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I have started my Venus Freeze Treatments and the...

I have started my Venus Freeze Treatments and the use of Trilastin Cream for my stretch marks. I am 24 years old with 18 month old twin girls. I will post new pictures as the treatments go on. Today 3/3/2014 I have done two treatments.

The first treatment was very hot I was told I needed to stay at a 44 for the most effective results. I could see slight improvement after the first treatment. I work out 3 times a week but during this treatment I will be moving to 6 times a week to meet a weight loss goal. I am 5.65 and currently weigh 155. The price I paid was for 8 treatment sessions.

Also I do think the Trilastin is working it was lightened the stretch make in a week. I will update on this progress as well.

Week Three

Attached is the picture 4 days after my third Venus Freeze Treatment. I will keep you posted!

Week Four

I had my week four treatment done yesterday. Here are the results

Not Sure

I still do not know how to feel about this. I do see a difference but not to the point I thought I would. They say it should take two months post to see full results so maybe I should just be patient.
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I just finished my 8th and final treatment. I didn't get the results I expected/hoped for either. I was told the same thing about the 2 months and just curious if you did in fact see better results after the 2 months??
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Just finished my 8th and final treatment.... Didn't really see much results some but not what I expected or more so hoped either. I was told the same thing about the 2 months and just curious if in your experience that proved to be true? Did you see more of an improvement once the two months passed??
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You are looking great! I'm thinking about doing this but want to know if it's worth the money. Would love to see sideways pictures too if you don't mind :-)
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you are looking great! im on my third treatment and you are my inspiration so keep posting!! :)
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