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I have rhinoplasty scheduled august 17. I'm 33 yo...

I have rhinoplasty scheduled august 17. I'm 33 yo , single, and always hated my nose. I've always loved my appearance but hated how big my nose is. I guess hate is too strong of a word. I loved it at one point but I can't seem to love my side profile ...and lately I don't love my front profile too. I consulted with Dr. Bressler and I feel so comfortable with him. I loved what I saw on digital imaging and I feel like I should have made this decision earlier. I'm getting anxious, nervous, excited ...as the days get closer.


Oh wow another aug 17 one too ? Wow. I'm nervous too but It hasn't totally kicked in yet. I know it will kick in more come two days before...good luck on your surgery too!
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I'm having my surgery the same day! I'm such a nervous wreck lol! Good luck
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thank you for the tips on what to buy! I will get on that right away.
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Five days to go! I hope this helps my self...

Five days to go!

I hope this helps my self esteem. I'm very self conscious around guys. For years when I've gotten into an argument with them they would always make comments about my big nose. I've had aunts and uncles make comments about me being pretty but that I have dads nose...which is like a subtle way of saying that I have a big nose. I'm really hoping that this helps my self esteem. I always thought I was somewhat pretty but when I took pics of myself I noticed that not only did I not like my side profile but that my front profile also was not appealing to the eye. I'm going to start buying what I need for recovery on Thursday. I have a puppy, he's five months old now, I'm thinking of boarding him for the first day post recovery. Maybe two days if I need but I don't want him to be distraught. I've never boarded him overnight before.


Good luck tomorrow! My surgery is tomorrow as well... nice knowing someone is going through the same thing as me (at the same time too!). See you on the other side ;)
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good luck!! You're already very pretty =] excited for you!
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Lucky you, I still have another month to wait!
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Surgery was on friday and it went well. I don't...

Surgery was on friday and it went well. I don't remember anything once i went into the OR. I woke up in recovery. My mouth was dry and I got ice chips and I was extremely dizzy getting up to go to bathroom. The staff in the hospital were so nice. I came home and took half a vicodin because I don't like how it makes me feel. Sleeping was horrible at night cuz of the packing. I got the packing out today and I felt so much better but I have to wear a gauze pad with this strap that goes across my ears and underneath my nose. They don't want me to breath out of the nose completely so I'm trying to be good and breath through my mouth. I get the splint off thursday and they will place a nose strip in place of it. I hope I feel better. I took a bath today and it felt so good. Haven't had a bowel movement yet and took a stool softener yesterday.....still nothing. ugh.


I'll speak openly and say that a stool softener helps but I needed to take it another notch and drink smooth move tea. What's happening is the vicodin stops ALL your muscles and therefore everything sits immobile and for, it was painful until I drank the tea. I would take the vicodin if the side effect wasn't such a huge effect.
Congrats on this step. I'm four days post and it gets easier everyday but the first two days can be tough.
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Oh well done, you have made it through!! I hope you continue to feel better over the next few days and you are rapt with the results on Thursday.
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Finally had a bowel movement. Feel much better....

Finally had a bowel movement. Feel much better. Kinda depressed being stuck at home. I'm not a big tv watcher but there is nothing to do. I've been sleeping a lot too and I don't understand why. Pain meds should have wore off and I didn't take a vicodin after friday and even that was half a tab. My nose feels funny. I put saline drops as instructed but it feels funny. Kinda looks funny too. I think I will have to get used to the new nose....I won't see the final result till end of this week or beginning of next. I know it will take months for the swelling to go down. My eyelids are swollen. I find it hard to eat anything with the gauze pad under my nose.
Had another bubble bath today. Felt so good.


Baths are a GODSEND! Also books. I'm so sick of tv already. I've read Gone Girl and it wasnsuch a page turner. About to start The Male Mind. Since I can't go out in public I might as well try to figure men out.
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The grogginess will last awhile. Sedatives and muscle relaxers tend to linger. In fact, it takes 72 hours for vicodin to metabolize so continue with the stool softeners. I'm on the 4th day after my surgery and it's the first day I've felt 100%.
Your nose is going to be swollen for awhile. Your dorsal hump may reduce but the tip will probably stay puffy for a month or so. Mine is and I was warned so many times that it's not phasing me. I didn't have a hump removed, just a tip refinement so I won't see my results for about 6 months! Ugh.
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Thanks for the tips. How are you doing? The highlight of my day is a bubble bath.

My nose feels stuffy today and I'm eagerly waiting...

my nose feels stuffy today and I'm eagerly waiting to get this cast off thursday. I'm also applying to jobs while i'm at home with nothing to do. Not happy with my current job and feel I could find something better. My grad school starts next week for fall semester so I will be busy with that next week....
I just feel crappy today. Its probably the nausea.


