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ONE YEAR OUT! Lower Body Lift

Since I have had 2 procedures I am posting on both...

Since I have had 2 procedures I am posting on both topics. The titles are the same for both and the other blog is under Arm Lift. Also, on my arm blog I have before and some arm after pictures.

I had my lower body lift 13 days ago. Briefly, I lost a lot of weight slowly and steadily for no apparent reason other than I was getting full quickly. As a result, after a hysterectomy in 2008 which coincided with the weight loss, my skin had lost so much elasticity that I was left with hanging skin on my arms, stomach and legs. After much contemplation and soul searching I decided to go for a consultation and have the procedures.

My arms and breast look great! I am happy with my legs too. I am a little unsure about the circumference incision. I did go see my doctor today and he was very nice to explain my reservations. I seem to have a flat butt and I feel as if I have a wedgie all the time. I have to remember that I am only 13 days out of surgery though. After my torso is not so swollen is when I will know more how it will be. After our discussion today, the only way I will have a round butt is if I get a small implant. I don't think I can get fat transferring because there isn't enough fat to transfer. So...I may be looking at that procedure down the road. I didn't want to hear that answer so we'll see. You know, I felt that I asked a lot of questions but one thing I've learned is that you cannot ask about the unknown. My doctor said that he didn't know how my body would look after everything was lifted until he was into the surgery. Everything else looks great! My silhouette is beautiful, my stomach is nice and tight, my legs arent' droopy, my arms and breast are pretty. This is why I have to say that it was worth it.

I'm wearing a compression garment that is a below the breast overall down to below my knees as well as a breast garment. It's comfortable. I had 6 drains initially and had 4 removed. The remaining 2 were still draining more than my doctor wanted so I'm hoping they will come out this week! Then I will start to feel a little more normal.

For the first 3 days after surgery my husband and I slept on our sectional sofa. It's plenty big for 2 adults to sleep on and pretty comfortable. I was propped up with lots of pillows and one under my knees and I slept pretty well surprisingly. I took my pain meds around the clock for about 4 days then weaned down to 1/2 a pill around the clock and now I only take one at bedtime. Once I became more mobile, which I highly suggest to do early and as often as possible, I found I hurt less. I tried to change my positions from laying down to sitting up so I could relieve pressure at my tail bone. My circumference incision was very tight and walking upright didn't come until this week and only after I am moving around more.

One thing I found very helpful was to have a basket by me which held my pain meds, hand lotion, chap stick, remotes, nail file, cell phone...stuff that I found I was asking my husband for. In the middle of the night this came in handy!

I was instructed to have a couple of protein shakes a day prior to my surgeries. I continued to have at least one a day after as well. It really helps our bodies to recover. I use Greek yogurt and a low carb protein powder with frozen fruit.

Also very helpful to me and my family was making food for them and myself beforehand. I made a really good veggie soup and used my hand-held mixer to puree it so it was more like a broth but had all the nutrients. Then I made seasoned turkey meat that my husband could add to the broth. I didn't really have an appetite for much and the soup was good.

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I am going to start walking on my treadmill...

I am going to start walking on my treadmill tomorrow. I feel well enough after my LBL to do so. I will also start some light, LIGHT, weight lifting for my upper body/arms. I want my new arms to be nice and defined. I will not overdo it and I'm sure I'll probably know where I stand after tomorrow and will adjust accordingly. I have to remember that I've had 2 major surgeries and even though I may feel up to doing something doesn't necessarily mean I should without plenty of rest as well.

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Well, today I did walk on my treadmill and did a...

Well, today I did walk on my treadmill and did a few arm things using a 5 lb weight. OK, definitely a case of mind vs body. Mentally I was fully prepared to walk however physically I was not as ready as I thought I'd be. I am an exerciser both running and walking or gym equipment so I thought I'd just walk at a slow pace at 3.0 (20 min mile). Ha! That was too much for my body. My stomach tightened up after a couple of minutes. I took it down to 2.0 and walked for 30 minutes (1 mile). I never hurt and the tightening didn't get worse so I felt OK. It felt good to at least do something.

I still have 2 drains in place. One in particular has drained more than the other and I'm waiting until they are a combined 30cc or less. Then I can get them out! I'm so ready to not have "my little friends" as I call them.

Happy New Year!

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Finally! I was able to have the 2 remaining...

