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Revision Rhinoplasty After Unsuccessful Dermal Filler Did Not Work to Disguise Open Roof Deformity

I had my primary rhinoplast approx 5 years ago for...

I had my primary rhinoplast approx 5 years ago for a large "roman" type nose. I had a dead straight nose and didn't fear any problems. Just the hump to be brought down and the droopy tip brought up.

After a couple of months I noticed the tip area was leaning to the right and was no longer straight. My profile began looking different from either side and from the frontal view it look completely off centre. My breathing in one nostril also was comprised. I left it two years and there was no improvement. I went back to the same clinic and they said that this was quite common. And the procedure would be straight forward. I proceeded to have a revision rhinoplasty. This time I woke up and it was perfect. I was over the moon. However about two weeks after the cast came off, I noticed a shadow forming on the bridge of my nose and a dent eventually settled there permanently. I returned to my surgeon and he said it was barely noticeable and said that it would have to be grafted with cartilage if i ever wanted to get it done again. Left feeling extremely annoyed, upset, depressed. I then developed the inverted v and that was what I lived with for the last two/ three years.I have tried to not let it get me down but in saying that I think of it 24/7, obsessed with looking at in the mirror, avoid photos at all costs and generally quite depressed in my own head about it.

Then 3 months ago, I heard about dermal fillers and researched it. I went to clinic which specialised in this. Lomg story short, I had evolence injected into the site of the depression. The first two days were amazing, the result was amazing but my nose felt tender and sore. Three days later an infection formed and i rejected the substance. The scariest experience of my life as I formed slight necrosis on the hollow area.The hollow from the oen roof deformity is now replaced by a scar that emphasises the inverted v due to shadows caused by daylight/ any light. It has completely healed and is no longer tender. However i will leave it be for a year or two or more for now.

But I was wondering if revision rhinoplasty to lift the middle area can be an option in the future for me as I dont think i could live without having some hope that this could be rectified.

Any advice would be greately appreciated.


Can I consider a third revision rhinoplasty after having a small amount of evolence injected (collagen) to help disguise an open roof deformity which did not work.
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You have had quite a lot done to your nose. You still may be a candidate for further revision surgery. I would suggest waiting at least one year from any surgery or filler treatment before any further surgery is attempted. There are a number of options that can be used to help smooth out the dorsum of your nose in repeat revision surgery.
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