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Age 15, Works Great - Indiana

Im a 15 year old girl. Girls are always worried...

Im a 15 year old girl. Girls are always worried about their apperance. I started getting acne in 6th grade. It was so bad. I caked on makeup, but it just made it look worse. I would cry myself to sleep cause I looked so different from the other girls. I went to the dermatologist, and she gave me pills, but they didnt work what so ever. We tried this dermatologist a series of times, but each prescription she gave me made it worse. After I found out about accutane, I started the long process of blood drawing, and birth control. Im now on my six month and could not be more happy with the results. I have not had one zit in months, and it feels great. I have scarring, but its said to go away after 6 months to a year. Im so happy with my skin, I feel like myself again. Im more confident in every way. I reccomend this to EVERYONE. It DOES work. And Im sure you will be amazing by the results. Dont lose hope.

I agree with Gabriella Faith, Accutane does miracles, aftr the treatment you may get one or two but never like before. I've actually had to do two treatment within 10 years, but is is the only miracle pill there is. As far as side effects they only last while your on it, the dryness dissapears right after. Even after you finish your treatment you face gets even better. I'm 42 but I have 3 daughters that suffer acne problems as well. I'm not waiting for them to be all full of scars, I'm going to help them now. I went through so much embarrasment when I was younger.
I loved your story and how you have been so kind in answering everyone! I have tried everything in every combo you ( or my Derm.) could think of. I have moderate PERSISTANT acne and am on week 3 of accutane ( generic) I'M thrilled!! dry lips yes dry skin just starting but compared to 30+ years of this acne.... Im not worried about initial flare up or dry lips and skin.. lol I do have one question. You said your fingers got dry? or peeling? so do you recomend moisturizer all over after showering? You look amazing andIm sure it feels good to have the outside of you match the person you are on the inside :) wish me luck :)
Thank you! And yes! What I did was right before I got out of the shower and I was still wet, I put baby oil on my arms and legs, then when I got out of the shower I would dry my face, and then drying off the skin with baby oil on it the same way. It locks in moisture, and it helps alot :)
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