34 Y.o. Breast Implant Exchange, Bilateral Capsulectomy and Mastopexy - Houston, TX

Dr. Vitenas and each member of his staff have made...

Dr. Vitenas and each member of his staff have made me feel at ease from the beginning and continue to do so. I was born with a tubular breast on my right side and my breasts were uneven. I had a breast augmentation in 2005 from another surgeon who placed saline implants above the muscle and put them in through my navel. I was pleased, but over time they began to harden and the right one started moving up toward my collar bone which made my nipples increasingly uneven. Pain began a few months ago to where I was unable to continue exercising. Dr. Vitenas told me I had developed capsular contractures. He informed me of his treatment plan, which included pre-draining of my implants (which terrified me, but understood the reasoning and trusted his judgement), then surgical removal of saline implants, removal of scar tissue, implant exchange from saline to silicone under the muscle, placement of strattice, and a lift, as I wanted smaller breasts. To me, this was a lot of surgery and I was so scared, but was comforted by Dr. Vitenas and all his staff. Surgery went well and I am recovering well. Pain was very much controlled and removal of drains was not as bad as I had imagined. I could not be more pleased with the symmetry of my breasts, nipples, and the scars are not an issue with me. I am not even 3 weeks post-op and feeling good, pain is minimal, just a little tightness at this point. I know the best is yet to come. I highly recommend Dr. Vitenas and his staff.
Hey there, When I saw your post I was a bit perplexed as your story is almost the same as mine! I too had a BA aged 25, I am now 34, and have just had the same surgery as you - implant exchange, and mastopexy, although the surgeon did not remove the capsule in the end. I would love to see your photos if you would be willing to share? I get my dressings off today, so no photos as yet, but I did have a look earlier, and I am devastated. I look a total mess and not a nice shape at all :(
It does look scary, I told people it looked like a shark attacked me. lol. Mine are a little different shaped, but they are so much better than before and I am sure they will continue to look more natural and not feel as tight as time marches on. Good luck and hope the photos help.
I'm in Houston too and had a revision with a new surgeon for me, dr Boynton with Strattice to prevent my cc from coming back also (and moving the implants from overs to unders). Congrats on your successful revision!! I love how with Strattice you can't feel the bottom edges of the implant at all, and it feels great to go bra less now!!(7 weeks post op)

3 week Post op

You didn't mention implant sizes from first and second surgery. How come you chose to downsize? Why not avoid lift and stay same size?
I was a very large D some bra places said I was a DD. I was around 330cc in left breast and 500cc in right breast. They always felt too big, cumbersome and kept me from being as active as I wanted, also clothes just never fit the right way. I am now a C cup and love the size.
True and the scars will fade. I have some ptosis in R breast which I assume is from years of wearing my purse and one shoulder strap and on my R shoulder however due to my hypertrophic enlarged scars I refuse to do lift since it is not major droop


I have been asked about my previous size and why I chose to go with a smaller size and lift. I found a pre-op picture taken just before my implants were deflated. As you can see, the capsular contraction on the right was moving up toward my collarbone and my nipple pointing down and to the side. The scars from the lift and my smaller size were definitely worth it to me.

2 days post-op

5 week Post-Op

I am feeling better by the day. My range of motion is almost back. I'm getting more comfortable touching and feeling my new body parts. I have soreness still but mainly in morning and at night. I am a little more sore in the breast fold and it feels pretty tight and "thicker" or "squishy" by the incision site. It's hard to describe. It would be nice to have something/someone to compare with! How was everyone else at 5 weeks?
Was the surgery done in two steps or all at once?i have the same situation as you and my surgeon want to remove the old implants and wait 2months and than lift and replace.
Alliecat would love to see some progress pics if u wouldn't mind...
wow you look so pretty

7 month Post Op

I am feeling much better! The worst part has been the muscle tightness in my shoulders and back from hunching over and shrugging my shoulders for weeks and weeks. Please please if you have this procedure done, try to be aware of how you are standing/sitting and try not to strain your shoulders or back while recovering! At this point my neck, shoulders, and back hurt way more than my breasts. I am happy with my results, mainly the pain from the CC is gone and my clothes fit better. I am smaller and people keep telling me i look like I have lost weight! My right breast is still a little "tubular" but that's how I was born so, let it be! This is me! And you can't tell when I have on a bra or clothes. Of course I am more critical than anyone else. Getting back to feeling like myself! Best wishes and a speedy recovery to all having this procedure!
Your scars look perfect. Your revision looks great. Thank you for sharing your journey.
I had Strattice also with my cap con revision in Houston, too, and I am 3 months post right now. I slept with a wedge pillow for 5 weeks, so that helped neck and back pain. I never had pain from the cc, but when it started developing, it quickly changed my boobs, so I had surgery within a few months of it's initial detection. So glad you are healing well!!!
Ok. I saw you 7 week pics. Mostly of scars. Which look awesome by the way. Can u send a frontal pic? See mine? Do you kinda see what I'm talking about? I'll take some later when I hopefully return from ps follow up w/o tape...
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