Revision for CC 1.5 weeks post-op (Mar. 27,2014)- Capsulectomy, Strattice, and New Implant - Houston, TX

Hello Ladies! I was diagnosed with CC (capsular...

Hello Ladies!
I was diagnosed with CC (capsular contracture) on my left side at 4 months post op and I am now 1 year and 2 months post op. I plan on getting revision by the end of the year which includes a capsulectomy (removing the capsule), implanting strattice, and replacing implant with a new one. I am dying to find others who had had this type of procedure done with the strattice as I would love to hear how their experience has gone and if the strattice has been successful in preventing CC from recurring. If you can share your experience with me I would really appreciate it, or even if you have another technique or treatment that was used, I would love to hear that as well. Thanks in advance!
Oh one more thing, So is your surgery for Both sides? Are you having a redo on the good side too?
My original surgery is only for my left side. But I am thinking if the strattice for both sides isn't much more, then get them both done for the just-in-case. I saw a story a gal got it after 7 years post-op!! I'm sure prices will go up by then....
Scrappy, this a little confusing. You have several reviews. :-) You must be excited to get the revision soon. Wow you have been through it girl! Thank you so much for your support through this experience. ans heck no I cant do push up well or any chest exercises so I avoid that. I have always been afraid to irritate them too for fear of developing cc. ( I know it is silly) Bacteria makes sense though. Our bodies would definitely attack! I will be celebrating my 50th this year! Whoo Hoo! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

trying to decide when....

I forgot I had this review too. =) I am looking at doing my revision over Christmas of this year or next. I am leaning towards now as my doc prices are about to go up so my orig. Quote won't be any good after the new year. I will likely have my decision made this Monday or so.
Goof luck with your going Dec for revision too

Surgery is scheduled!

The time has finally come! I have finally scheduled my CC surgery for March 27th. I will get a pic posted over the next week or so before surgery. I am at 1 year 10 months with CC on my left side. Surgery will include removal of capsule, antibiotic wash, new implant, strattice implantation, with drains for 1 week. My understanding is that surgery will be 2 hours for 1 breast due to capsule removal. Initial implantation of both sides took 1 hour. Dr. Vitenas and office manager Cherie have been awesome in working with me trying to coordinate this. I couldn't be more grateful for their efforts and patience. =)
I had CC also. Orig implant 1979, CC revision 1990, CC revision 2/20/14. I didn't get strattice. They told me it was very expensive. I'm keeping my fingers crossed these will last as long as the last ones. Both my CC developed slowly over years. They weren't painful yet. I got it done because my current insurance would pay to have them removed and I paid to put them back. I was afraid to wait because our healthcare system is so unpredictable. I had CC in varying degrees ever since I got implants. The new ones feel soft which is unusual to me. I'm sorry you got it so bad after only 4 months. Was this your first BA?
Hi kiwi, yes this was my first BA! I guess I was an unlucky one. Fortunately its not paid til and I am able to hide it. I think because I have body fat. Lol are you getting used to your softness yet?
No, I keep changing. They are starting to firm up and one side is firmer than the other. I didn't massage them too hard because my implants are so close together and they are sub-glandular. I was afraid I might get symmastia. I will increase the massage pressure. When I lift them up, they feel heavy. I have gotten use to wearing a bra the last few weeks and when I take it off they feel heavy. It didn't matter with CC. I think I look smaller. It's hard to believe the capsule made that much difference. I think I look more natural. I got CC on both sides both times. I'm 63, so I am hoping I will be able to keep them 23 years like the last pair. I massaged them everyday and I could have kept them even longer. A few Dr.s say massage doesn't matter but I know it does. I think it is a good sign that you only got it on one side. Maybe it is more related to something else than your body rejecting implants in general. The Dr. should be able to give you good result. I hope the strattice helps prevent it from forming again.

Tomorrow morning is Round 2!

Well looks like the time has finally come! I have to be to the hospital by 5:15 am, surgery at 7am, 2 hours of surgery, 2 hours of recovery. I should be home by noon if I am lucky. What a long morning! And I am supposed to have a compression bra and drainage tubes on my left side. I'll post pics when I feel better. See ya then!

Day 1 post-op

This surgery is more painful than my initial surgery. My initial surgery was 1 hour for both boobs, this time 1.5-2 hours for just the left boob. So this time I am wrapped in bandages and have a drain hanging out. Initial surgery did not have either & I wasn't allowed to wear a bra 6 weeks. This time though, the bandages are to keep everything still. I guess so the strattice doesn't get moved around in there. I've tried sleeping tilted up, but now my back is pretty sore. I'm Going to ask the hubbs for a bit of a back rub. =) Yesterday (day of surgery) was not very good. I threw up a few times. Could only eat toast, but had lost that too. I guess me and general anesthesia don't get along. I am surprised I can lift my arm up, but I'll keep it down if I don't forget. This morning I'm able to walk by myself without danger of falling over, so things are good! And I get to have some coffee, yay! Have any of you been put on a low sodium diet?

