Juvederm Voluma and Volbella Under Eye Bags and Cheeks

I was starting to feel that I looked tired all the...

I was starting to feel that I looked tired all the time due to the under eye bags. I made an appointment with the private doctor and she advised me to get some Juvederm Voluma in my cheeks and also some Juvederm Volbella for the eye trough area. I have been for the 1st appointment where I got 2 ml of Juvederm Voluma and 1 ml of Volbella. The doctor advised that I may need a follow up but she did not wish to overfill as there would be some swelling after the treatment and there was for several days. I will return in a few weeks for the follow up appointment and I imagine a little more filler in the tear trough area.
Where' is located and phone number thanks
Your results are subtle but look really good.  Do you think you need more filler injected? Keep us posted on how you look after all the swelling goes down :)
Thank you Jill. Yes, I think that I need a little more in the tear trough area just to complete the look and I totally agree that the treatment so far is subtle but good. It is relatively expensive, but I would rather pay more for a good filler like juvederm volbella which is even better than restylane for eye troughs the doctor said, and lasts longer.

Round 2

Just had my review today, one month on, plus some more filler under the eye area. The doctor wisely decided to wait until the first lot settled before deciding today how much to top up with. It is better to fill in stages rather than ending up with an overfilled area which needs to be treated and some of the HA dissolved.

I am happy with the results so far. There will be a little swelling at present, so perhaps I will post a few photos after another while, once the area has settled.
No one is suppose to use Voluma under the eyes. Any good injector should know this. It's too thick, and can cause bumps. The regular Juvederm should of been used instead.
I stated that the voluma was in the cheeks not under the eyes. Volbella was used for under the eyes, in the troughs. This doctor is trustworthy and I love my results. No lumps, no bumps, just a really good outcome which I am very pleased with.
Maybe I replied to the wrong person. Sorry! :)

This is a photo taken 4 months after the initial treatment

I am mega happy with the results and can see big differences in photos and even first thing in the morning, I don't have the haggard look!
Hi there Park Ridge, sorry to take so long to respond. I have posted a 3rd photo taken after 4 months. The blue tinge has all but gone, although the lighting in the first few photos may not have helped! On tired days, I do get a slight blue tinge but nothing that bothers me! I am so happy with the results.

The photo!! Result after 4 months.

The result after 4 months, hopefully I will manage to put an even more recent one up soon. When a significant other notices a more rested look on an ongoing basis, then it is even better!
Hi. I know it is a very old post but anyway, I just want to tell how Volbella is different! I tried the fillers for the first time in the tear trough area ( for minor trough but I am in my late 30th), and the doctor used perlane which basically draws normally less water than restylane for exemple ( even if thicker that is fine as it is filled at the top f the bone), and I was swelling... It completly stretched my eyelids and created some lines I have never had before and created some dents between swelling, like mounts and valleys! Awful! I had few rounds of hyaluronidase in another office as my "doctor" was to scared to use this drug and was saying " stay like this, it is going to go away in 3 years maximum!" (I will write a review on her later!), anyway, after hyalase and most of the perlane gone, and as I was left with a kind of ring around my left eyes and wrinkles and loose skin on the left one, I had C02 resurfacing laser and behind, VOLBELLA ! My former doctor always was saying" you can t have tear trough filled cause you attract the water", but this new injector told me: we will do it and Volbella is less hydrophile, you will see. I was completly depressed and didn't really think something cold work for me, but it WORKED! No swelling (except the initial one, which subsided after 5 days), no bruising, and so natural! I was so happy to find this clinic in Sydney providing this new fillers! I am coming back soon to have a touch up and my folds done and I can tell that Volbella is more PREDiCTABLE than other fillers. With ther fillers, sometimes itis fine at the beginning but after few days it draws, retains too much water and we r left with bags or morning swelling. With Volbella no surprise, just a natural result!
As much as I would love to try this first, I think for what it cost per year, I would be better off getting the PS 4 lid eye lift and at least then, it would last for a few years or maybe more (hopefully!)
OK, so I think that I have finally made my decision! I have been so up in the air over this! What I think would be the best move would be to get a one way ticket to Mexico & actually see & talk to the few docs i have been consulting w/via email. Then get whatever work done that they think would make me happy & just stick around for as long as I can and heal and be close to where the doc is! That's it! I am going to do this!
Dr Fay

Dr Fay is a great doctor and very professional.

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