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JUVEDERM Loved the Results of my Lips!

I Have thought about getting a dermal filler in my...

I Have thought about getting a dermal filler in my upper lip for several years but am deadly afraid of needles, injections etc...Finally after 5 years I Just gave in and got Juvederm in my upper lip! The Dental Block was just a pinch and I closed my eyes the rest of the way and felt NOT A THING!! My Lips Look GREAT AND VERY NATURAL ANd I WISH I DID THIS SOONER! I Have to say that By reading all the Pros and Cons I was more afraid from all that more then the actually procedure! My Advise is Don't read so much into it and Give it a Try, But do ask that the Dr. put very little in at first Because you can always ADD, Not so easy to eliminate "Too Much!" Life is short, just go for it! You will love the results! Oh and last but not least, I was lucky to have very little swelling and was in the public view the next day! Editor note: Did you write this review? Somehow, the contact info for the author of this review was deleted. If you wrote this review, please contact us.


Had lop inj 5 days ago at 4:00 pm swelling started at 12:00 am by 7am when I woke I knew something wasn't right. I was huge, red top and bottom lips stinging in top center of lip bottom looks like swollen large hump looks like a camels back hurts and hot been taking steroids for five days , I'm chilling like feverish off and on . Nurse pract as of tonight start using ibuprofen and Benadryl I'm worried if my lips will be ok will I be ok
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