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So it's less then two weeks away from my...

So it's less then two weeks away from my surgery and im excited and freaking out lol. Let me start with telling about how i got to where i am. So i was born with a B cup and decided to get breast augmentation in 2003. I went 500cc and the doctor i went to did not do a good job :( My nipple was pointed really low and it was was to full on the top and not the bottom for over a year so in January 2005 I went to a second doctor to get them fixed. He had told me that the pocket was cut to high and he had to drop them.

So second surgery in i got them fixed and made to dumb idea of going bigger. I this time went to 750cc's. So i had my surgery in january 2005 and got pregnant in March! So pretty much after i got them. Was not planned but i was still very happy. So i then had my second child in 2009 which brings me to where i am now. After getting them too big and having two children there are so uncofterbale and are a saggy. My back always hurts and i can never wear any cute shirts because of how gigantic there are. There just a pain. Im done having children so i decided i was ready to get rid of these watermelons once and for all. I looked around and found i doctor i really liked and set the date. My surgery is on March 5th at 9:30 in the morning :) Im getting smaller implants and a full lift. Im a F cup right now and told my doctor i want to be around a C cup so we decided on 300cc's.

Im really nervous and hope they come out looking ok. No matter what i know that i will be more comfterbale now that they will be smaller, just hope they look ok. Im gonna keep updating as the time get's closer and then post my after pic's, the expierance and healing progress :)

So one more week from now I will biting my nails...

So one more week from now I will biting my nails knowing I'm having my surgery in the morning!!! I know this week is going to fly by. I'm sooooo nervous but soooo excited. I just wonder how there gonna look. I got my blood work done and everything came back good, got all my medicine filled and got my support bra for after surgery so everything is a go! Eeekkk!! I just can't wait to finally be able to feel comfortable and wear things I used to be able to wear. One more week tomorrow for me guys! I'll keep things updated :)

Ahhhhh 2 more days guys!!! Tomorrow night is gonna...

Ahhhhh 2 more days guys!!! Tomorrow night is gonna be nerve racking! It came so fast I swear it was just two weeks ago. They called me from the surgery center to go over everything with me one last time. This is it, I'd this really happening lol

Ok so less then 24 hrs and it will be all over!!!!...

Ok so less then 24 hrs and it will be all over!!!! EEEKKK!! I've been in the house all day so far so im gonna get out and go for a walk with my son hopefully it will take my nerves away for awhile.

It's all over now crazy. Surgery went well,...

It's all over now crazy. Surgery went well, they brought me in the room and I prayed and I actually was calm. They told me to move down a bit in the bed and the next thing I know I'm in recovery asking if I have small boobs! I'm in soooo much pain though, this is worst the the other times by far :( I cried all the home to my bed and got some pain meds in me. For some reason my left one hurts more then my righ one I don't know why. I'm bandaged up so I can't se anything but tomorrow there ginna remove the bandage and put my support bra on so hopefully I can see the size. Thank you you guys so much for your support it really helped me a lot! Sorry for the spelling I still feel the anesthesia a bit.

So I'm on my fist day post op. I'm not...

So I'm on my fist day post op. I'm not gonna lie this by far the worst pain besides having my children. I have 2 augmentations before but there were regular ones and this one is a lift. I don't really feel anything on the incisions just my muscles hurt so fraking bad. It effected my upper back muscles my armpits. The worst part is getting up to go to the bathroom. I dread it. My fiancé has to pull my pants down and help me cause it hurts so bad to move my arms at all. When I sit and up and stand I feel the implants pressure down and it's the worst. I'm going to my pre op today and 11:30 and that's gonna suck cause its an hour away :/ I'm going to feel every bump. He is gonna take my bandage off so hopefully I. An see some kind if shape. I'm nervous to how there gonna look.

So I went to my post op and let me tell you.......

