I think I'm Happy with my Facelift ??- Jackson, MI

So, I had my lower facelift/necklift 5 days ago...

So, I had my lower facelift/necklift 5 days ago (3/7/13) and I'm pretty sore and swollen/bruised. I am wearing a compression headpiece? for a week as many hours a day as I can tolerate (PS said 24/7 for a week unless eating or going out). Definitely not going out yet, but the thing is kind of uncomfortable. It has velcro straps at the neck that keep rubbing on my incision under my chin and doesn't really feel like it fits me right, not much compression, but I'm still wearing it. I will talk to my PS on Thursday when I go to get my stitches out.

My motivation for having a facelift was because I didn't like the way my neck looked. I had a couple of neck surgeries in the past (cysts on my thryoid gland) (when I was 15 yrs old and again when I was 24 yrs old) that caused some scar tissue that kind of attached itself to my throat area at the incision point. And as I got older the skin along the side of my neck seemed like it was trying to 'hang over' where the scar tissue was. Anyway, my PS released the scar tissue hoping that it won't attach again and did a lower facelift/necklift together.

Right now, I still feel so sore and swollen that I'm not certain if I will look any different. My jaw areas as well as my ears are quite painful, not unbearable, but tight, hard, swollen and sore. (I only take 1/2 of a pain pill, full dose makes me feel too nauseus). But again, it's only been 5 days. I did quite a bit of research before I made the final decision to have this done. I had told my husband for several years that I wanted it done, so after the holidays I made an appointment for a consultation, scheduled the surgery and now it's done. I really don't expect to look alot younger, that wasn't my goal.

I am 62 years old, very active with my horses, pets and my life, just didn't like looking in the mirror anymore at my 'chins' and sagging neck. I have earned any laugh/frown lines that I have so I will keep them as reminders of my life, but the neck things just had to go. I kind of went into this without talking to anyone who has had it done, so I really wasn't sure how I would feel after the surgery, only what I had read and researched online. I had considered one of those 'quick fix facelifts' that you see advertised on television all the time, but I really believe you get just what you pay for and I'm glad I didn't go with that type of cosmetic surgery. My PS was previously an otolaryngolist before specializing in plastic surgery so I'm certain I selected the right doctor. I am bruised from my chin down into my right breast (don't know why mainly on one side more than the other). The bruising doesn't really hurt, just ugly. Would I do it over? Not sure yet. Keeping an open mind, trying to be patient.

So I went and had my one week follow-up and had my...

So I went and had my one week follow-up and had my stitches removed. It has only been 1 week and I see a change already. I will be patient for the swelling and hardness/tightness to subside and hope you all are doing ok in your recovery process too. I have a ways to go, but my PS was able to detach the scar tissue I had from previous thyroid surgeries years ago and gave me exercises/massages to do to hopefully prevent the scar tissue from attaching itself again. So far, so good.

How are you feeling now?

Still recovering, day 19 post op. Not bad, just quite sore in jaw area, both sides in front of my ears. Haven't got feeling back yet there. Neck still very sensitive to anything touching my skin, still have that creepy 'ring around my neck' feeling. Almost feels like I have a shirt collar touching my neck when there is actually nothing touching it. Discomfort enough to take 1/2 pain pill at night to help me get more comfortable and sleep better. But I'm getting there, I know it is going to take some time to feel normal again. That is what I am really looking forward, to have normal feeling from the neck up. Still some swelling in and around my chin, but I probably notice it more than anyone would.
I am three weeks post op tomorrow. Hang in there girlies! I have found the hard spots soften, and I cannot stress enough how if you overexert one day you had better lie low the next or it seems the recovery will stretch even longer. I think one thing we as women do is beat ourselves up for not being quite up to par as quickly as we would want to be. We have endured the hard part..now comes the patience. I am getting plenty of rest and still attempting to sleep with my head somewhat elevated . Good luck everyone!

I am now 20 days post op. Functioning well, but...

