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I had juvederm (one syringe) injected to both...

I had juvederm (one syringe) injected to both sides of my laugh lines (nasolabial folds). I heard Dr. Fan was a top doc, so I decided to go to him. When I got there, we first had a consultation which cost 100.00, but I felt it was too short and me doing most to the talking. Next, I sat on a table, I thought it would have been better to lay down. It was sordive awkward. I was numbed so I didn't feel any pain. When he was done, he showed me a mirror. The left side looked better then the right side. I asked him to put more in on the right side because their was still a steep groove near the top. He did, but still no luck. He told me to come back in two weeks and I could use the rest of it, about a drop left. The bruising is only on the left side, and it is going away. I still feel dissatisfied. I am thinking he either didn't insert the collegen right or I need more collegen. I will go back and probably pay another 500 bucks to get another syringe. I just think I am bummed now. 


We are our worse critics. It's best to try not to hyper-focus and to let the filler settle. Less is more. I know that it's frustrating. I've been getting fillers for many years and each time there is always a bump or lump or unevenness that does resolve itself. One side of my face always looks better than the other side at first. Our faces are asymmetrical and one side is usually fuller than the other. Sometimes, I need more filler on one side only. Trust your doctor and try not to second guess yourself. Stay away from the mirror!! :) If you still think you need more after a couple weeks than go back and discuss your concerns with your doctor. And BTW- Juvederm is not the same as Collagen. I hope this helps.. :)
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