Too Much Juvederm in my Top Lip!

I had $530 worth of Juvederm (whatever the...

I had $530 worth of Juvederm (whatever the measurement was my Dr. said that there was only 1 cc/ml(?) left when we were done) put into my top lip only on Dec. 21 and today Dec 28, it's definitely very noticable according to my BF and he said that anyone who knows me will be able to tell that I've had something done =( For me this is a negative. On a more positive note a MAC salesgirl said that I have nice lips yesterday but I don't know if that's just because she wanted to sell me lipstick lol I would describe my top lip as looking pouty like Robin Tunney's but bigger and puffier. WARNING - My top lip doesn't move when I speak. For Greys Anatomy fans, I speak like "Ava" played by Elizabeth Reaser! WARNING - There are 2 bumps on each corner edge of my upper lip that's not visible but I can feel it with my tongue and one on the outside that's not visible but feels like a cold-sore. Actually it might be because my Dr. said that Juvederm can cause cold-sores to flare up. WARNING - DO NOT believe your Dr. when he/she says that the recovery is just one day. It's not and I would recommend a 10 day down-time for settling, bruises, swelling, pain, soreness and poke marks. All of which I had. Also take note that you will not be able to wrap your lips around anything afterwards so eating and drinking is a problem. I sill can't wrap my lips around anything naturally and DEFINITELY feels like I have something in my lip. It's uncomfortable! Overall, I would advise that anyone thinking about getting this should be very clear about what they want and bring pictures! It works of course but I don't like that it's so noticable and anyone considering doing this should be equally clear on if this is acceptable to them. I personally wanted just a little poutier top lip to balance my bottom lip. I hope that it will go down a bit more in the next week because then it's back to school for me and I don't want people asking me what I had done! Any advice on what to say? Do all you ladies tell people what you did or? P.S I will be visiting this site periodically so please feel free to ask me anything about the Juvéderm experience :o <-- I actually look like this right now lol


did the injection part hurt??
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Today is 5 days past injecting the Juv. into uppper lip and vertical lip lines. I still have that duck bill. Those bumps have tried to bust out of my skin and make it appear as though I have a few cold sores (big cold sores). I have never had a cold sore in my life and ironcially it's the place where originally I had seen large white nodules. My husband continues to ask me what is wrong with my mouth and that it sticks out so far. I hate it today.
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It did go down and...go away! There is about maybe...50% of the product left in my upper lip. Also, my parents just saw me for the first time since I've had this done last weekend, and my mom asked me why I have a bump/lump on my lip! I guess it's noticable. I can feel it with my tongue but I didn't realise people can see it =( It's about the size of a barley. To wrap up this whole experience...I don't think I will be using this product again or use the same nurse. There are many glosses out there nowadays that can plump your lip and I'll be using those from now on! Good Luck to everyone =)
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