I am now 20 days post op. Functioning well, but having quite a bit of discomfort in my upper neck area, both sides, just below the jaw line, burning sensation and very tight feeling. Difficult to explain, but continues to feel like something is rubbing it raw, when in fact there is nothing touching my neck at all. I usually only take 1/2 vicodin at bedtime to help me sleep, but today I have taken 1/2 pill 3 times to try and get some relief. Sure hope this is normal, right now I wish I hadn't had anything done. I don't go back to my PS until mid-April. For some reason today, I don't think my neck looks any better now than before my surgery, at least that's what my mirror is saying to me. But it is what it is, and I can only hope that it will get better with time. I have always thought I have a high pain tolerance, but this is starting to get me down. Can't wait to post what a great day I have had and how I am feeling better every day. Hope you all are doing well and recovering nicely. Tomorrow is a new day.
Hi, I just had the same experience and it's week 5.. just today I felt a little better. So much worry and stiffness, numb jaw, ears hurt etc.. I will keep in touch. Hope you feel better. Ps I couldn't even take 1/2 dose of pain pill, so in lots more pian! Hope you feel better.
Hi Wainui3.....I will be at week 5 this Thursday, 4/11. (I had my surgery on March 7th.) I did go to the doctor last week because I was feeling so miserable and he said what I am feeling is 'normal', so I guess this is my 'new normal' for now. Still have no feeling in front of both ears, (at the cheek bone area on down to the bottom of my ear lobes, my ears even feel kind of plugged but they aren't). Very uncomfortable from under my chin, ear to ear. Extreme tightness and actually very tender to touch, still don't like anything touching my neck, creepy and raw feeling. Sometimes still feels like that when nothing is touching it. I did ask my PS if there was a possiblility that I may never get feeling back and he said it wasn't likely, that it should take about 3 months. So I guess I will hopefully be happier in June, lol.....So, I think I look better than I feel. I am pretty much living like I did before my surgery now, so my discomfort doesn't show. Thank goodness for that. Hope you are doing well, and it does help to know that I'm not the only one feeling like this at around 5 weeks. I can't say that I'm really sorry that I had this done, just like most everyone else, I wasn't prepared for the recovery. I so hope we can eventually be healed and happy. Take care and keep me updated on your recovery.
I'm 62 and had facelift and necklift 4 months ago. I still have some light numbness at the cheeks area and under chin now . My neck was feeling raw , similar to you but slowly it recovered and the pain went away. I could not turn my head to look back without feeling some pull, tight and sore on the neck. Now it is fully recovered. Hanging in there, everything should be ok soon.

Well, here I am at almost 5 weeks post op. ...

Well, here I am at almost 5 weeks post op. Finally will post some pictures. Please feel free to tell me what you think. I'm not sure right now. I do think there is some improvement from my 'before' picture which was taken in June 2011 (I never liked my picture taken anyway), and 'after' pictures. Looks to me like I am more swollen in the cheek/jowl, neck area than I was at only 1 week post op. It feels swollen to me too. Hope it just goes along with the wierd feelings/tenderness and general yucky feeling I have been having lately. My doc says that I am progressing normally, sure hope everything settles down by my ' new' goal date of feeling better which is sometime in June 2013. My recovery has been what has seemed like never ending discomfort and questioning if there is much of a difference or not. I am 62 years old so I don't expect to look 20 years younger, that wasn't my goal. I just wanted to get some improvement in my neck area. Also wondering if because I also had old scar tissue released from 2 prior medically necessary surgeries (cysts on my thyroid gland) at the same time as my FL, maybe that has something to do with how I have been feeling? I am really going to try and think more positive than I have been and just hope for the best. Hope everyone is doing well and healing fast. Hugs to all.
I am pretty sure you look great, where can I see your b4 and afters?
I want to thank all of you for your comments. I just had my FL and NL 13 days ago, it has been an emotional roller coaster and it is hard to talk to anyone especially since I have tried to keep it a secret :). The healing is very good I must say but emotionally I just don't always feel right and I don't really understand it. I do look natural and overall I am pleased because you really can't tell I just look younger. I felt so drained physically and did not expect it to be so drastic but all of you have rally helped me so thank you for sharing!!! I am wondering how long my face will be swollen. I where my face band almost always unless I go out and then it swells up. Let me know if any of you have an idea. He removed some buccal fat and lipo'd my neck. I always felt like I looked heavier because of my overly full cheeks. When I take the band off and my face swells I get scared that it will still look fat. Please share if you have any thoughts
Hi secretps...You are riding the emotional rollercoaster....I think we all have gone through this and continue as we recover. Some days are better than others. It will get better. I just (about three days ago) started feeling better and am very slowly seeing a little improvement in my poor swollen lower face and neck and it's been over 7 weeks now. My PS tells me that 3 months is the target date to really see a drastic improvement, so hang in there. You may realistically see alot of improvement sooner than that, I hope you do. It's not easy to be patient and wait for the better days, but we really don't have much choice. Sounds like you are happy with your results so far, so that is a huge plus for you. I'm still not sure myself, I still have some swelling like you in my lower face and neck area, some days worse than others. You might be over doing it a little so be sure to get enough rest, drink plenty of water, and avoid too much sodium. You are still very early into your recovery. Good luck to you.

