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I did a double whammy with botox on forehead and...

I did a double whammy with botox on forehead and brow furrows and juvederm on nasolabial folds and a tad in my upper lip. I had initially planned on also getting tear ducts filled but chickened out after going through the other procedure. I still have one syringe left.

I was scared to death. I hate needles. I hate pain. I've been reading and reading and reading and researching for months. I wanted this badly but was scared, nervous, anxious...

I began taking Arnica supplements the morning of the proceedure. I chose the sublingual tablets for ease and speed. I also continued taking them for three days afterward.

So after discussing what I wanted done, the Dr. let me know that they use dental blocks. I was worried that would be extra trauma and would cause massive bruising and swelling. I was assured that if I didn't get the dental block, however, that I would be very sorry. I agreed and had 4 injections - two upper lip and two lower. She injected the botox while we waited for the dental blocks to take effect.

My main fear was side effects (bruising, swelling) and I prayed that the Arnica would help. I knew also that the injector made the most difference with that. No one must know I did this - work would certainly not understand and I must face clients daily. Husband must never know - he would be upset at the cost and the fact that I wanted/needed this done. The Dr. agreed that it was far better to be conservative and have to return for more than to overfill and look like I had had something done.

Now for what you really want to know. How was it?

While it didn't hurt, it was certainly weird and extremely uncomfortable. I did feel a little something as she neared my nose on both sides - just as she said I would. Apparently that area, even when a dental block is used, is just very sensitive.

The nasolabial folds took about 4 needle sticks on each side. After each injection she smoothed/massaged the area. It took about 20 minutes total for both nasolabial folds to be filled.

The upper lip was scary too. I had expressly stated several times that I only wanted a teeny bit of filling in the lip - I did not want it to be noticeable (Lisa Rhinna comes to mind). My bottom lip is fine and still full, but my upper lip had lost a bit of fullness and I just wanted it back the way it was without looking like I had pillow lips. She understood. The lip took about 4 injections and massaging after each. About 10 minutes total for the lip.

I actually had a little bit left in that syringe after all that was completed and she asked if I wanted it anywhere else. I was so done by then, though.

I was so nervous the entire time that I sweated profusely. (Even my butt sweated through my clothes and onto the paper cover on the exam table! - now that is nervous!)

I was given two ice packs and sat in my car for a while with the ice packs on. I did have some minor swelling, but no bruising. Not enough swelling for anyone to realize anything had been done, but enough for me to feel it. It took a few hours for the numbness to wear off. That was the oddest part really.

I had the proceedure done Friday afternoon. Today is Tuesday and I look completely normal, no bruising, no swelling (never had bruising, only a few needle pricks which were easily covered with makeup). Normal, but better. :-) I feel good. Confident. Younger. Happy. Best $700 I've ever spent!


could you let me know the name of your dr. and the facility you went to.
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Hi There Happy Camper - You're story sounds exactly like mine.. I went for the first time today, had botox in frown line, forehead, and a little on crow's feet while waiting for numbing. I am SUCH a big baby about needles (I almost ALWAYS faint), that I even had the doctor give me 10mg of Valium (which I never take) beforehand to calm my nerves. I think this helped. They say it takes a few days for the botox to take effect, but I am already pleased with the Juvederm... not thrilled with the needle experience, but will go through it again (ah what price we pa for beauty). Good luck and thanks for sharing your story!!
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