Finally! I was able to have the 2 remaining drains removed. I feel as if I can get going on feeling more like myself. I still have 5 staple-like sutures under my left breast and once those come out...next Friday I'm hoping...I will be so happy. They are really uncomfortable. OK...When I had the 4 drains removed a couple of weeks ago I didn't look. I didn't look today either but my daughter was with me (she's 18) she was standing by me and mentioned how long the internal part of the drains were. The nurse said they were 9...NINE...inches long. I had no idea! Kind of made me squeamish. But, they're out now!

Since surgery my swelling is noticeably going down. My waist was 4 inches bigger than before surgery and now it's 2 inches down. I can see my muscles peeking out. My abdomen is still quite swollen and my circumference incision is still healing. All the scabs are not off yet. Overall, things are going well. I just have to slow down a bit.

I started walking on my treadmill and yesterday I thought since I was only walking at a 2.0 pace that I'd up the incline. OK...I put it at a 9% uphill grade. If felt OK and I didn't do that for the entire 45 minutes however, by 6 pm I was a mess. That also happened the day I only walked so I know my body is telling me that I'm overdoing it. My plan is to take a short nap each day even if it's only for an hour.


Hi and congrats on your surgery!! I hope you are feeling well and healing! May I ask who did your surgery?
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Thank you! Dr. Rodriquez.

I've added new photos today. Wow, I am amazed at...

I've added new photos today. Wow, I am amazed at the difference between the Before and After pictures. I'm so glad I took before pictures because at times I have gotten discouraged or I have focused on the things that aren't quite right. I hate that I do that. Overall, I am very please with all the procedures I have done.


Hi, I am thinking of getting this done after over 100lb weight loss and was concerned about the flattening of the butt. My butt is already somewhat flat hence the reason for wanting the lower body lift. Did you feel your butt was flat before the surgery and has the LBL improved your overall butt shape and "roundness" I was thinking of getting fat transfer to butt while getting my lower body lift to address the possible flat look that may come with the lower body lift. What are your thoughts from your experience? Thank you for sharing your journey.The lower body lift had no effect the inner thigh? or the outer?
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Hi, congratulations on your weight loss! The way my Dr described my butt situation was this: the rear I have now is truly my rear. All these years the fat and gravity made my rear placed at my upper leg. He did nothing to the muscle or anything so when the fat got lifted my rear is a little flat. With that said, I have noticed that as my swelling around my abdomen/upper butt has gone down my rear doesn't appear as flat. I am only 4 weeks post op for my LBL so I do expect it to get better. I would speak to your PS about your concerns. Absolutely have him transfer fat to your rear if you want to be sure it stays nice and round. I never in my life had a round butt! I did have a thigh lift as well. I have a scar running from just above my knee to the inner thigh. When I stand the scars are not visible from the front or the back and already the scar is very thin. I am using Mederma on all my scars and I fully expect them to keep minimizing. Good luck!
Thank you for the response. Let me ask you. Do you feel the you needed the lower body lift? I am curious as to why you picked that instead of just a tummy tuck? Where you expecting more of a butt lift? Also, did you get any outer/inner thigh lift from you lower body (if it was prior to your thigh lift) Lastly, with your thigh lift (that one I really would like to have) How was the recovery? Is the scar a good trade off? And could you if you wanted to comfortably where a mini skirt without stockings and not see the thigh lift scars?

Well, it looks as if I will have to have a little...

Well, it looks as if I will have to have a little fix-it on my left breast. It had been a little too dissected and the implant was slipping too low. At my lower body lift the PS placed 6 heavy sutures in hopes that the tissue would grow together and hold it up. It was very painful and then it didn't work. So...he will have to make an incision under my breast, in the fold, and place internal heavy sutures that will do the trick. I really wish he'd done this initially. I just want it fixed. I've had to wear a bra 24/7 and at night it's uncomfortable to be wearing an underwire.

My left upper thigh seems to look a little relaxed. At my last post op on Friday he said that he could do a little lipo and pull the skin just a bit if needed. I need to wait until I am more healed. It has been 5 weeks.

I can walk and do light lifting but no running. Don't want to pound and make the tissues loosen. He said I can walk til my heart's content though! Yay!