I am now at 9 weeks post-op and slowly improving. ...

I am now at 9 weeks post-op and slowly improving. Still have the hardness (like rubber?) at the sides of both ears and tightness/pulling under my chin ear to ear. Not painful, just annoying. I think 7 weeks was my turning point. I was so discouraged from about 3 weeks until 7 weeks, so depressed and miserable I couldn't stand myself. I still have some swelling in my neck that is very slowly diminishing, I would be so happy if all the swelling would leave and I would have a nice smooth neckline. Not 100% sure that is going to happen. I go back to my PS in June for my 3 month checkup. I wonder what he will think? I am not completely happy with the way my neck looks at this point, but there is improvement from my "before", and I also realize I am not completely healed, So, will all the swelling go down and will I be happy? Time will tell. Plus I am on a weight loss program, have lost 10 pounds so far. I would still like to lose another 15 so maybe I will lose some of my "chubby" face as a few more pounds drop off. I am short, so every little pound seems to show up..Hope everyone is doing well. Hang in there, it does get better....maybe not daily as in the early weeks, but more gradual.... slowly.....better.
you look amazing!!! I had my neck and lower face lift two years ago, really felt that it took me a year before everything settled completely. Despite the amount of recovery time, I am very happy that I did it and would certainly do it over. I'm with you, earned my laugh and eye lines and didn't want a full plastic look -- I think that's when people start to look "done" Congrats and enjoy!
Thank you feathermax for the kind encouraging words. I have days that I am OK with my results, then I have other days that I'm not so happy with my neck yet. But I'm only at 10 weeks so I am trying to be patient. And like you, I am not sorry I had it done either.....just a long recovery.
Oh, I think you look great!

Almost 12 weeks and still waiting for improvement

I will be 12 weeks post-op next this next Thursday and still waiting for some swelling to go down in my neck area. Or at least I think it's swelling or I am just going to have this "fat" face forever? I go back to my PS the first week of June so it will be interesting to find out what he has to say......I am not happy with my neck at all....I know it's an improvement from before, but I was hoping for a better result. Will it improve or is it where it's going to be at this point?
I am looking for your photos but can't find any?
Hi OhGirl...I took them down. Plan on putting on different ones, but just haven't done it yet. I will though. How are you doing?
Still on the road to recovery but looking much better. I see the dr. for afters on June 13th. I'm looking forward to seeing the comparison myself. To deal with my "cheeky" face I'm doing Medifast diet. I've lost 8lbs so far. Still have the hardness by the ears and the noose around my neck. ;o)
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Has an office in Ann Arbor as well as Jackson, Michigan. Surgery performed at Allegiance Surgery Center. Only Plastic Surgeon in Jackon that has all hospital priveleges. Dr. Malhotra has a very good reputation in Ann Arbor and Jackson. So far, I only have good things to say about him. He was very honest with me and I don't think he made any promises to me that he didn't feel he could keep. I will post more as time goes by. I will try and add some photos in a few days.

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