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Hi there While this may not be the case with...

Hi there

While this may not be the case with everyone, in my experience Juvederm is a huge waste of money. If you are going to get it done and you sign a consent form I would write on it "If this doesn't last more than 6 months I want my money back" Do NOT sign a consent that says it may not work and that is your problem.

My story. I went in for botox and signed the general consent that says that they are not liable if the product doesn't work. It was "spas products", it didn't say either botox or Juvederm. I had botox before and knew it would work, so what the heck. I signed it.

Two months later I was only going in for a consult for my lip lines above my lips (not the lower lines) The physician already told me that he probably wouldn't use any "filler" (I didn't know much about them except they were expensive. He brought in the director from out of town (Female doctor "Burger") to help him decide what to do.

This Dr Burger was a total sales woman. She managed to size up my face and put a "bit of filler here and there". She talked so fast, I didn't know how much I was paying. I was guessing around $1000,,but was fearing it would be upwards of $1500. I wasn't too worried though because she said I would only need a "top up" in 7 months.

When I left the office, my bill was $3575!!! $3087 was filler,,the rest botox. But did I look good?! ,,,,for 4 weeks....then I noticed it wasn't as full. Then at 5 weeks I looked like before anything was done.

They used 6 syringes,,,to lift my cheeks (decreasing the smile lines) in the smile lines, marionette lines, etc.

I called the office and got the run around for 2-3 weeks. Finally the physician called me after consulting with the director. She had been sent recent pictures and she said that the cheeks had deflated too fast and she suggested that he put another syringe in each cheek, but to only charge me "Cost" share would be $600,,their $600ish.

I said that there is no point in putting any more filler in since two more syringes isn't going to help if the first 6 didn't work. I asked if since they were going to give me $600 worth of free filler to just give me the refund of that money instead,,OR give me botox units worth $600.

They said no to both, and the director wrote me a reply that said that it was my fault that the juvederm wore off so quickly since I am a runner and that she told me not to run for 6 weeks and I had been running. She also said that I was to avoid extreme cold weather and putting my ski goggles on too soon would cause it to absorb. She said that the physician told her I said I was still running 4 days a week for 40 minutes at a time so due to my "non compliance the juvederm wore off. She also said that if you get into a car and drive it into a brick wall you cannot go to the dealership and ask for your money back,,,and this is similar,,,what???

The handout I was given was to not do strenuous activity for 24 hours,,,she told me 36 hours which contradicted the info I was given, but I stuck to the 36 hours. When I called to say that the juvederm wore off too quickly, the physician questioned if I was running too much. I told him that I have been running over 10 years (so my body is used to it) and as of late not more than 40 minutes. AND it is September,,,,ski season doesn't start until late November!

In all the literature I have read (and called to the Juvederm company) there is no evidence to support what Dr Burger said about exercise causing Juvederm to absorb faster. Also,,the stuff is supposed to last MINIMUM of 6 months...up to and even longer than a year.

So the director is unethical and I have sought legal advice. I am waiting for my appointment, as I am not sure if the consent would hold up since I had no idea I was getting filler that day,,and when I signed the consent two months earlier, I had no idea that I was signing it for all future treatments.

Just my 2 cents...