Everything else is going well. I feel great. My swelling has gone down. I stepped on the scale and I'm down 7 pounds and am actually at my goal weight. = )


Sending lots of positive energy your way for the revision this week. Did you end up needing antibiotics? It's so hard not to overdo it. I am feeling well, but I have had a harder time finding my balance since jumping back into real life a little. I think I have it down then by the end of the day I can usually identify some things to do differently tomorrow :) Also hoping your house sells quickly, that can be such a huge stress....but obviously you are a strong one.
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Hi there! Thank you. I didn't have an infection but was instructed to put on a heavy duty antibiotic soap on and around the area. OK, something I just found out at my PS visit for the possible infection...he told me that when he pulled my skin up from outer thigh toward my hip that he actually attached the muscle into my hip bone. Wow, I didn't know that at all! No wonder my hips feel so strange and hurt if I wear a belt. And, had I know that I probably wouldn't have been lifting the packed boxes! What you are describing is what I felt and still feel. I'll do great all day, just like I'm my old self, and then at 6-7 pm I become a chocolate mess. I know I've overdone it because my lower half hurts and aches and then I don't sleep well. I am taking a pain pill at night just to help and then I also take a Tylenol PM. The moral of this story is to take it easy for a long time. We've had major surgery and just because we look and feel better, the inside of our bodies are still healing and will take probably a year to fully heal. I am almost 10 weeks post op for my LBL which really isn't that much. I'm kind of scared about how I'll feel after this revision. He'll be attaching my chest muscle (I think) to my rib. Since I now know how this makes my hips feel I can only imagine what a bra will feel like. But...hey...look what I've already done. I can handle that, right?
How's it going LoLo? Are you feeling well and shopping like crazy. You have a beautiful figure and the insights you've shared are very helpful
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Almost 12 weeks post op this week for my LBL and...

Almost 12 weeks post op this week for my LBL and 14 weeks post op for my arm/breast. Time has flown by. Each day is a different day that's for sure. My arms are doing great and they look wonderful. My scars are really looking good. I am continuing to use my Mederma, the advanced scar get one.

I find I am shopping a little bit more and am choosing sleeveless shirts but I am afraid to wear them. I have no problem telling people I got a boob job but have only told a select few about my other surgeries. I'm trying to figure out why that is. I definitely did it all for myself because my body didn't reflect how I felt inside and there was no way I could exercise the hanging skin away. I have to admit that I have always proud of the fact that I could alter my body (with diet and exercise) without any extreme measures so I think I am embarrassed that I have done this even though I wanted to do it. I guess that I feel I'll have to explain why I have scars like this at some point and I don't want to see people's faces when I tell them. I would absolutely tell anyone to do this surgery because I feel it completes a journey. And, although I have had a lifetime of my own journey, I didn't lose such a significant amount of weight like so many people here. Maybe I am struggling with the 'why couldn't I have just been happy the way I was' question.

One thing that I need to remember is that I HAVE to continue to take it easy. I know I am pushing it too much because I feel good but at the end of the day I feel wiped out and hurting. I didn't realize that my PS anchored something to my hip bones and this will explain why my hips feel so tight and hurt when I wear a belt or something. All this time I have said that it feels as if he pulled me too tight there but I think it's just the sensation of a bruised bone/starting to wake up, etc. I think I would have not lifted things or done things that I have done if I had known this! So...slow down people! It's major surgery and we don't always know what really happened inside our bodies to make our outsides look great. BTW, the PS said that he did this to help keep the nice, smooth look of my outer thighs. It does look good.

This Thursday I am having my left breast revision. I am really ready for this. I have to wear a bra of some sort 24/7 to keep the implant up. My PS will anchor (oh no...more pain) to my rib. I'm glad I'm doing it but after going through all of the other stuff and feeling good/relatively pain free for a while I am dreading it as well. Plus, our house will go up for sale next Monday and of course my first thought was how will I vacuum?? haha

Still, after everything, I can absolutely say I am glad I have done this. My brain just has to get over the fact that I may have some 'splaining to do, Lucy.


I hope it went well today. I too have examined my own interest in sharing with some and not others. Part of my journey has absolutely involved defining boundaries about what I consider private about my body and its changes and what I care to share. It turns out I am more private than I thought. In general I think people find me very forthcoming and open to discussing anything. So, even I was surprised a little. It's not that imam embarrassed but rather that I did it for me and I just don't care to consider the judgments or assumptions of others....I wonder if this attitude of mine will change. I guess I'm saying...you only have 'splaining to do, if ya wanna do it
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I had my revision done on Feb 28. I expected it...

I had my revision done on Feb 28. I expected it to hurt because my PS had already tried an external version of what this current surgery was for. Day 1 was brutal. Then, like an idiot, I misread the instructions. I thought it read to start wearing a good underwire bra 24/7 so the day after surgery I removed the ace bandage and put on an underwire. As the morning went on it progressively got more painful and I tried re-wrapping the ace back on myself. Then I called the PS office and asked if there was a wrong way to do it and his nurse said yes and that I'd better come in so he could re-wrap it. Sigh...I was feeling very dumb, hurting a lot and feeling a little helpless because I couldn't drive and no one was home to help me. Fortunately my neighbor was able to get me there.

