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I've wanted a nose job for a few years now. I'm...

I've wanted a nose job for a few years now. I'm only 19 years old and I won't do it until I'm at least 20 though - so my nose has fully grown into it's shape. My nose isn't enormous but I just feel like it ruins my face and my self esteem with it - especially in pictures! I just want it a little thinner at the front and maybe fix the part that drops down (I don't know how to say it in english hehe) but I think it would do so much just to make it a little smaller. Nothing extravagant. what do you think..?


I think you're beautiful as is. You do have a strong nose, but you're lovely!

If you decide to go through with rhinoplasty, make sure you go on several consultations with board certified surgeons to find the right one.

Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right surgeon for your nose.

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Thank you so much! Yes, I'll be doing alot of research! Very nervous about picking a surgeon, thanks for the information!
your nose is the closest thing to my nose i have seen on here. I actually want something noticeable done to mine like remove my small hump, narrow the tip and nostrils, make the tip higher instead of droopy. My surgery is the 1st of august, you might want to see how that turns out for me as a Guinea pig for you lol. Whatever you do choose a good surgeon!
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A surgeon

There aren't many surgeons where I live (In iceland) or only about 2-3 in the city. The one I'm thinking more about is Ottó, here's his info:
He worked for a few years in USA but moved to Iceland after 18 years in NY. After medical education in iceland he took ''specialist training'' (? Trying to translate as good as I can hehe) in NY, first in normal surgery stuff (cosmetic surgery?) and then added plastic surgery for 7 yrs. He had an office in Long Island where he worked at ,,Klinik''; one of the oldest and biggest plastic surgery office in America. He worked there for 12 yrs before he went to Iceland and made his own office in Domus Medica. (a place in iceland) - he finished exam in 1983 and got his medical license in iceland in 1985 and in NY 1988. A specialist license in cosmetic and plastic surgery in iceland in 1993 and in NY in 1995 (American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), He worked in Modena Italy, as an assistant doctor in Vasterviks hospital in sweden and Case Western University in cleveland ohio. Worked as a surgeon in an icelandic hospital
Learnt plastic surgery and cosmetic? in Nassau County Medical Center, NY. He worked there later as an assisant director and then as a specialist in plastic surgeon with the long island plastic surgical group in NY 1995.

I hope you understand! I'm good in english but when it comes to medical mumbo jumbo im out. hehe :-)

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