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Bad outcome. I described below what happened. I...

Bad outcome. I described below what happened. I will never go back to Dr Siegel. And his current staff makes me feel very unwelcome. I do not recommend this Doctor and his young entitled staff.
He was fast and sloppy with the injection and ran off, leaving me without a ice to prevent bruising, had to leave the room and flag the staff down to get two small ice packs.
We are unable to identify the patient from the name given. However we would like to take the opportunity to discuss our procedure policy for fillers and BOTOX Cosmetic. Each patient is counseled prior to treatment. One of the issues discussed, is that introducing a needle through the skin may result in the puncture of a blood vessel. This complication, while uncommon, occurs in the hands of even the most experienced injectors. While every attempt is taken to prevent this, many blood vessels are undetectable from the surface and avoiding puncture of such vessels 100% of the time cannot be guaranteed. Depending on the size of the blood vessel, a small to large bruise may result. Dr Siegel performs hundreds of these procedures each year. Although he has extensive experience, it remains a medical procedure, with inherent risks. Patients should not enter into the decision to have such injections casually. If a patient believes that a particular doctor will deliver a zero complication rate, they are being sold a false bill of goods. The fees we charge for injections of botox and fillers are competitive for our region taking into account background, training, and experience. Does anyone charge less? Yes. But you do get what you pay for. As part of our protocol patients are also seen 5 to 10 days after the procedure to assess their results. It takes this amount of time for Botox Cosmetic to show its effects, as well as for fillers to hydrate and show their final result, including symmetry and volume. If any minor adjustments need to be made, they are made at this time. Patients are given instructions to return earlier if they have ANY concerns.
I'm sorry you are unhappy with your experience, I hope you find support in the Community.
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He performed Juvederm injections on my face and left me uneven and bumpy. Its terrible. I paid much more with him, because his staff insisted he was the best. Worst was no after care and total refusal of any further treatments to even it out. I was also left bruised for 15 days. I have had the same application done by another prior without any problems and much cheaper!!! That person moved unfortunately. They just want the money!

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