Juvederm Made Me Sick.

Immediately after getting Juvederm injection to my...

Immediately after getting Juvederm injection to my nasolabial folds, I started feeling like I was getting a cold. After I came home and took a nap, I woke up with a very sore throat, fever, and tingling in my chest. It felt very much like a flu. The symptoms later went on to painful eyes, sinuses, and extreme fatigue.

5 months later I still suffer from extremely inflamed sinuses, even though no infection is or has every been present. When I massage my nasolabial folds to dissipate the Juvederm, I always get a mild fever, sore throat, burning eyes, and the flu-like symptoms all over again. I did blood tests and it shows positive antinuclear antibodies.

I can't wait for it to be out of my system, as after all the medical tests and the painful nuances, this has been a very expensive procedure. Ironically, the injection looked very good.

I FOUND A CURE, read my comments below
I had jeuvederm injections and 1 year later got granulomas in the areas that were injected, they mutated. I went to 27 doctors, no one could help me. I was disfigured for almost 2 years. I am a beautiful woman and this was devastating for me. It has been a 2 year battle for me. I found my cure, I have been taking selenium 250 mg and minerals. My face is almost back to normal. I have Hashimoto syndrome. And my bodies immune system was compromised from prednisone the doctors gave me to rid the granulomas. But it did not work. I went to a doctor that suggested Selenium I took it and literally I got results overnight. I have been on it for two months. I stopped taking it for 5 days and the symptoms started to come back. I just wanted to share this with everyone. Please let me know any positive feedback! I hope this helps, it sure helped me! It helps w strengthening the immune system.Here is a cut and paste I got off Wikipedia: 2 GSH + H2O2----GSH-Px → GSSG + 2 H2O Selenium also plays a role in the functioning of the thyroid gland and in every cell that uses thyroid hormone, by participating as a cofactor for the three of the four known types of thyroid hormone deiodinases, which activate and then deactivate various thyroid hormones and their metabolites: the iodothyronine deiodinases are the subfamily of deiodinase enzymes that use selenium as the otherwise rare amino acid selenocysteine. (Only the deiodinase iodotyrosine deiodinase, which works on the last break-down products of thyroid hormone, does not use selenium).[67] Selenium may inhibit Hashimoto's disease, in which the body's own thyroid cells are attacked as alien. A reduction of 21% on TPO antibodies was reported with the dietary intake of 0.2 mg of selenium.[68] Increased dietary selenium intakes reduce the effects of mercury toxicity[69] and it is now recognized that the molecular mechanism of mercury toxicity involves irreversible inhibition of selenoenzymes that are required to prevent and reverse oxidative damage in brain and endocrine tissues.[70][71] I suggest taking a multi mineral supplement, one that has natural properties, find one that is high quality I am taking some that is called HU. But any kind that has no titanium dioxide or magnesium sulfate in it, You can find these listed ingredients in the bottom of the bottle in tiny writing called "other ingredients" This is what they use for holding the pills together and it makes your urine glow. It also keeps your body from absorbing the nutrients. Get capsules not pills, they use those ingredients to hold the pill together and these ingredients keep your body from absorbing the minerals. Links are not allowed on the site so just google wikipedia selenium and read everything. Especially the part about how solenium strengthens the immune system. Make sure you get a balanced mineral suppliment and don't take too much selenium, not over 400 or you might get diabetes. The key is Balance. Brazil nuts and scallops are a natural source of selenium, look up foods high in selenium. Please let me know if this helps! Spread the word ladies! we need to help each other and benefit from our research.
I have tried different diets and finally decided to give up and let the jeuvederm run its course. I came across an old friend that is an practices auervedic medicine. She told me that I needed to go into the ocean, take mineral baths and rest. And to make sure that I was in bed by 9:30 at the least so that my liver can rejuvenate. Also I bought a product called HU mineral. It is a raw mineral suppliment that comes from natural water. I got the spray and the liquid and pills. On my way home I noticed that the water filled sacs that were between my eyes were getting smaller, so I continued to use the product. A few days later the tiny goose skin like pimples under my neck had diminished and my skin was silky smooth again. The lumps on my forehead are still there but have not gotten as big as they were before the prednisone. I went to the health food store again to buy some more but they have sold out. I bought some mineral soap from the dead sea, and some lotion and continue to use the rest of the HU product and the new stuff I got. The HU says it boasts the immune system. This is the first time since I got the injections of jeuvederm on December 2011, that my face is almost back to normal again. After all the suffering I have endured, the fear that I may never look the same again is going away and for the first time I feel happy. I will continue to post progress. The inflamation is finally going down. I have tried, drugs, raw food diet, herbs, etc... 28 doctors later. they all want to bring in two more doctors to see me every time I go to Kaiser. Those doctors don't know anything, it has been a merry go round for the last 2 years. I stopped going to the men in the white coats and am taking my health into my own hands.
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Most doctors that I've talked to refuse to believe that my symptoms were from the procedure, although I've found several data on the Internet that hyaluronic acid sometimes causes an autoimmune responses.

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