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After 5 mos my Juvederm for lines around mouth is...

After 5 mos my Juvederm for lines around mouth is starting to absorb away. In the last week or so and noticing strange skin changes - blotchy skin, pimples that aren't pimples on my cheeks, brown sun spots forming daily and what look like "rings" on my face.

Has any else noticed skin changes as juvederm absorbs?

My skin looks really bad - used to be fine.

It has now been 51/2 mos. since juvederm in lines...

It has now been 51/2 mos. since juvederm in lines around my mouth. Still puffy and feels uncomfortable. I am praying I am near the end of this nightmare. I now see new lines around my mouth and cheeks that weren't there before. Like my face was stretched and is now deflating. I am so depressed and feel i have ruined my face which was fine before. Also all kinds of blotchy spots on my cheeks and around my mouth that weren't there before. Saw my doc and he just said I dont know what you are talking about - I cant see it - new lines are just normal aging. Yeah right  in 5 mos! I feel this stuff is like a parasite in your skin and steals all the moisture and nutrients so the rest of face  cells starve. That is how my skin now looks - dry, lined, patchy with strange almost spots that look like circles (faint). Would like to know if anyone else has had the same experience and just pray i can just get my old face back..

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doctor just seems to want to get rid of me and my complaints with product

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hi yogagirl... thanks for your reply, i'm happy to hear that your skin is getting better.. i really hope all the side effects are just temporary... pls keep me posted on your progress... all the best... i hope my skin will get better in time too...
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Hi Floral,i am going on 8 mos. and it has been a struggle. the dr. said i had an inflammatory skin response to it. i believe when the juv is ALL gone another mo. or so this will start to get better. i think with time most of this will go away. i am staying out of the sun & eating diet w/lots of omega 3 oils to help skin. i am going to dermatologist next wk. 7-7-09 for evaluation. send me another email & i will give an update. My skin condition seems up & down as the juve is absorbing. i have marked to the day 9 mo. Hang in there - i think the skin will renew when product is gone.
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hi yogagirl.. i think i have exactly like how u described ur skin, after nearly 2 mths of juvederm injections, i noticed the skin in that area are blotchy like a ring and it looks dark, the skin there also appear to be thinning, and there is one part that looks dented (did this happen to u too) i'm so depressed abt this.. how is your skin? is it improving with time? do you think the side effects and the scar cause by this can be permanent? thank you
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Yes, I have multiple indentations and rings in my skin as the juvederm fades away. I am only on month 5 and I look terrible. I am terrifed. My skin is scarred and getting worse weekly as the product dissoves. Plus it's getting darker. I am afraid I am actually going to have a sinkhole filled with icepick scars. It's a nightmare beyond beleif and I just have to sit here and watch it happen week by week. I am so depressed I cant cope.
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Dear Linda, I am going on 9 mos. 1 wk. and now believe skin is going to be ok. At 5 mos. is when mine starting to really look bad - I was a mess - so scared. One month ago went to dermatologist (not one that did Juve)and she put me on Retin A. I think both from that and stuff finally leaving my face-still some there though-skin is starting to look more normal again. Spots,rings &scars not as bad.I think it will take time but will get more or less normal skin back.Take care - it will get better.
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Thanks for your advice Prunella. You are right aout the vitamin E. I have been using it religiously on my face morning & night and it is helping. Also fresh aloe vera and topical green tea. Also turmeric facials. All help with inflammation of skin which another doctor diagnosed me with. In other words - my face hates juvederm & is fighting to get rid of it! I am at 61/2 mos. and counting. I know I will get my old skin back with patience. Thanks again!
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are the conditions getting better? i;m experiencing the same things as well, and its only been 2 mths after the injections.. wish that i havent done this in the first place..!
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Hi Yogagirl I had juvederm in my upper lip for vertical lines and also wasn't happy with the results. I noticed lumped skin above my upper lip and also darker skin at the sides. Sorry to hear it did not work for you either. Now try this: Squeeze a capsule of vitamin "E before going to sleep and put on solar block every morning (better mineral blockers like zinc and titanium dioxide). I put a Clinique product called Even better skin tone corrector. It helped me and maybe will help you. The brown spots went away for good. About the wrinkles I will suggest go to another (good) plastic surgeon and ask him. Good Luck!!!
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