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Juvederm for the Tear Troughs

Juvederm gives me at least 5 years back. The...

Juvederm gives me at least 5 years back. The gradual fat loss in my tear trough area made me look tired and lack luster. I decided to try Juvederm to diminish the hollowing in my tear trough area. Previous to this decision I relied on botox, quarterly treatments, for roughly a year.

In May of 2009 I had my first Juvederm tear trough treatments. I purchased one syring for $600.00 that was to be divided up between my tear troughs, and a few smaller areas around my mouth. The doctor first injected the treatment areas with a local anesthesia that took no more than 15 minutes to work. The doctor injected 2.5 of the syringe in each tear trough.

The process was uncomfortable, but not painful. Truthfully, it is a little difficult to put your thoughts in a different place when your eyes are being used as a pin cushion. Thankfully the rest of the treatment areas were painless and much easier to bear.

After the procedure, I suffered some bruising and swelling for which I took some Motrin and used a bag of frozen blueberries for the swelling. The swelling was almost completely gone the next day and the bruising was gone within a week of the treatment. I was extremely happy with the results. I looked at least 5 years younger, energetic, and vibrant.

For me the procedure was worth every penny. Considering that I pay $480.00 for botox treatments every four months, the cost of a Juvederm treatment of $600.00, in the tear trough area, where the results are seen for 9 to 12 months, is a bargain.

At the two week checkup the doctor and I both agreed that we could have been a little more aggressive with the amount of Juvederm. This is one of the reasons I trust my doctor, he takes a conservative approach and strives to obtain a much improved appearance, thus, allowing for more nature looking cosmetic improvements.

March 5, 2010: I have had my second tear trough treatment. I began to notice in February that my tear trough was becoming darker and hollowed again, so I scheduled an appointment. The procedure was just as the first, except I believe I was more nervous this time. By the second day the swelling was mostly gone, but it was clear that the results were, once again, absolutely amazing, not to forget that I have less bruising this go round. The doctor injected 3.5 of the syinge into both tear troughs and the rest in the corners of my mouth where I have a slight downward turn; this was a nice effect too.

I think for Juvederm to be a successful experience all depends on the approach and skill level of the doctor. Also, do your research about the procedure, and the most up to date filler to be used, and the best practice for that procedure. Always discuss, with your doctor, what product they suggest using and how they will perform the procedure, how many times have they performed the procedure.

I was wondering if you had any lumps initially? I got my tear troughs and "smile lines" done yesterday around 2pm. It's now 10:30am the following morning. I have no evidence of having anything injected around the mouth, and it looks marvelous! The minor eye bags that I had have disappeared. However - I have noticed that it looks "lumpy." I did not really swell or bruise at all afterward, so I am concerned about this, especially since it is hard to the touch - indicating to me that it is the juvederm. Did you have this at all? I don't want to attempt to massage it if this is normal, but from the sounds of it, the results afterward are what you get.
OK, well I just had my first Juvederm injections into the tear troughs as well and also my upper and corners fo the mouth. I am over the moon! At first I was worried because I had some swelling but that has gone now and also the bruising is deminishing. I am so very happy nd will definitely do it all over again, as I feel it's made me look at least 10 years younger. No more comments like "you look tired today" or "are you tired"? No instead, you look well what have you been doing? You look great you look younger!
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Dr. D is a very knowledgable and highly skilled doctor who strives to achieve natural cosmetic corrections and enhancements.

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