Take it easy, your body has dealt with a great deal. Nausea is horrible. I hope you keep improving each day. How are your eyes and nose feeling?
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eyes feel ok. it is swollen underneath but not very noticeable...maybe its because of my skin color? I don't know. my nose feels stuffy and runny. i don't blow it but i wipe around the edges with q tips if needed.

I can't wait to get this cast off thursday. Does...

I can't wait to get this cast off thursday. Does anyone know how they remove the cast? Do they remove sutures at the same time? My nurse said EVERYTHING will be removed monday...im guessing she means the sutures too but I will see what they do Thursday. I'm hoping I get the courage to venture out with the tape on. I don't think it will be as bad as the cast.


I seem to be incredibly thirsty, I guess that's a good thing! I put cold compresses very carefully under my eyes without touching my cast... I would rather prevent a bruise than live with one after :/
You are a beautiful girl, I hope your recovery continues to go well :)
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Thank you for your post!! I don't feel so alone! My surgery was Mon & I'm itching to get my cast off too... The anticipation is killing me :)
My eyes started to swell today & started to bruise but I quickly reapplied ice...
You must be so excited for tomorrow!!
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i am. I haven't iced my eyes like i should but i think the swelling is coming down...it didn't cause me any discoloration. I think i read somewhere that we probably should limit foods high in sodium. i don't think i followed that advice though....
I am taking my meds as ordered though and drinking PLENTY of fluids. Plenty of fluids really help...

I am writing this post late because I never got...

i am writing this post late because I never got around to it. Well on Aug 23 I got my splint removed and got to see my nose without the cast. i liked what i saw but i couldn't look at my face long because 1) I didn't like my skin....it was red from the tape 2) it took some getting used to . It is hard to see your face altered when you are used to seeing it one way your whole life. Monday they will remove the tape they put on....and I will go to work with my new nose.
I feel like my skin underneath is soo oily n dirty. How I long to clean it or use some biore nose strips to get out the blackheads.
My doctor and nurse were really nice . Even the gentleman at the front desk did a song and dance for us. I would recommend my surgeon to anyone who is thinking of rhinoplasty. His mannerism is excellent...and I'm a nurse. I see a lot of doctors who don't spend enough time with their patients....this doctor takes his time.


your going to look so wonderful once you heal all the way
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i hope so. The cast doesn't hurt coming off. are they going to put tape on your nose after they remove the cast? that's what my dr did....im tired of the tape already. lol
Yes it is weird seeing a nose that doesn't look familiar. My skin is so oily as well after the surgery. It can take weeks/months for the oil glands to stop freaking out. I would be skeptical in using the biore strips quite yet because it pulls on your skin and your nose is sooo tender. I asked my doc when I could use an exfoliating cloth but they said wait on it but I'm free to use any cleanser with exfoliating beads in it.
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I get my tape off today and get to wear nothing on...

I get my tape off today and get to wear nothing on my nose from now on. Kinda nervous about it because I have to go to work immediately after and I'm pretty sure it is still swollen. Afraid people will think what a bad nose job. I know it takes months for the swelling to go down. I'll post some pictures tomorrow when I get a chance. It's going to be a long day. First day back to work and I've been so tired for the past week recovering. Feels like my vacation just flew by.

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I got my tape off yesterday and had to go to work...

I got my tape off yesterday and had to go to work after that. I'm not used to my new nose and I think it looks fake....but that is because I'm not used to it..plus it is swollen. I believe once I get used to it that it will be fine. I like my new nose better than my old nose. Once the swelling goes down I believe I will adjust. My dr and his staff are wonderful. I didnt help my nose at work because I'm not supposed to bend down but I'm a nurse and my patient was having a catheter problem where i had to repeatedly mess with the catheter. My coworker said my nose looked red after I was bending down alot. So I will be more careful next time.


Thanks. No the nose job cost around 6 or 7 grand....the total price was because of hospital fees plus anesthesia.
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Hi! You look great! Does that cost include hospital fees and etc...or is it just the surgeon's fee?
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Nla you look amazing! And when the swelling goes down you will look super amazing. It really doesn't look fake to me
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My nose is still swollen at the tip but thanks to...

My nose is still swollen at the tip but thanks to this site, I know that it takes time to go down which could be up to a year. I'm ok with that because I like my new nose better than my old nose for sure. I'll post my latests pictures up later on today when I get a chance.
One thing I wanted to mention was how wonderful both my parents were. They both came for the surgery but only one was allowed back there pre and post recovery and that ended up being mom since she's a nurse also. She was really helpful and the staff at the hospital were fantastic. After surgery my dad came with his car to pick us up and I thought how great it was to have both my parents there with me. When I came home for that day and the next day, I slept and couldn't do much. I wanted to take a hot bath post op since I didnt take one in the morning. I just felt yucky....mom made a hot bath for me and even helped pour water on my hair because I was so persistent.....I don't recommend that though in case it gets on the splint. I was just really amazed at how great my parents are. Just wanted to share that.