As soon as the nurse removed the ace and gravity took over I just started bawling. OMG did it hurt! When the PS came in he had a shocked look on his face. He thought I was there to start my laser treatments! He was very nice and calmed me down. Things did shift a little in the 2 hours I had the bra on but he re-wrapped me and sent me off. I go back in tomorrow.

I am allergic to the surgical tape so this is why I was wrapped pretty well in the ace bandage. Throughout the day yesterday it slipped or loosened a bit so I have put an undershirt over it and I also found my elastic band that I'd used when I first had the boobs done. I positioned it under my breast so that it keeps the bandage from slipping. What a relief when things are in place. Gravity is NOT my friend at this point.

I really hope this last surgery works!

I am excited to start laser treatments around my arm/leg/torso scars. It will tighten the skin around them. They are looking so good. I really need to take some more pictures.


Oh friend! I am so sorry for your rough day! Damn that gravity!! I am so I pressed with your bravery. Hopefully that and keeps things put. You are so wise to focus on the positives. I am excited to hear about how that laser tx goes. I hadn't even considered it, but seems pretty logical. I would LOVE to see more pix. I've been wondering how well that minor spot healed up? It looked a tad rough on the left side of your incision from the rear. I'm 4 weeks tomorrow...I have some very minor rough spots, also along one side of my rear vs the other and another not so minor one up front that I am now treating with a round of antibiotics and some silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) that the PS gave me to use this week :( I dont think it will be of huge consequence in the end, but it's a little discouraging. I know you get it. I've been thinking of you. You look just terrific. I hope they guide you to the right bra set up...I can only imagine! Uhg
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Your before pictures look just like my body. I weigh 135 lbs and it is so sad that I cannot enjoy that. It took over 3 years for me to lose 95 lbs. I have kept my weight off for 5 years and have been told that I was much happier before the weight loss. I look good with everything covered up, but at this age I will never know how it feels to wear shorts and a tee. You are so brave to have done this. Best wishes for a fast and full recovery.
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So I went in to see the PS for my post op visit. ...

So I went in to see the PS for my post op visit. Gosh...I wonder just how badly I looked and sounded when I had to go in the day after surgery??? Everyone kind of treated me with kid gloves. LOL Oh well...you know what...I hurt like hell so there! The PS took a look. All looked good and he re-wrapped me. He did tell me, as I disappointingly suspected, that my right breast will look a little lower until my left one (the one that was revised) relaxes a bit. And, he said that in 5 years or so I *may* have to have them bolstered again. My response was that the next time I do anything to them I will get the boobs that I wanted.

** to explain my comment**
My husband didn't want me to have a scar on my breasts. I didn't really want that either but after finding out that the only way to get the breast that I REALLY wanted I would have had to have a lift which would require an incision under each of my breasts and moving the nipples. This would have given me the rounder on the underside breasts that I wanted. Confession time...I did my breast surgery the way I did for my husband. Personally I don't think I would have cared about the scar. My breasts would have been higher and rounder on the underside.

My PS and I talked about this before my last surgery and I told him all of that. He told me that he learned a lesson from my experience. I think (and I wish he had) he would have been more of an influence for me and what I wanted had he known my reasons. To his credit, he did everything that I asked him to and has been so very nice to do these fixes.

Right before the last surgery he told me that he would do anything I wanted him to do. At this point, I wish I would have asked him to bolster up the right breast just like he was doing for the left. Sigh...

I go back on Friday. I will need to wear a good underwire or sports bra all the time for a while. No problem with that...even people who don't get boob jobs should have that support all the time because their breasts will not tend to droop over time.

One day at a time...


Thank you! Doing better now. I will take some pictures soon. I seem to be bloated after this last surgery but I'm wondering if all the compression on the boobs/ribs is holding me down? That spot on my right back is much better. Are you using Mederma or anything for the scars? Hope you're nice and rested after your wonderful weekend.
Hi. Thank you. Are you considering this surgery? I can relate to all that you said. Just keep doing your homework and talking to as many people here and in the real world as you can. Everyone of my friends told me to do it. My family did, too. It is a huge deal though so you are smart to think long and hard about it and compare your feelings. Good luck!

