Jessner's Peel Worthless

My Jessner's peel was on Monday, on Thursday my...

My Jessner's peel was on Monday, on Thursday my skin started getting crinkly with little sheets coming off over the next few days. I thought this would have a better result than other types of facials I have tried since I could actually see that sheets of skin were getting exfoliated. It didn't do a thing for me.

For the days of looking bad with dirty looking skin and crinkly peeling skin, I could have had some sort of better deeper procedure from a doctor that gives some real results.


the last sentence was dirty
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You have to do it more than once to see results. I would say it took about six or me to notice a decrease in scars and pigmentation.
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On day 5 and no peeling- my skin looks like shit! Pores still visibly this shits weak!!!
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