Thank you...I don't think you need surgery....your nose fits your face...but if it makes you happy then I totally understand....when is your surgery?
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Your nose is coming along great already. It's a cuter version of your old one. :) Preserves your ethnicity and all. It already looks small, but when the swelling goes down it will look even smaller. Your PS did a good job on your tip. It's hard to tell you had a procedure done.
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I saw my Dr. yesterday and he stated that he will...

I saw my Dr. yesterday and he stated that he will see me in three months and take pics again because he says my nose will be drastically different than what it looks like now. I'm excited. I have lots of pics so I will compare to what it is in the future. My confidence is better. It's not way up but better. Like now I'm not shy about my nose anymore. It is still big because of the swelling but I have peace because it is symmetrical. Also I'm not scared of ponytails! Pre rhinoplasty I would only wear pony tails at work or at home because I hated my side profile with a passion. Now I don't care....I dont wear pony tails in public yet because I'm not used to it...but i'm not shy to wear it now.

I feel better about myself and it's only been three weeks.


hey i posted more pics, let me know your thoughts
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I think your new nose looks great. I see the difference from the front profile...it is slimmer....do you have any side profile pictures?
no, i dont think so, i never liked my side profile before the surgery so i made it a point to never have someone take a picture of me.

Does anyone know how long it will take for the tip...

Does anyone know how long it will take for the tip to stop being numb? I read somewhere that as long as the tip is numb that means the nose is still swollen? Is that true?
I think my healing time is going to be many months because I have thick skin the dr said.


Sadly, the actual surgery and recovery week is the easy part. Waiting for your new nose to make an appearance is the hardest and longest part. I just read of one patient whose nose was large and swollen almost 5 months after surgery then it deflated and now loves it, and this was after a steroid injection. I'm African American and my doc didn't think my skin was the thickest he has worked with but I'm saddling up and making myself comfortable for a few months/weeks. My surgery was last week and I'm resisting the urge to criticize the tip so early.
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It's been more than a month (surgery was Aug 17)...

It's been more than a month (surgery was Aug 17) and my surgeon says it is still swollen but will take time. I still have to see him next month which wasn't the plan beforehand but he's concerned about the swelling in the top part of my nose. I noticed my tip is very bulbous but my old nose was bulbous, droopy , had a bump and was not symmetrical from the front view...so I'll take this nose any day. I love my side profile view even though it will get smaller over time. I love my front profile view even though this is not the end result. I think the end result will be nice but I'm happy with my nose now. Only thing that bothers me is how shiny it can get. My old nose would get shiny too but it seems as if this new one wants to shine all the time.
My relatives came over and didnt even notice. I didn't tell them either.


I decided to take all my pictures down. I wanted to delete the blog but I dont think I can.
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Is there a reason u took pics down?
lol. no. surgery went great and i am HAPPY with my nose however this is a public site and I havent told everyone about the surgery so I thought let me just take this down.

I decided to put my pictures back up. I took it...

I decided to put my pictures back up. I took it down because I didnt want everyone to know I had a nose job but if someone asks me I know I won't deny it...but no one has asked me yet which is why I love the surgeon I chose. I feel like my nose is natural looking.


hi you look real pretty with your new nose job it looks real natural .. ive been considering a nose job forever well im only 22 .. did you have to pay it all upfront or do you know if Dr. bressler does payment options?
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i believe they have a credit plan? Don't quote me on it but i'm pretty sure they have some sort of credit system or something....
How do you remove photos from your review??? I can't seem to figure it out for the life of me T_T
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Well it's been six months and the swelling has...

Well it's been six months and the swelling has definitely gone down so be patient if you don't see a smaller nose right away. In the morning after waking up my nose always seems more swollen to me.
I'm happy with my decision and I really don't miss my old nose at all. I wish I did this in my 20's because I am not so self conscious about my nose anymore. I got exactly what I wanted ...which was a proportional straight nose not too small but that would fit my face.


Congrats, you look great!! It's so natural looking, and you're so pretty :)
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aww thank you. I'm not paranoid anymore but a new nose doesn't take away psychological effects of the past but it sure did help somewhat.
You look AWESOME!
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11 months since surgery

I think my nose has no more swelling now and i'm very pleased with it. It was totally worth it and I recommend my Doctor to everyone who wants a nose job!


Love it...you look so good, very natural.Glad it worked out well for you. Hoping I have same results. Take care...
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beatiful, but you already were.
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This is a brilliant rhinoplasty, best I think I have seen on here, you look fantastic, it compliments your features and he did a great job.
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