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Over-filled Juvederm Xtra Under Both Eyes Causing Severe Granulosis 10 Months After the Injections - Kingston, NY

Juvederm is not used to fill the hollow areas...

Juvederm is not used to fill the hollow areas underneath the eyes. He used TWO syringes one week apart to fill the "hollows". Ten months later I developed a severe adverse reaction called a granulomia under both eyes. I talked with him on the phone and explained how people think I was punched in the eye, it is so distressing I didn't leave the house. He told me on the phone it was "probably a tumor" as a diagnosis. My family and I couldn't sleep that weekend. I then saw him in his Kingston office he again said it's a tumor and needed to do a biopsy. I did my own research and told him it was a granuloma, as this has happened to others from too much filler injected at one time. He claimed he never saw this before and insisted it being a tumor. Reluctantly, I had a biopsy done (we often think the doctor is right). Wasted money for something that did not and should not have been performed. I then consulted with 4 other plastic surgeons in the Albany area and they all knew immediately what it was - granulomas. Why didn't Dr. Hagerty know what it was? He lied to me. And I couldn't let him get away with that.
I sued, knowing that it could not go to triall, as my attorney explained it wouldn't be worth the cost to fight his big insurance company that would lie and do anything in their power to protect their client. We thought we had a case, as the attorney would not have wasted his time if he thought otherwise - especially after dr. hagerty offered me $600.00 to go away and not pursue legal action. He lied and got away with it. I would not let him touch my face if my life depended on it.


Snowmelts- First off, LOVE your name :-) I'm praying daily (literally) for my Perlane to melt. Praying might not be an FDA approved method to dissolve filler, but then again neither is h'dase, and I figure praying is safer ;-) But my question to you is, can you describe the granuloma? I want to figure out if this mass that the derm needlessly injected next to my mouth is one.
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Ok sure. I did my own research on internet and came to the conclusion it was a granuloma after reading other symptoms and related it to my own. I told Dr. Hagerty (who injected the juverderm xtra 10 months previously) that I thought it was a granuloma. He denied it, and said he never saw or heard of such a thing. Imagine that!! After an unnecessary biopsy and countless hours of crying and embarrassment, I consulted several other doctors who knew immediately what it was - granuloma. I sued the doctor, but I didn't have the deep pockets he has, and couldn't go to trail as it wasn't worth the expense. Give yourself 2 years for recovery. Any time you inject a foreign substance into your face, it treats it as a foreign body, and the swollen, yellowish, bruised look is the encapsulated cells which form all around it trying to protect you from this crap. Don't inject any more fillers until the time has passed. Be gentle and patient with yourself. it will get better.
Thank you very much for the hardest advice to follow...but I know it's what I have to do. Cold you describe the granuloma? How do I know if I have one?
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