Lower Facelift, Neck Lift and Upper Eyelids Instead of Lifestyle Lift - Happy with my Choice

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has posted here. I feel like you have saved my life. I have been wanting a facelift for sometime, and I happen to have the money and the time to recover so the timing was right. A friend mentioned the Lifestyle Lift~ so I tivo'd one of their infomercials and watched. Wow- it looked so good~ but I couldn't make it all add up. Why so cheap? And if it was done so much faster...

I decided to do some research and stumbled upon this site. Needless to say, after reading what I read, I tossed the idea immediately and focussed on finding a Board Qualified plastic surgeon.

I found an amazing Dr, had it done in a hospital under general anesthesia (I can't imagine being AWAKE for all of that!), and the procedure took 5.5 hrs. I had my upper eyelids done (I told him I didn't want to look like Kenny Rogers!!! Apparently, the trick to not changing your looks is not taking out a lot of fat- just excess skin), a lower facelift and necklift with NO liposuction (lipo is where you can get more nerve damage...from what I read anyway).

I'm 12 days post op and everything is healing so fast and nicely. My ears don't hurt though one lobe is still slightly larger than the other. I can't see the scars~ I have minimal bruising and some mild swelling still that nobody can see. I went to Easter dinner and the reaction was just what I wanted!!! They thought I looked so fantastic and natural (the ladies wanted the name of my Dr)- for the fun of it I didn't tell my one aunt I hadn't seen in a while- she went to hug me and I had to back up (still a little sore around my neck), and she had NO idea. Minimal make-up to cover the tiny bit of bruising just under my eyes.

It's just the result I wanted, and I can't thank you all enough for your courage in posting what happened to you. I may have went the LSL route to save some money if all I saw was positive. Thanks from the bottom of my heart~I have been suffering with depression about aging and if I had gone in and had my face butchered, I don't know what I would have done. I wish you all love...and I really hope you can go after that company and try to get some money so if you ever have the courage, you can find a GOOD dr to help fix some of the damage. Bless you all. Thank you for saving me.

Dr. Dean Sorensen

He's simply the best. He's double Board certified and has performed well over 300 facelifts. And I couldn't be more pleased with my results. I look 15 yrs younger and healing fast.

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I don't know anyone who had had one, but my doctor is very dubious. It's a quick fix and apparently it doesn't last very long.
Find a doctor who is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and if he's also listed in the Castle-Connolly Guide (at your local library) it's even better. Remember it's your face. You don't want a fast, cheap job.
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Hello, I was seriously thinking about getting the Lifetstyle Lift, can you all please tell me what you know? It doesn't sound very positive?
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Anyone who is sucker enough to go for a LifeStyle lift which lasts about ten minutes deserves what they get. There are no short cuts if you expect a lasting result.
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I am actually starting to feel MUCH better! Finally! It's been 8 months and I remember thinking the other day...wow- I didn't feel the need to put anything on my neck to cool it down. It's not as tight...it's really starting to calm down. Phwew!
I would love to show you but I can't remember the password-and am too swamped to post more.
If you want to send me a PM (I don't know how to do that) with your email addy I can send you pics if you swear on your life you will delete them right away! Lol.
Thanks for asking. I'm thinking in a month or so I'll post an update ; )
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Hi laboon -- Just wondering how you're doing now? Are you still happy with your results? I'd love to see pics too if you don't mind sharing. :) Thanks.

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Great story from a very intelligent patient. Great that you were smart enough to do research. Thanks to 'REALSELF" Dr. B in MIAMI
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