Bumps from Fillers

My doctor used juvederm, sculptra, and radiesse on...

My doctor used juvederm, sculptra, and radiesse on my tear troughs.  I felt like a guinea pig.  None of them worked, even though I followed directions very carefully.  I have bumps at all the injection sites. like little lines of pimples.

the md says eventually they will be resorbed by my body.  so I get to wait 6 monts - year to get back to where I started, and look like a halloween mask in the meantime

You can go back to that doctor and tell them that you are not happy and they can inject something that "removes" it. I had this done after being dissatisfied with restylane 3 years ago - and it worked.
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was run through procedure after procedure that didn't work, and had to pay for all of them

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