do until late feb at least...but let him know I'm flying halfway around the world.. so can I please get the best price he can do for us realselfers...we're going to be the best advertising for him lol!!

7 month pics

I thought I would post my 7 mth post pics of the Moderate 510cc's. I can't wait to get the HP 800's!
I'm gonna use your post op pic as one of my wish pics!!! I'm getting so excited!!! Please keep us posted on the pain and discomfort that you experience and how you address it. All tips are welcomed! I love your heavenly boobie bed (thanks to your sweet hubby). Let's not forget you did kinda take over your grandsons bedroom temporarily. Haha
ccs have about the same mileage on you as on me! and it's still actually a bit better for you! I wonder if having my implanted filled properly will make a dramatic improvement... otherwise, I already have 800 and I'm very far from those wish pictures which I know are of implants around 800cc. don't despair girl you don't have it rough things have breakfast five boo complication, it's just about size!
damn autocorrect. I meant things have been going fine, no complication
Dr. Cummings

Dr. Cummings is very funny and nice. Pre-op visit went great! I did not feel rushed. He answered my questions for the majority but not completely on some questions. He would not commit to size or cc's. He is great if you are going to just increase size or first time BA with no issues. After surgery I did not see him at all. The nurses were great but I expected him to at least pop in to ask how I was before being sent home. I had issues with one breast swelling the nurse "Christi" was very helpful and Dr Cummings saw me and reassured me everything would be fine and it was! I am disappointed that the placent of the plant is low on my chest however he used existing pockets. I would have appreciated the expertise of the surgeon to tell me and make the necessary adjustments. It may have been because pocket adjustment may not have been his specialty or that he doesn't have the trained eye in this area. (This would saver from having to have a second revision). I currently have lateral displacement along with the pockets sitting to low. Otherwise they do look great and look very natural. I've consulted other surgeons that have told me if pockets were adjusted the placement of the implants would be higher my breasts would look larger with better projection. I feel the 510 cc look small which is probably due to the pocket.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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