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Worth It! Loved the Experience

Im a woos right! i was soooooo scared! that it was...

im a woos right! i was soooooo scared! that it was goin to hurt in your lip as its so tendre there! seriously it did not hurt! i had a dental block on the sides of my nose where the nerve is..also in the bottom lip inside the mouth had four injections numbing. my lips went fully numb! th injection didnt even hurt i was like? what! was that it!!! what in the hell was i worrying about haha!! the neddle was that minute (like an indrenaline needle) that i didnt feel it prick anywhere! and even the sting free solution he used didnt even hurt! ok so now im all numb... feels so weird haha the numbness... now he injects all around my lips (with juvederm) only not anywhere near the centre of my lips, he did top and bottom lips used majority in top lip. used one vial (needle) of solution as it was my first time! i am so happy it just feels like gell in my lips, well like lip gloss on just inside not on outside! i would definately recomend juverderm no brusing a bit of swelling but i love the swelling its sexy!!! cos my lips look even bigger!! hehehe! he was great my doctor if you would like to know anything else contact me {edited} Editor note: you must be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.


Let us know how long it lasts.
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hey im considering gettin juverderm done on my lips but im very hesitant coz i tried collagen and i spend like 3 bills on the procedure that the result ( ifelt) lasted like few day and i was really really disapointed .. so girl let me kno how long did juvederm lasted u .. thnx ahead xoxoxo
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its me again... now its 3 days later swelling is down and the solution as starting to smooth out and work with my lips and it feels great SO impressed!!!!! love it!!! these people sayin it goes lumpy like beads and it hurts?? what is wrong with you?? im the biggest woos when it comes to needles and it was painfree??? it must be your doctor mine was a gp not even a plastic surgeon so what does that tell ya..sometimes you can trust another person...even if they dont have the FULL qualifications
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