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Don't get me wrong. My new nose is better than my...

Don't get me wrong. My new nose is better than my old nose. But its still VERY CLEARLY crooked. Looks crooked (sometimes broken, depending on the angle) in pictures. Even my best friend, who puts a positive spin on everything, could only muster a "well, its not that noticeable until you point it out..." and no, I'm not still waiting for it to heal...it's been 2+ years! Dr. Athre only saw me once for a followup, 3 months after the procedure (I could already see it was crooked, but was hoping that maybe it was just uneven swelling, because more work was needed on one side than another...which he reassured me was in fact the case). So I guess I'll either try some kenalog injections (who knows if those will help at this point) or get a revision in a few years once I have more disposable income.
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two pictures of me, from Jul 2014 (2+ years after surgery)
Hey Hun soo sorry :( you need to see Dr. Grigoryants in Cali he's AMAZING!!! Did my nose and omg what a transformation! He will completely fix it and make it beautiful! If you have any questions please just ask I'm on here too with before and after pics it's mind blowing!
Do you have before pictures? Thanks for sharing your story:)


Alright, so after contacting them, I got a call from the office today offering a free re-evaluation and whatever needs to be done to make things right for me. So while I understand the uncertain nature of plastic surgery (or any surgery really), a lot of my dissatisfaction was feeling that my unhappiness with the results was unimportant to them. Given that they have now offered to make things right whenever I am able to get back to the office, I feel better about the situation - though I will withhold final judgment until the end result is seen.
Hi there - I had surgery with Dr. Athre on Jun 19th. Could you post some pics for us? I would really like to see your results and I look forward to hearing what they say to you about the revision. Feel free to private message me if you'd like :) Thanks!
I am so sorry that your nose did not turn out the way you hoped. Please, get some other opinions before going to your original surgeon. Remember, doc's pay for marketing. Even if a doctor is a facial plastic surgeon, that does not mean he is great at noses. Check the before and afters on the website. The afters should not be done right after surgery. The irregularities of a nose job show up after the swelling has gone down. Even the best doctors will have unhappy patients, because mistakes are made and miscommunication occurs. Look up reviews on doctors in your state. Find real patients and look at real pictures. Look for someone who does a lot of noses and a good amount of revisions with consistent results. You can call Dr. Grigoryants office and e-mail your op-note,with pictures. He will get back to you and advise. I am looking for a revision doctor too, but the doc's in my state do not have great revision results. Therefore, I need to go out of state. Good luck to you!
can y'all stop with the spam please? i live in texas, there are a million plastic surgeons. there is no way i'm traveling to CALIFORNIA to see some random doctor that someone is being paid to tell me stories about via the internet. ugh.
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