Friday I got that darn ace bandage wrap off! It...

Friday I got that darn ace bandage wrap off! It was so uncomfortable and wouldn't stay in place. I had to take partial showers for over a week because I couldn't take the wrapping off. I think someone could have scratched my back for an entire day after getting the dressing off. LOL

So, the boob looks good. Now I wear something 24/7 unless showering. It's not as painful as I thought it would be. I really thought having an underwire rub on the incision would be bad but I think the incision sits just above the underwire.

I'm going in next week to get a little laser hair removal for my underarm. He removed pretty much all of that skin and my sweat glands from under my arm. There are, however, a few hairs poking out from my scar. It looks kind of funny but doesn't bother me. I think it bothers my PS more. The laser is no charge. A really cool thing, too, is that I do not need deodorant! I haven't worn it since my surgery in Nov.


New Pics look Great - Glad to hear you are doing good and the girls are now doing what you wan them to do. How are you feeling?
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Thank you. I'm feeling good although each day really is so different...even this far out. My lower back, at the incision site, feels so achy and more so at the end of the day, sleeping on my back and long car rides. I am going to the PS tomorrow because I noticed in my most recent pictures that my scar, on the left side of my back, seems to look stretched. I just want to make sure everything is going ok. Thank you for asking. Hoping you aren't too nervous for your upcoming surgery!
Luckily I have been way too busy to think about it - I was freaking out a little bit on Sunday but I think meeting with the Dr helped calm my nerves. I am sure I will be nervous this weekend. I go in Monday AM - I have to leave the house at like 5:45am to have time to get there and get prepped. Surgery starting at around 7:30 and will last 4 hours - he has his work cut out for him lol I just want to see how it ends up - I am not really nervous about the pain - I am scared I will be dissapointed - which is silly but I can't help myself. I am just so ready to have normal size arms for once.

Yesterday I had to have a couple of small, in...

Yesterday I had to have a couple of small, in office, procedures. There was a spot on my hip incision that kept opening a bit. A suture kept trying to come out and was creating a sore. Also, at the top of my leg incision, the scar was a little bunchy and I could feel some sutures close to the surface.

The PS had to numb me up in both places, cut the scar, remove the sutures and then clean up the scar. OK, having a needle inserted in the crease between the thigh and vaginal area is freaking painful. I know it was the numbing med but it takes a little bit for that to kick in. I dug little fingernail prints into my hand. It finally got numb enough for him to begin and honestly, the numbing part took longer than the actual procedure! Then he moved on to my hip. That didn't hurt so much. He did the same for that area and I now have a nice even line.

The numbness wore off about 5 pm (procedure was at 8:30 am) and wow...I hurt. All will be well soon though.

Just goes to prove that having the initial surgeries is never a one-time deal. There is no way to know what little "things" will pop up and need addressing. FYI...there's more involved, time-wise, and more money spent than you think so a good idea is to plan accordingly for the what-if's.


Cute outfit with those animal print pants! U look fabulous!
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I was wondering whether over time your inner thigh scar has become less pronounced. I have yet to come across anyone who has had an inner thigh lift with a vertical incision and am very curious about how the scar fades over time. I am planning to have a LBL and my inner thighs are the area in which I have the most skin laxity so I KNOW I will need the vertical scar !
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Hi there. Yes, I feel my inner thigh scars are looking better. I took a picture and will upload as soon as I get home.

New Comparison Pictures


Thank you. You really, really do look phenomenal. You have such nice before pic's so that you can really see the changes and then compare yourself to what you like before and what you have now with your after. Just amazing. Very proud of your and all of your accomplishments. You are an inspiration to so many others wanting to get into shape.
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Thank you, natters.
Hi - I was wondering about a thigh lift for the front of my thighs. Did the fronts of your thighs relaxed much? Natalie
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Laser Day

Today I'm going in to have arm, lower body and leg scars lasered. I go in an hour early to have numbing cream put on them as it takes about 45 minutes to set up. I am excited about it. The scars are already looking better. It's been 8 months for the arms and 8 1/2 months for the lower body and legs. I got a dermal roller (Acuhealing) and have been rolling the scars every day while showering. I also am using a body tonic that contains hyaluronic acid. = )


Wow sounds awesome! Can't wait to see pics and hear all about it! Hope all turns out well at your appointment!
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Just a small rant