Adding photos and Summary of the last 1.5 weeks

Funny how the first week wasn't really too bad. By the end of it I have to say the drain hole was really starting to hurt me! I had unwrapped and rewrapped that bandage so many times as it was also hurting me in various places. I guess just being able to remove it and rewrap it each time was just enough to remove whatever was making me uncomfortable. Thursday the 3rd was 1 week post-surgery and I was able to get the drain removed. I thought I was going to have a gaping hole in my side, but it turns out it is more of a "slit", so when they remove it, the skin just goes back together and I can take the bandage off that the next day. Removing the drain was a little painful, but it was very quick and I didn't see a thing. I am sure it was disgusting coming out (Bleck!), I am just glad I didn't see a it I can pretend like it wasn't. Lol. It probably wasn't worth the 2 pain pills I took as I was anticipating some serious pain. I thought the doc was also going to manipulate my breast but he did not and I still felt him removing the drain so I don't know how much good that did me. I was instructed to maintain the low sodium diet and to wear a sports bra for continued compression.
I gottta say I was in more pain 2 days after this appointment then I was the whole time. Part of it might be because I quit taking pain pills, another part is because I had more salt than I probably should've, and I was moving around too much and not compressed anymore. I was wishing I would've keep that bandage they took off me at the appointment cuz you can't just buy one that big at Walmart and I was hurting so bad I had 3 sports bras on and they weren't really helping. Last night I noticed the left was a bit swollen so I started icing with the Therapearl bags on the top and center, trying to avoid the area where the Strattice was "sewed' in. Today things are much better, but I haven't over extended myself again so who knows if I am any better? Last night cutting veggies for a salad using my right hand was killing my left boob and my left hand was just holding the vegetables being cut. It's amazing how everything in our bodies are connected and are impacted when one area in injured. So now I am waiting to heal and to see if I get CC again or if I will stay "normal".

I'll let you know if I see any more changes and when I get my stitches out or the little bandages off. Doc said this scar is much larger so he could sew the strattice in. Actually, come to think of it, the last surgery, he didn't remove stitches so I am not sure if he will or not this time. I'll keep you posted. Oh by the way...I have not had one little bruise this whole time. Not even my initial surgery. Vitenas is amazing, I don't know how he does it!
Hey scrappy just dropping by to check on you. I did end up getting strattice as a result if my cc. How are things going with you. I see you finally did it! I hope everything goes well!
Hey Fit! I left you a message on your page too. Did you say you got the strattice in then got CC again?
Did you have only one drain?

2 months Revision post op

2 months post op and am doing fine so far! Now I am just waiting for the scar to go down. I just started getting into essential oils and have been using Lavender/Frankincense on one half of my scar, and Scar away on the other half. Just to see if one works better than the other. Not sure what I think k about it right now, no conclusive results. Doc never instructed me to massage the revised boob. Sometimes I have a pain in it that I didn't have with the initial augmentation. But its bearable, it seems to be related to the position of my body, like if I am laying on it or something. I think it has something to do with the strattice sewn in there. Maybe its getting pulled? I think i heard it takes 6 months to get partially integrated with the body, and a full year before its 100% integrated. I'll try to get my updated photos posted today, I'll have to get on the PC Instead of the tablet.
So glad to read this. I just had a revision and went from sub gland to sub muscular with Strattice also. I am at day 4 and drains were removed today and even though the initial pain was excruciating compared to 1st BA, I feel no pain now, only sore muscles. I'm in Houston too and went with Dr Boynton. I went from 225cc overs to 350 unders and I really like the width of my new ones. I developed cap con after a horrible staph infection on my right side only a year after my initial surgery. It feels like it's fixed and with the Strattice I can't feel any rippling on that right side also where the tissue was super thin. Thanks for sharing your story!!
Mamamel same here! I just went from subfascial to sub muscular after a CC. I had the same issue with thin tissue in the cc side but under now it looks good so far. Im 9 days po now. I said the same thing that it was super painful compared to the over position. Good luck to you. So happy to be able to share our experience with others that have experienced this. I am so happy that the pain is gone and I am looking forward to healing and enjoying my boobies even more now!
Hi Mamamel, so glad you found us! Looks like FitDiva is your new surgery buddy! Sounds like you both had the same thing done and about the same time. I can only hope that we can stay CC free after the Strattice insertion. I am a little worried though since FitDiva, got it again afterwards- even though it was mild. I don't know what I would do if I got It again. I'd like to keep my new boobies. =( But time will tell and we'll just have to take it one day at a time and hope for the best. Keep in touch so we can all keep track of each other!

2 month scar pics

I am attaching some pictures to show the scars. You will see that the revised boob (my left) has a much larger scar which is due to having Strattice inserted. I have been recently introduced to essential oils and so I have been putting Lavender and Frankincense on the left half of my scar and Scar guard on the right half. I gotta say, the essential oils don't seem to be doing anything for it but maybe I really needed the Helichrysum which is super expensive. The other pic shows what my original scar looks like, which is on my right boob. I am half Asian so my scarring is usually darker than Caucasian people and seems to take longer to "disappear". My original scar looked pretty good after a year. I need to take a frontal and another profile shot. I'll work on getting that taken and added. Laying on my stomache, on that boob is still a little painful. It feels like something is pulling, But so far so good!
My scar Linda looks similar and I have the drain scar too:( hopefully it lightens with time
I meant kinda.
I think it will. Look at my other side, barely there! =)
Dr. Vitenas

I think I got a really good doctor that is very skilled in augmentation. The initially surgery was painless, implant and pocket placement have been spot on as well as his recommendation for implant size. The revision surgery was a little more painful but still not so bad, and I recovered quickly. If I don't get CC again I will be forever thankful to him. I already told him he's not allowed to retire. Lol. I highly recommend him!

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