Juvederm Nightmare - I would not recommend it to anyone - Anaheim, CA

This is a total nightmare, I would not recommend...

This is a total nightmare, I would not recommend it to anyone. Juvederm under eyes are a big mistake!!

A month ago,I had Juvederm injected under my eyes.I simply wented to take away some fine lines under my eyes, so my Dr. said Juvederm works good. Trusting him was a big mistake! He opened up one box of Juvederm &injected me into the right eye. The remainder of that shot was injected into the left eye.

He said,"OOPS"and I was alarmed! What's wrong I said? Oh,I ran out of the product, I have to open up another box, which will cost you $350 more!! Well,what are my choices? To complete and balance both eyes, I had to agree with it. He charged me $450 for the 1st box,and the total I paid was $900. I beleive he did that for his financial gain.

After he was done, I looked in the mirror and saw both eyes were swellen and they were puffy. My eye size decrease drastically!No patient follow up was done by the Dr. or his office. For few days,my eyes were brused,puffy and some part of the left eye was like a double bag under it.

Now,after 4 weeks,my eyes look awful. Juvederm can not be reversed!I had another Dr. to look at it, he told me not to touch it, be patient and wait it out! I did this to look good for my September wedding, now I have to postpone this for another year due to this nightmare. I'm not sure,this will be over after my body obserb the product in 6-9 months! Has anyone had a nightmare like mine and has been able to fix the problem? Please let me know.

Ladies please be careful, there are lots of scams out there, but months of looking in the mirrors and regreting what you have done!!

understand not all doctors are a ripoff....u need to do your homework..and you need to talk to other clients that have had the same procedure done that your having done....and always do your homework before you decide on a doctor that will be doing your procedure...I have had juvederm done in my nasolabial folds and they looked great....and the filler can be dissolved with Hyaluronidase...be patient and wait a few months before you decide to do anything else...it takes time for it to somewhat dissipate and it gathers water when you have it injected...I think you are jumping the gun...you need to be patient.....good luck to you
I have a NIGHTMARE with voluma the new filler from juvederm. This one last for two years. Please post pictures if you can. I feel horrid without a ton of make up on.
darkeyecircles. Is the voluma near your eyes?? Where is it that your having problems? Did you try any kind of dissolver yet?
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