Tummy Tuck Revision...breast Lift W/o Implants...brachioplasty...lipo to Flanks and Thighs W/fat Transfer to Hips - Houston, TX

I've been heavy practically all my life with my...

I've been heavy practically all my life with my highest weight being 300 lbs. I've been at a stable weight for 2 years now...but so many years of yoyo dieting have taken their toll on this 42 yr old body...2 1/2 years ago I went in for my first tt to rid myself of excess skin on my abdomen. Overall I was pleased with the results..especially compared to what I looked like before...my only real issue is that I have a slight bulge in my lower abdomen....still some looseness upper abdominal area and I feel like I have no waist...too boxy looking in general.

After findind this site and researching several doctors...I came to the conclusion that Dr.Cortes with his exceptional results,based on his photos and reviews, could give me the hourglass figure I want with lipo and bbl. I also wanted a brachioplasty and breast lift with implants to correct the excess sagging in my arms and breasts.

My consultation was October 12,2013..Love the fact that they see pts on Saturdays! When I arrived the waiting room was already full...very busy practice...wait time was not bad at all. Was taken back right on time...wait time in the treatment room was a little longer.

Dr.Cortes came in he was very friendly and knowledgable. I explained to him what I want to achieve and he pretty much surprised me by saying if I chose to revise the original tummy tuck and augment my hips I could get the look I want. I was a little disappointed when I found out I wasn't a good candidate for implants due to my thin skin from all the yoyo dieting...results will not be optimal as I run the risk of sagging again. Also was disappointed to find out bbl can't be combined with other procedures..too much surgery at once. I totally understand the rationale...it's just once I make up my mind I want to see results right away...ugh..lol

I did however shut down once he said overnight stay and general anesthesia. My original tt was done under IV sedation.
At this point he asks if I have anymore questions but I'm not even focused. He leaves and some time later Lucy comes in and presents my treatment plan.I was a little dismayed to see a not everything the doctor discussed with me was on there...to her credit..Lucy fixed it right away! I left my consultation feeling confused ..overwhelmed and unsure if I wanted to schedule.

After doing a little more research..I realized that Dr.Cortes is the person for me...I just need to realize that this is a process and I have to slow down and take these procedures a few at a time.
So today I called and spoke to Lucy again I was very happy that she answered all my questions and set my mind at ease.
My surgery is scheduled for March 18, 2014...

Will update and post photos as needed!! :)

Pre op pics

So this is me now.....let's see it I can finally get the hourglass figure I want.Original tt was done May 2011..
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Good bedside manner....very knowledgable!

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