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I am not usually the type to write reviews but I...

I am not usually the type to write reviews but I find myself on this forum way too often. I figured it could help someone or at least I hope it will. I have been on a journey to find the right surgeon for over a year now. I am 22 years old and I have hated my nose since the 5th grade. I never noticed it until I was teased as a child. Since then I've obsessed over it. I am actually very happy with the way I look EXCEPT my nose. I want people to notice my other features and not my nose! Right now I feel like my nose is the center of attention. I think a rhinoplasty can improve the way I look and boost my confidence too.

I started my journey with my cousin last year. We met with three surgeons and my cousin chose the third surgeon we met. She had her surgery scheduled immediately because she was in a rush to have it done. I wanted to wait at least a year because I had a very busy schedule. I recently cancelled my surgery date for my rhinoplasty with that same surgeon she chose. It's been about 11 months since her rhinoplasty and she is NOT satisfied at all. The surgeon himself agreed and told her that he could have done more and offered to redo it. I thought, well all she wanted was to refine her nose. My nose is a lot more complex than just refining! I was not 100% sure that that surgeon could fix my nose because he does not specialize in facial plastic surgery (he performs several procedures on the body-- rhinoplasty is not something he is known for) I wasn't comfortable with that idea. I am more comfortable with someone who specializes in facial plastic surgery. I have a consultation with Dr. Bressler on May 8th. I am excited and looking forward to meeting him. I really hope Bressler is the one! I am wanting to do this procedure ASAP. I will write an update after my consult.

Cancelled with Bressler...

Cancelled my consult with Bressler and scheduled one with Dr. Athre for May 8th. Thank you for those who commented and messaged me!

Rescheduled for July 17th!

Hi everybody!

I just wanted to come on here and let you guys know that my surgery is this Thursday the 17th! Please wish me luck and share your recommendations/ tips for anything I should purchase before surgery, thanks!

Feeling nervous...

As the surgery day gets closer, I feel more anxious and nervous. I can't seem to relax, all that is ever on my mind is this surgery. Don't get me wrong, I am really excited but I just want Thursday to be over with already. I don't like hospitals and my fear of needles isn't helping either...

RHINO FINALLY! + Shopping List

I'm feeling more excited today! :-) I can't believe it's finally happening! I feel like I've dreamt and talked about it for SOO long and it's finally here!

I picked up a few more things today. I'm having trouble finding the arnica montana tablets. Walmart did not carry it and neither did CVS. GNC is closed right now so I'll check tomorrow morning. I know the Vitamin Shoppe carries it but the closest one from my house is 30 minutes away. I hope GNC has it so it can save me the drive.

These are the products I picked up:

-Prescriptions (including the nausea patch)
-Face, hands, and body wipes
-Dry shampoo
-Foam neck pillow
-Arnica gel
-Ayr saline spray
-Neilmed NasaFlo Neti Pot (looks scary to use lol)

I bought pineapple because I read somewhere it helps with healing. I also bought gatorade, jolly ranchers, and freeze pops to help with dry mouth. That is all for now, I'll update again soon!

I DID IT!!!!!

Hi everybody!

I did it!!!! It's finally over! I left my house at 4 a.m. today. I had to be there by 5 and surgery was scheduled at 6:30 a.m. I was not that nervous or anxious today!!! I am so proud of myself! I was worried I would panic and act like a baby when the nurse would stick me with the IV, but I actually cooperated (I have a phobia of needles). I'm not sure if the Xanax from last night was still in my system or if I just decided to suck it up lol it also helped that the sweet nurse was distracting me by talking to me.

I don't have any major swelling or bruising yet-- yay! Just a little swelling forming now on each side of my nose and the tip looks swollen too. The car ride home wasn't too bad except I was bleeding a lot! I got it all over my clothes, chin, and inside my mouth- gross! So far no pain, just discomfort like most of you guys have described it as.

I have taken a few naps here and there but it's hard to sleep with dry mouth! Drinking from a straw is annoying. I can only take in a little amount of water or juice because the pressure builds up from sucking the straw. Also, I am not drinking anymore gatorade or juice now because it burns my throat going down. I think it's because of dry mouth and also because it feels swollen from the oxygen tube.

I'll update again tomorrow! Happy healing and good luck to anyone going into surgery soon!

Issues Found During Surgery

Dr. Athre informed my family that the surgery was a success. However, he said my nose was BROKEN. He mentioned that it could have been from childhood... I don't recall breaking it though. It's fixed now and he also fixed my slight deviated septum and the surgery is suppose to improve my breathing. My post op appointment is on Monday. I'm excited to see whats under this cast!

Cast Off!

So glad that nasty thing is finally off my face lol I was relieved when the packing came out! I can finally breathe again!!! It was a bit uncomfortable when he took it off but nothing painful. I am so happy with my profile! My front view is not so pretty because of all the swelling. Dr. Athre assured me it was just swelling and 60% of it should be gone by next week. My mom seems more worried than I am.

After my post op, I went to Benihana for lunch and Rita's for ice cream. I felt like people were starring at me lol but I didn't care much. I was just happy to be outside of my house! I know the swelling is going to get worse but hey if 60% of it is gone by next week then I'm not complaining!

