Juvaderm a Waste of Money

No pros for Juvederm i have more wrinkles,am...

No pros for Juvederm i have more wrinkles,am bruised, swollen, white bumps and have pigmentation I did it to reduce hollows under eyes worst experience

I had Juvaderm 6 weeks ago and have white bumps and blue eyes and am more puffy and now have pigmentation will Fraxel help to alleviate the pigmentation at least?

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They were'nt helpful and did not perform the procedure correctly

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DO NOT get fraxel whatever u do! Notice what a racket this is! You go in to look good, right? then you get Juvederm. It is not injected properly so you get puffy, hyperpigmented, etc, then go in for MORE expensive treatments to undo the damage they did before. I have had Fraxel, trust me do not do it. Where they did the Frazel, it put extra little holes in my skin from the tiny burns it makes. not only that, the girl went over some of my dark spots several times to remove the dark spots. well the dark spots are still there. all she did by keep going over that area was over heat my face and put indentations in those areas. i wish i had left well enough alone. plus each Fraxel treatment is about $1000. I did one and wish i had not. what a waste of money and mess up my beautiful face. they wanted to do 6 of them on me!!
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