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I had my surgery about a year and 3 months ago. To...

I had my surgery about a year and 3 months ago. To be honest I always have mixed feelings about the results. While it's definitely smaller and the bump has been removed, sometimes I feel like the bridge does not look at all like the digital "after" pic we had discussed and that the bridge is still too too wide for the tip considering my tip was reduced.

I loved my surgeon and entire staff. I won't actually list him just yet because I'm still unsure about how I feel about my results.

The reason I had my surgery was to move a bump on the bridge, narrow/soften the bridge, and reduce the size of the tip as it was a bit "boxy" and bulbous. My profile was actually different on different sides as well, which is kind of weird lol. I also desired more "shape" to my nose as to me, my whole life, it always seemed to be very straight. I used to think it looked like a straight wine bottle cork lol. So I really really desired a more shapely, more feminine and "defined" nose overall. I was looking for more of an "hour glass" shape. That was actually our goal, my surgeon and I.

While my tip has definitely been reduced, and I'm glad, my bridge sometimes seems to still be too wide. And now that the tip has reached pretty much it's final size, (as the year mark has passed) the bridge really seems to be too wide for the tip. It also still appears to be very very straight, lacking any shape really. To be honest, it may even have less shape now than it did prior to surgery (which is kind of weird).

While overall I'm glad to have had the surgery, I am very disheartened to still view a "shapeless" nose.

My surgeon has really just insisted that the "hour glass" shape will come with time..but again, it's been 15 months post op.

Feed back from doctors on here would really be appreciated.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm being too "picky" but at the same time, I just honestly feel like it doesn't really look like the "after" digital we had designed. It almost looks exactly opposite.

Please let me know what you think. Thank you very much for reading and listening! I've waited a while to do this review so I'm a little nervous about the feedback! Thanks again!! Hope everyone else's surgery has gone great!

Still no shape after waiting over a year

I personally like your nose. It is very cute
Thank you for the nice words!
Have you considered revision to narrow the bridge and make the nostrils more symmetrical?

More pictures

I really like your nose! Though honestlyI tthought it was adorable before the surgery too. I imagine maybe you had a "perfect" nose in mind prior to surgery whereas I think a nose is about what looks good on a given face and yours suits your face nicely!
Thank you very much for the kind words!
Can't see what else you could really do to improve it, I feel it already suits you well! The chance of needing a revision after a secondary surgery is generally higher than needing one after a primary; you have to ask yourself if you can live with what you don't like about it. None of us will ever receive a "perfect" nose. Perfection only exists in nature. I don't think what little else that could be done outweighs the risk, but I am an outsider looking in. Keep checking in with how you feel about it but don't rely on photos alone to judge how you feel. All of our faces vary and change, some dramatically, in different lighting. So what you see in one form of lighting, if you were to "fix" or change it, would potentially look weird in other types of lighting. These selfies everyone takes at close range are not what you should be judging your nose by. Good luck!!

More pics

More pictures...about 15 months post opp.
Do not touch your nose. It's a really nice nose and as others have said it fits you. : )
Lol thank you :)
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