Dr. Burger did not give me the truth and for that reason I walked away thousands of dollars later feeling like she was looking for money without giving me enough details or alternatives. Either she is lying to make money or she doesn't know her business. Here's my story and you can decide. I have genetic lines/puffs under the eyes from birth which isn’t uncommon to certain body types. I went for a consult but because I live far away they agreed to book extra time in case I chose an option. I was interested in the laser so they would leave room for whatever was the best option. I had to wait over an hour and for my appointment. During the consult she said laser wouldn’t help this particular issue. That was fine, but she said that juvederm would help and that was what I needed. I was still very interested in a laser and she assured me that I could also get that if I wished but would have to wait about 5 months after the juvederm as the laser would remove the juvederm effects. I asked if the laser was a gentle laser with easy recover. She said that it was a gentle laser, which I later discovered wasn’t true. The laser they used in 2012, during this visit, is very invasive as opposed to other very light lasers. I already have naturally high cheekbones and wasn’t having juvederm for the purpose of changing my bone structure. She offered the package deal during the consultation and said she would have time for the first treatment to cut down on my driving time, because I drove in from out of town. So far so good. But after the treatment I went to pay for the full package and the clerk told me I had to buy their cleansing line. I told them no I didn’t want to as I already had my own products at home. They said that I HAD to. This cost hundreds of dollars. I was very upset about it because nobody told me this in the consultation and it added hundreds of dollars to my bill, but my face hurt so much that I wasn’t in the mood for a confrontation although I did express that I wasn’t happy about this. I went back for the other treatment as it was already paid in the package and overall the juvederm didn’t do what the Dr. said it would. The line/puffs were still there although the cheekbone was much higher. I decided not to bother with more juvederm but I still had money left on the package and the juvederm didn’t help the issue I went in for. The Dr. told me that although the package was for specific things I didn’t have to use it on those items, I could put the money toward more juvederm, or whatever else. I wanted the laser and booked for it as the package did include a laser. When I arrived for the laser they couldn’t get me in because they said I had to have the deep facial done before the laser and they didn't have time to do it all that day. They did not tell me this prior and I had to drive over an hour one way for this special spa treatment. That also meant that this deep facial was an additional cost because I had no money left for it in the package. I said I'd like to try the laser without the prepping deep facial and the lady said they don't do it that way. Why didn’t they tell me this all in advance!! Meanwhile it was a bit of a fight to get the desk clerks to interchange my package. I insisted that the Dr told me that although the package was allotted for specific things I could use it for whatever I wanted. That was the only reason I took the package in the first place as it would save money in the long run. But because of their dishonesty I paid more money for things I didn’t even need, like juvederm, and things I didn't know I needed, like a prepping deep facial before the laser. I had to confront with the desk clerks because they would not let me use the package money on other items. They did ask the Dr who said it was okay. Clearly they were not on the same page and I saw this as a red flag; but the reason I bought the package was because I wanted the laser, and the Dr got me to first do the juvederm but there was still a laser in my package deal. If this wasn’t the case I’m sure I would have had a confrontation over this. Then, when I had the facial done the woman doing it, Kim, said my skin would have to rest before laser because my skin was too thin and would have to be built up before I had the laser done. Why didn’t Dr. Burger tell me any of this during my consultation? Simple, she was selling the big money ticket, which was juvederm, in hope of big money repeat business! Kim told me that in order to build up my skin I'd need a number of deep facials before laser, which means lots more money. The real topper was when Kim told me that she actually didn’t recommend laser for my skin at all and said she didn’t think I needed the laser. She thought that the deep facial would be all I needed to tighten the area under my eyes! Kim knows skin well and I confronted her as to why they hadn’t told me all of this during the consulation, because I would only have had the deep facial mask. Kim side-stepped the entire issue and was silent with no explanations, but by this time no explanations were necessary. Now I knew it was a rip-off operation but I was in the middle of this facial, so I just wanted to get my package money used up and get out of there. I only learned all this in hindsight because I don’t know anything about skin; that’s why I was going to a professional. Kim was knowledgeable but obviously had to cover up for Dr. Berger. I would NOT recommend the Medicine Hat hummingbird spa due to my very bad experience. I had to learn the hard way, which is why I'm explaining in full detail to assist others in making choices.
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As with anything, the people who whine and complain always have the most comments. And of course no ones knows if all or in fact any of this is true. And to the person who is planning to get treatment and not pay the bill, you should expect criminal charges to be laid, as that would clearly be theft. The human body is a fickle machine at best and everyone is different. Not to mention, if you have already been to every doctor in town, that sort of says something about you, doesn't it? Are you welcome back at ANY of them?
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Hey...I've been to her three times for botox...first time maybe 20 some units...lasted about a topped it up...lasted no longer...third time I had 40 units put in my forehead. Agin it lasted about a mth and a half...asked on fourth visits if I could put less units in she said no...although I had been to other doctors and had less units but ended up with the same result...she said no we would have to continue to just do 40 units each time...what a crock of shit...she's a money grabber. Brings u up to the cash then tries to convince her confidant that they need to book you in for other crap....try to get you in they did with me with fillers and lasers ...but after that visits when she said she couldn't lessen my botox amount I knew she was full of crap...I've been elsewhere like I said and had less done and been just as good as her 40 units. She does not know any more than any other doctor here in town doing those procedures...just wants to make a buck off of us supposedly stupid paying customers....but I've been to a few different ones....and can call her bluff.waste of money...not to mention most expensive in town.
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Dr Dia Burger, Hummingbird Medispa


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