Only the Botched Procedures Get Reviewed

I just wanted to quickly mention how much I LOVED...

I just wanted to quickly mention how much I LOVED my results with Juvederm for my undereye hollows because it seems like the successful procedures are going unrecognized. It's kinda like if you have some weird medical problem and you start google-ing and you end up at forums where everyone is posting that they have the same thing and "if anyone finds out what it is then please let me know" but NOBODY ever actually posts what it is! It's because the people who've got their problem taken care of aren't wasting time on forums online. Once the problem is fixed it's off their minds.

In the same way, people with successful procedures aren't online trying to express their anger toward the product or find people who feel the same, they're out enjoying the results. I was super scared because according to this site, it doesn't seem worth it, but I thought that couldn't be right because why would it have gained so much popularity if it was as harmful as some mention? One thing I will stress is going to a facial plastic surgeon or even safer, an oculoplastic surgeon. After I got mine done by a facial plastic surgeon who wasn't as sincere and caring as I expected, I went elsewhere to address my concerns a few days later. The oculoplastic surgeon I went to, was extremely sympathetic and caring. He applied strong pressure and smoothed out the lumps kinda like sculpting clay. Afterward I was AMAZED! I wondered why I hadn't gone to him in the first place. My original injector wasn't intrested in seeing me until two weeks post procedure which, from what I've since read, would have been past the window of opportunity to smooth out bumps, because it settles over time.

One thing I have realized since getting this done is that you can tell a lot about a plastic surgery practice or doc by their online activities and websites. I expected the doc I went to to be the best because he was highly rated on this site and his website seemed legit. After finding the oculoplastic surgeon I went to for follow up, I realized that the GOOD docs aren't wasting their time building their online reputations. Also, you should keep in mind that a professionally done website and location of the office speak volumes on how much a practice earns. The more they earn, the more patients they have. Simple things we often overlook. Hope this helps. P.s. the price I entered below includes the 100 dollar corrective consult at the occuloplastic surgeon.

Thanks for coming on to share your experience and thoughts with us. I understand why many people are under the impression that only those with a negative experience choose to post reviews. That actually isn't what data shows. You can even just look at the Juvederm community to see that.

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This is a really great blog that digs into this sort of information even a bit deeper:

Staggering Differences in Satisfaction Between Board vs. Non-Board Certified Doctors

Also, you mentioned that "GOOD docs aren't wasting their time building their online reputations." I can totally agree with you if the only online reputation that doctor has is a fancy website and paid advertising. However, a truly strong reputation online, just like in real life, can not be bought. Reviews on sites like RealSelf, Yelp, Angie's List, etc. can speak volumes. We can also see the passion for educating consumers that some of the doctors have by sharing information about their area of expertise volunteering to answer questions in the Q&A section, writing blogs, doing webinars, etc. Though I agree that great advertising shouldn't be a reason for a person to chose a doctor, I also don't think that if a doctor has volunteered to help and share information online which resulted in building a strong online reputation, they should be looked at sceptically.

I'm glad that you found a good doctor who did excellent work for you. Thank you for adding your "Worth It" rating to the community. :)



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