Pictures After Cast Removal

I won't upload a front view because I literally look like Avatar. I'll upload one after a few days :)

Swelling is Going Down!

Hi everybody!

I just wanted to come on here and update everyone. So last Thursday marked 1-week post op for me and I must say swelling has gone down! I got my cast off last Monday. Tuesday or Wednesday I went out shopping with my mom and sister and that was not a good day. My mom and sister kept saying things like, "I really hope your swelling goes down." They also seemed a little embarrassed to be out in public with me. Also, the girl working in the fitting room was starring at my face, which made me want to hide under a rock. All of that brought me down and made me freak out. After that day swelling kept going down! It's going down a little bit everyday or at least my mom, sister, and I can see a difference. I went out to my cousin's pre school opening yesterday and then to HEB, and car shopping with a friend. No body looked at me weird and my friends and relatives have actually complimented my new nose!

I have a few breakouts and HUGE disgusting pores on my nose. I also have dry/peeling skin around and on my nose. I can't scrub my nose because it feels weird- it's still developing under the skin and I don't want to ruin it. This sucks because when I wear makeup the peeling skin is more noticeable. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow and ask him when it's okay to start using my clarisonic.

At my post op appointment, my doctor recommended me to stop reading stuff on the internet about rhinoplasty. I finally took his advice and I have been able to relax and not obsess over my nose all day lol

I haven’t seen anyone I haven’t told about my rhinoplasty yet (does this make sense?) I’m a little nervous to bump into people and for someone to rudely ask about it. I’m sure some people will be quick to judge and be nasty towards my decision. Oh well, I guess I’ll deal with it when it happens. I’m thinking of cutting my hair to a medium length (it’s super long right now) and dying it to a medium shade. Maybe that will take the attention away from my nose.

There is still quite a bit of swelling but my nose definitely looks natural now and I know it's only going to look better as the swelling continues to go down. I’ll update later. ?
Dr. Raghu Athre

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I'm glad everything is better hope to see your new look congrats!!@@!
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cute nose!!
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thank you! :)
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Your nose is beautiful! A very gentle curve to it. I hope my nose out as well as yours.
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Thank you, I hope so too! Good luck! :)
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Looks very cute!
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Looks great! I said the same thing about my front view - I looked like a Na'vi! I think it's just that we're used to seeing our faces a certain way, and when that changes, it seems more dramatic than what it actually is. I'm a month post-op and still have some swelling, although a lot of it seems to be gone. Mine didn't go in the first week - more like the 2nd - 3rd week - but everyone heals differently.
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:D I'm glad you two like it! It's a huge change from my old profile! If it doesn't heal within a week, I won't panic but I'd like to see it change a little to assure me this is not the final product.
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I'm glad you are doing well
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:) Just trying to keep positive. These last few days have been boring but it went by so fast and it's like a blur now. Now it's time for the hard part... WAITING! Lol Have you scheduled for surgery after meeting with your surgeon?
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Dr. Athre told me the same thing had a fractured nose and slightly deviated septum. Good luck , keep us posted
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Have you talked to Dr. Athre recently about your nose? I hope everything works out for you!
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Biotene spray is amazing for the dry throat/mouth. You can get it at the drug store.
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I wish I had known this before, thanks!
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My doctor also said my nose was broken at some point! I don't remember breaking it. Good luck with your recovery it will look beautiful!
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I found it interesting that he found that out after cutting me open. I guess it's harder to tell from the outside if it's broken? Thank you, your nose is beautiful too!
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I hope everything is well Im excited to see your results I've seen Heather result with this doctor and the result are great.. Good luck to you. Hope you can post pics soon. your a pretty girl over all
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I agree, Heather's results are beautiful! Thank you! :-)
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Thanks guys! :) I really like the way my nose is taking shape - still has some swelling to lose, but overall, it's looking pretty good! Hope you get some sleep and can eat something soon. Dr. said my nose was fractured as well - probably sometime when I was a kid.
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Happy for you and thank you. This dry mouth/throat is driving me crazy :(
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To be honest I would say skip the arnica tablets! You won't bruise. People with your beautiful complexion rarely bruise. I've noticed this from viewing hundreds of rhinoplasty profiles and my surgeons assistant (who is Asian islander with beautiful tan skin) was telling me how people with pigment like his or darker never seem to bruise! Of course I bruised really bad though and didn't take arnica :/ I probably should have. But anyways I'm excited for your journey! I was like you, where I was very satisfied with all of my looks except my nose. And nose I'm so happy that I did it! I feel complete with my new face haha
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Congrats and thank you! :-)
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Check HEB for the arnica tablets - I saw them there, but only bought the gel :)
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Thanks Heather :)
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yay congrats on finding a surgeon you are comfortable with!! my surgery was on 6/30 and I had a bump removed and my tip raised. I would highly recommend a little spray bottle you can put water in so you can spray your dry mouth. I had packing in the first night which was so unpleasant to sleep with. I woke up every hour with my mouth soooo dry and because of the packing in my nose it was difficult/uncomfortable to drink water. I would also suggest having food prepared too so it is ready to go! Lots of stuff for smoothies is great. I bought a bunch of pineapple and froze it along with strawberries, mangoes and bananas. I also ate a lot of pasta and pints of ben and jerrys ice cream :P good luck!!
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