Juvederm is Hideous

I am a 46 year old woman and had juvederm for...

I am a 46 year old woman and had juvederm for lines on either side of my mouth. No other major wrinkles on my face. Also had previously botox for lines between eyes with good results. Believed the juvederm advertising - also same company as Botox so thought would be good. Way wrong!

Injected by MD but by that night I could start to see the horror to come. Puffed my face way up on both sides - more on one side than the other - a bulge at the side of my mouth. Could totally feel it in my face - felt hideous. Called the doctor he said temporary swelling and would go down. Not the case.

Five months later and I wake up every day and wish I hadn't done this to may face. The juvederm feels uncomfortable in my face and my face is uneven. The nice contour of my face is gone. Every day I pray and look in the mirror hoping it will go away and I can have my old face back. It is going down but now it seems to making my cheeks look loose and wrinkley. They never were before. It is going down but leaving new lines that weren't there five months ago. What a nightmare.

Someone should start a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer because they have to know what this garbage does. I think it eats your face. My cheeks are sunken in too the more this stuff dissolves.

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Don't do it!

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Sorry you had to go through this too. Juvederm has destroyed my face and confidence.
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I had juvederm done by a NJ doctor and immediately I saw the defects, it left a horizontal line across my cheek like a snake was under my skin; I went back and she had some juvederm rep there who was trying to appease me by giving me compliments on other parts of my face, a big joke. It got worse and my cheeks became all lumpy and uneven, I went to another doctor to dissolve it and it dissolved the line but i have this huge depression which was seriously discolored for months, deep bruising under my skin, and now the bruising is gone but the depression is not. I agree that I think it eats away at your skin, my skin is not the same, it looks terrible, and it has really depressed me, I should sue the NJ doctor and juvederm both; I think there should be a class action suit and I will be the first to join; I have all my photos and before/after....the FDA ignores all the complaints because they are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies who produce this; ..the FDA is the most unreliable agency around and frankly if they disapprove of something I know it must be good. I seriously recommend that no one get juvederm injections; sooner or later it will come back to haunt you like it did to me and many others.
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I know this is an old thread, but there is a very small time line to get the jevederm dissolved. After that, youre on your own
Trust me, I know =(
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I am right with you sister. Its been a little over a week and people are wondering where is Barb's smile??? I was known for my smile and now its gone. I sure hope when I call on Monday morning they can do something about this issue. I too, look like a duck
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I have had juvaderm ultra + for nasolabial folds as well as lips. It's very important to have an excellent medical practioner with an artistic eye. I have been beyond please with my own results. Juvaderm can be diminished or eliminated by a laser. I work in a skincare clinic, and have been able to convince many clients to try Juvaderm since my results have been so wonderful. It's taken years off my face.. I love it, as do our clients..
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I love it too! I don't think it's the product itself, seems to me there was an unskilled person injecting it. If injected correctly the results are very pleasing.
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Hey I was thinking about doing this juvederm as well to the nasal labial folds, which i have at 28...do you think i should or not?
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Juverderm can be reversed, you should have called your Dr. and discussed that with him. There is no need to suffer.
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