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After reading so many reviews I have decided to...

After reading so many reviews I have decided to start my own. I haven't had the procedure done yet but I've finally set up two consultations with Dr. Pearson and Dr. Trimas. My first one is still two weeks away but I'm already feeling excited (and nervous). I think it's partly because I've wanted a Rhinoplasty for several years but never thought I would actually be able to do it. Ever since I was about 18 I've wanted one and I'm now 23. I'm a college student and I'm hoping I can get the procedure done over my winter break in December. It's one of my few times out of class and also, I like the idea of starting the new year with a new nose. lol The reason I want a nose job is to fix the hump I have and maybe slim down the tip. From the side it looks a little big. I'll post pictures soon to show what I'm talking about. If anyone recommends any other facial surgeons in the Jacksonville area or nearby (I'm willing to travel for the right surgeon) please let me know. Also, let me know what you think of my nose. lol I'd really appreciate it because I feel like I still don't know anything about this.


I had a consult with Dr Pearson after my rhinoplasty and I can tell you this...I regret not going to him first. He WILL be doing my revision when I can get one!
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Ok they aren't the best but here are some pictures from the side so you can see what I want to get rid of.


I had septo/rhinoplasty with Dr. Pearson June 25th. He is awesome. I submitted my review Friday. Just waiting for it to be approved & posted!
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I look forward to reading it! Thanks :)
It is crazy trying to find the right surgeon. It took me years...and I still have doubts, but going through with it soon. It's good you are young, and my surgeon told me fall/winter are the best times to get it done because the heat can cause a lot of swelling. From the looks of it, you don't have a bad nose. It's not huge or anything. I don't think you'll have half the problems I've had trying to find the right surgeon -_- heheh Anyway, I'll be following your journey to a new nose. :) Good luck!
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I wanted to show some pictures from the front

I have my first consultation on 8/7 so after that I'll update. I can't wait!


How were your consults?
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Went to first consultation and it went great!

Sorry I haven't updated. I've been so busy and I still have one more consultation to go to but the first went great. I really liked Dr. Pearson and I'm leaning towards him right now but I still want to keep an open mind going into the second. I just received my simulation pictures the other day. I don't like the way I look in them but I like the way he did my nose. Let me know what you all think. I'm not sure which side I like more now. He made both sides look great. My nose is a little crooked from the front but I figured I was just seeing things. lol


Hey! I am also a college student and hoping to get a revision done during winter break. It is SO hard to find two consecutive weeks off to get things like this done isn't it? Haha. I am having a consult with Dr. Pearson tomorrow and I'm really excited to hear what you think about him as well!
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I think he's great and he doesn't try to rush you out of the office. He answered all my questions and then some. I was very nervous for the interview but I quickly got over that. Good luck with your consultation. Let me know how it goes. :)

I could use some advice

Ok for the record, I've decided not to post any pictures right now. I posted some before and got a little too nervous/self-conscious but if I get the surgery, I'll post after pictures to show how I'm healing.

I need help finding other Facial Plastic Surgeons in Florida that others recommend. I've gone to 2 right now and I'm leaning toward the first over the second but I would like to go to more. I'm willing to travel so your advice would be greatly appreciated. Let me explain the differences between the two consultations. In the first, Dr. Pearson wants to do some tip work as well as removing the hump and straightening the bridge. It would be an open rhinoplasty under general anesthesia. I received the simulation pictures and I really liked the way they looked and I've seen others that have gone to him and their noses turned out very similar to their simulations. In the second consultation, Dr. Trimas wants to do a closed rhinoplasty, no tip work, and under general anesthesia because I said I would be more comfortable with that. It was my choice in regards to that. Both are very nice and clearly know what they are doing but I'm still uncertain. While Dr. Trimas made me feel very confident in his ability, I'm still leaning more towards Dr. Pearson. However, I'd like to see a few more doctors and I'm pretty picky about them being Facial Plastic Surgeons. So please everyone help me out and give me some ideas. I think after my third or fourth consultation, I'll know for sure who I want to go with. It's such an important decision and I really don't want to just take a chance when it comes to something like this. Thank you for all the help!

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