So I went to my post op and let me tell you.... The ride sucked. My fiancé forgot my pain meds too so the ride back I wasn't very happy. Doctor told me I can shower tomorrow and the tape will come off in two weeks. I have to go back in a week to start learning how to massage them so they start to drop. They took my bandage around them off and put my support bra on so I got too see them! They are sooooooo much smaller I'm so happy. There really high right now though and need to drop but I can tell that when they do they will be exactly what I wanted! I just took some pain pills and muscle relaxers so I'm probably gonna crash out but I'm gonna try to post some pics soon so you guys can see the major difference :)

Well i took some photos of my one day post op but...

Well i took some photos of my one day post op but it's not letting me post them everytime i click to add a photo nothing comes up :/

AHHH it's not letting me upload a photo and i...

AHHH it's not letting me upload a photo and i want to show you guys my after pics :(

So I got an after pic up! They are so much smaller...

So I got an after pic up! They are so much smaller :) I can feel the implants up so high though but my doctor said there gonna drop over Time and fill the bottom out. I'm still laid up in bed taking my pain pills religiously! I have to have a pain pill every four hours it gets bad.

So I haven't updated in awhile but the last days...

So I haven't updated in awhile but the last days have been kinda rough! My fiancé had to go back to work so I have had to take care of my 2 boys and they have been crazy :/ today my mom came over and I got to lay in bed all day so that felt good, I have really been overdoing myself the past couple days and I defiantly feel it. I go for my next check up Thursday at 11! My implants are still high I asked my dr. At my post op and he said in time there gonna drop and my nipple will raise a bit higher. I'm gonna try to post some pics if it lets me, last time it wasn't working! I go back to work Sunday and I'm nervous :/ hopefully I'm not into much pain and I can work! I work at M.A.C Cosmetics and we have to do a lot of makeup appointments and demos so I use my arms a lot but I think I'll be ok, just not gonna lift anything for awhile.

Got some new pics up! :)

Got some new pics up! :)

So I have not been in good spirits lately over...

So I have not been in good spirits lately over this surgery. I have been off the pain pills and muscle relaxers for 4 days I got the worst constipation from the Vicotin and seriously deliver a baby from my butt :( worst expirence ever. I stopped taking the pills and decided to just deal with pain. So then I started geting the worst withdrawls from not having them like fever... Sweating then chills.. Worst headache .. Cramps .. Irrability. I started taking stool sofners and now I have diarrhea like 7 times a day. I'm taking tylonel for pain but it's not really working but now the withdrawls are over I don't want to take them. My implants are so tight up high on my muscle and it hurts and is not going away. And I guess I'm allergic to the steri tape cause I started iching so bad all over my boobs and the incsions by the taps. I scratched so hard I broke the vessels under my skin and it looks and feels horrible. Sorry guys I'm in a funk right now. I feel like why did I do this. My boobs don't look good right now and this pain sucks.

So I went to my 19 day post op yesterday. I got...

So I went to my 19 day post op yesterday. I got the tape removed and my incisions look amazing! My nipple is already heald and it doesn't even look like it was cut at all! He said I heal really good and the scaring will heal really nice I guess it's my skin, thanks mom! I really needed something positive to happens due to the way I have been feeling lately, so seeing and hearing that made me feel a lot better. He put a different tape on that will last for two weeks, he said with this it will heal even better cause it holding it together. I go back in two weeks for my next Check up. I haven't been massaging and he was mad about that lol but it freaking hurts to do it :/ I hate it

Hi guys sorry I haven't updated in awhile, still...

Hi guys sorry I haven't updated in awhile, still recovering slowly. So I went to work yesterday my first day back and it was so bad. I was in so much pain, I have been off pills but the pain was so bad I had to pop them :( my work is really active I don't sit and I'm running around crazy o_O ...... I got home last night and my fever was 104! I was so cold and shivering but burning up. I spoke with my doctor and he said if I'm I'm that much pain I shouldnt be back. So I'm off another two weeks and he wants me stretching and going on walks then resting. I dont have to take the pain pills at home I'm fine, but running around at work made them hurt and it effected my back so bad, the worst back pain :/ so the next two weeks I have to slowly start being active so when I go back it's not all at once I will progress into it over the next two weeks. Sucks cause I don't have anymore PTO so I'm losing two weeks of pay :( I just want to feel normal again I'm so over this. I hope the next two weeks make a difference!

