Lower Body Lift (Belt Lipectomy) at Age 55 After Losing 115 Pounds Through Lifestyle Changes - Iowa City, IA

I had a lower body lift or belt lipectomy on...

I had a lower body lift or belt lipectomy on November 29, 2012. I am also a nurse of many years and a certified wellness coach. I am very pleased with the results and the recovery, so far, has been easier than I thought it would be. I spent two nights in the hospital and had an epidural for pain management the first 36 hours. So the cost includes all of that. My surgeon also had another surgeon assist to make the surgery easier and to decrease the anesthesia time - both great ideas! I have 4 videos up about this on YouTube.

Hi lisa, I was wondering if you have any pictures of what the scars look like now! I'm 36 I've had three kids and have extra skin from all the stretch marks! Would really love to have this surgery, but others surgeons in Des Moines have told me they don't think I really need the butt lift part of the surgery, but it droops really bad! Is your surgeon really good at telling you what he an do to help the problem areas?
Thanks for the videos, they were great!!! I am having a LBL and thigh lift next week!!!
Hi Lisa! I am thrilled to say I now have my date for my belt lipectomy! May 2, 2014! Sooo excited. Once healed up from that I'll be then having an inner thigh lift and breast augmentation and mastopexy. Been a long journey! And these last 3 surgeries are my responsibility financially. Oh well. I'm worthy of it!
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