I went to see the PS for laser on my arms and legs. He said my scars look really good. I am very happy with them as well. I guess my rant is about the laxation that has happened to my upper thighs. This was a fear of mine, that my hips would be one size and my legs another. I can buy size 4 P pants/shorts and they fit great everywhere except my upper thighs. I really don't like what I look like from behind. My shorts look tight in that area. I'm back to wearing my size 6 P and they are big around the waist and hip and bag in the crotch but then they fit in the leg. My PS said that I should look into Thermage or something. I am moving out of State so I will have to find another PS. Not sure what I'd like to do but I will definitely ask about it. I don't understand how this could happen. I had the LBL and my thighs done (no lipo) so where the heck is this fat/skin coming from?? As I have said, overall I am happy with my results. I guess having this area feel tight in pants/shorts makes me feel like I've gained weight. The lifelong and apparently never-ending struggle doesn't go away so easily. = /


Hi..thanks for sharing your personal journey all the way through! I did thermage on my thighs for $2500 ... no results whatsoever except for tremendous pain during treatment...what do you think of a thigh lift for someone who has not had any major weight loss...just lousy skin elasticity!! and crepey skin as well ... i'm 53 and my legs changed about 49... i am so self conscious.. i dread warm weather and will only wear long dresses in the summer ugh!
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Hi Imso103. You are welcome. I've heard negative things about thermage from too many people and I read what the doctors answered to your question. All negative. So...that answers MY question about it. I didn't have the type of thigh lift that the doctors told you about. You'll see from my pictures that I have vertical scars. I had a lot of loose fat along with the sagging and crepey skin. I am 53 and had a hysterectomy 5 years ago but my weight has always been an issue and I definitely yo-yo'd my entire life which all contributed to my issues. Although my knees are still a bit saggy and my skin is still loose it is a lot better. I see from your pictures that you aren't overweight so it does appear that your skin's lack of elasticity is most likely caused by age and changing hormones. I'm not sure if you have ever lost weight or yo-yo'd with your weight, as I did. I think that doesn't help either. I honestly understand your concerns. I think you look good and shouldn't hide but that doesn't change how you feel. Have you consulted any plastic surgeons face to face?

One Year And Doing Great

Wow...has it really been a full year since my arm/breast lift and in a few short weeks my year anniversary of my lower body lift? It has been a year of challenges and a year of great changes for me personally, emotionally and physically. It seems as if all at once my husband and I had 3 of the 5 major stressor events happen in our lives. We decided to move to a new state which meant a new job, had one daughter move to MA and another went to college in IL which means that we are newly empty nesters. All of this happened in September. I'm still standing though!

My year of recovery after a 2 major surgeries has been at times a roller coaster ride. After all is said and done I can say that it was all worth it and I will be forever happy that I went through with it. Taking pictures along the way is one of the smartest things I did. There are days when it seems that I "look the same as I did" but then I go back and look at my progress and see how my body looks and my scars are healing I know that is not true. Do I see some relaxation? Yes. But, I did not have these surgeries to look perfect. I did them to feel better about myself and to look on the outside how I feel on the inside. I am a young and active 54 year old and I wanted my body to reflect that. Now it does.

I gave myself a year off from running. Now I am back at it and it feels wonderful. When we moved to NV my husband and I started working out at our gym and I'd been doing some cardio there but had not run outside in a year. Saturday I ran 7 miles in 1 hour 19 min. Working out with weights has been so empowering. My arms have never...ever...looked so toned and muscular. I love them.

As a side note about my breasts: I will be needing a revision at some point. My left one is still so uncomfortable and when I don't wear a bra it is painful. I want to get settled in our new home and then I will begin the process of finding a good PS here in Las Vegas.

Thank you all for the encouragement you've given me along my journey.


Wow...I just came across you review, Thanks so much for sharing, it's wonderful to follow a whole years worth of healing...I too will be having a LBL this coming year. I had a breast lift this past year and I love it the scars fade and I now have what I realized look like Barbie doll boobs...perfect. I also have a friend who had the same breast lift and implant done in Las Vegas and with in a few months no scars at all. If you want to know her Dr. just message me and I will find out. I know she loves him to death...Anyway you look fantastic!!!
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Thank you so much! I will message you soon to ask questions about the LV dr. Good luck to you. When is your surgery?
I'm not too sure about a date since my daughter is expecting a baby, and I will want to be there, so I have had to postpone it until after June, so I may wait until the fall or late summer...I almost went ahead and did it during the holidays but I thought I had to work a big job which ended getting canceled!!! Ugh, sometimes life just gets in the way of doing what you want! I will get the LV Dr name and message you with it...
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