New news......infection!!!!!! Not happy right now...

New news......infection!!!!!! Not happy right now :/ my right breast starting hurting really bad in the crease incision. I looked at it and all around the tape it was really red. I went to my dr. Apt today and he took the tape off on the crease incision and is so swollen and red, it hurts so freaking bad! He put me on Cipro and I'm praying it clears up and this goes away. He said if it gets worse he will have to take the implant out. I can't use my right arm he said so I can't do anything. I go back to work next Friday so i'm praying a week changes things and I'm better cause I really can't miss anymore work. I'll update you guys, please pray this goes away so I don't have to go through removing it! :

I'm just updating you guys, I'm at the surgery...

I'm just updating you guys, I'm at the surgery center and I'm going into surgery again. Last night my side that's infected the incision came open alittle and all this green fluid came pouring out like crazy down my stomach and pants. I'm really traumatized from it right now it was like a horror movie. It was like my water broke that much fluid but from my boob and it was green. I looked at it and there's a hole a the bottom where it all came out from. I called my dr and he said to be here today. He looked at it and he wants to open it up and look inside and he might have to remove the implant. I'm really freaking out right now. I'm so scares to go under again and get cut open again. So now I might only have I implant for awhile till the other side heels like 6months . But I would rather get better with it out. I had to pay $500 for anisethia fee right now too which I'm stressing about cause I'm gonna be missing more work. I'm going in like 20 min to get prepped, I'm so scared guys.

Im home out of surgery. He had to take the implant...

Im home out of surgery. He had to take the implant out and I'm in tears about it. I'm in a lot if pain the incision hurts so bad probably cause it was a month fresh incision that had to get recutt and then clean inside and curt inside again. Also I have a drain inside my armpit which hurts too. I'm emotionally ruined and physically too now that I'm gonna look awful with one implant in and one out all in time for summer:( I have to wait 6 months till I can get it. I have to start the vicotin again and I was just getting back to normal off it but the pain is too bad. I'm so upset thus happend to me.i almost want to get the other one out and just look horrible but never have to go through this again. I'm at a loss of word right now

So I go in on Friday the 20th to remove the other...

So I go in on Friday the 20th to remove the other implant. I've decided I never want to go through this again and just to remove the other one. Yeah I don't have the fullness on top of my boob but I'm happy with the natural one and I still got a lift out of it. It has just been a lot and I don't want to have surgery anymore on my boobs, I'm ok with the way they look, there's always push up bras! So 3rd surgery on the 20th, I can't belive I had to do this 3 times in a month in a half. But I'm gonna look foward not back. I just wan to get the other one out and start healing so I can get back to my life!

A couple more days till my surgery to remove my...

A couple more days till my surgery to remove my other implant! I'm scared (cause its surgery, I hate being put under it terrifies me) but also excited. After this hole nightmare I can know that it's over and now just time to heal and get back to normal!

It's over!!!! Thank god. Surgery went well was...

It's over!!!! Thank god. Surgery went well was only under a little over an hour. I had a panik attack before I went in, in the prep room :/ ugh it sucked I hate them, I haven't had one like that in awhile. It feels good to be implant free! In some pain though, I'm taking vicidin . I I had some drainage this past week on the right side that was infected the incision was open a little tiny bit again leaking a watery red fluid not green thank god! I think he took the stiches out and redid them or something because it hurts I don't know if he reopened it again cause he said he had to drain it, I just want that side iti heal dang it! I have another drain >_< on the side that was infected. Boo, I hate when they take it out it feels so uncomfortable. I just want to see my boobs how the other one looks, did I get stiches again, did he reopen the incision again on the infected side... All these thoughts I'm thinking , I will find out tomorrow. Well at least it's over now, just need the healing fairy to sprinkle some healing dust on me :)

I just want to thank all you ladies for the...

I just want to thank all you ladies for the comments and support, I truely feel I would be a nervous wreck without your guys. It really has helped a lot through all of this! Thank you again XoXo
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hakeen were very pleasent. I felt very comfortable with him and the nurses.

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Ohhh, I like them with no implants! You are making me wonder if I could get away with just a breast lift!! :)
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Hi! I'm feeling a lot better! Still healing but I go back to work next week :) yes a lift does make a difference, they will talk you into implants though. That's awesome about your sleeve heck yeah they rule!
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how are you feeling now love? Im seriously considering an uplift in the next few years, im 24 so they are ok just now but not great due to weight loss n such. But it sounds so bad! Also I love ur tattoos! Started my sleeve this year, yey! xxx
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Wow. This is an amazing story. It's like a roller coaster. I can't believe how much you've been through. Immense. I can't begin to imagine the feelings you've experienced. Well done you!!!! (((hugs)))) x
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Ps you look great too!!!!
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Yes it has been a crazy roller coaster!!!! I feel good that I'm just healing now and it's almost over :) I look back and think I went through all these surgeries and pain but at least it's done and I'm praying for no more complications! I feel a lot better! Can't wait till I can wear a pushup bra and see what I'm working with lol
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You look good, I'm so glad you are done. Now it's just time to heal. ((( hugs)))
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Wow you look really good.. How are you feeling?????
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Thanks beachmom! I'm doing good, just trying to heal :) so glad it over. I'm only taking tylonal so that's good. Hopeing the top of my breast will fluff out over the months :) I have a drain in which is uncomfortable but it's for the best. Just Hopeing for no more complications!
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Glad you are home and doing good.. you are on the healing side!!!!
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Ok darlin your nightmare will be over soon and then it's just time to heal. I have kept you in my thoughts & prayers, and I will continue as I know how scared you are of being put under. (((hugs)))
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Thank you so much! Can't wait to get it over with!
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Good luck today let us know how it goes!!!
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Thank you! I will, nervous >_< but excited to get it out and start healing.
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you will do great!!!
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Just read your update then scrolled down to see the pics. I totally agree with beachmom,Your boob without the implant looks great. I know you will be much happier when you get the other taken out. I'm just glad your healing!! Girl you have been through a lot and you deserve happiness! Please keep us posted on how you are feeling. i will definately keep you in my prayers!
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Thank you fitluv, it had been a lot to go through but you ladies keep me strong!! I do think I'm going to be happier with this other one out. I'm just nervous for surgery again :/ it's scary and I HATE going under eeeek it scares me
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Ooh no girl, dammitt im sooo sorry that this turned out to be a bad experience for you but in the end a person's health is what matters more than external vanity aka implanted boobs, right? Taking out the implants is the final decision you made and for you this is the right one for yourself and health, yea your not gonna be as 'full' as with the implants in but yes pushup bras will work wonders for you. Your very attactive and beautiful, you don't need 'fake' boobs because you have the external beauty that makes you all around gorgeous! I hope everything ends well for you and once fully healed you will 'finally' be happier and pain free! Luvs ya sista!
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Aww thanks girl, your so sweet, it really makes me feel better. This has been totally unexpected but yes my health is more important. I can not wait to heal and get back to life! Thank you for the support it really helps me.
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Kim you are such a great girl. I'm sorry that you have to go through all this. Your outlook is what determines your future. I agree w you, this site is such a blessing. We are here for you.
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Yes I'm defiantly thinking positive. Thank you so much for the support it really gets me through all if this! XoXo
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You have a great attitude. I'm sorry you went through this! You do look great, though.

You might want to check out the breast implant removal community. They're a super supportive group of ladies.

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Thank you so much. I was acually look at the breast implant removal right now as you sent this! It is making me feel alot better reading all the ladies positive reviews and there experiences. Im so thankful for this site, i dont know were i would be without it.
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Glad you are getting the other one removed.. How are you feeling? Better from the infection I hope!
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Ugh the 20th cant come soon enough! I felt like i was in park but now i know when im getting it out i feel relief knowing i can move foward and heal and get back to life. I do feel 100x better. I had a cough last week and it was like in my lungs but went away right after he removed the right one i havent had the cough so i think that was part of the infection.
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