I got my BA last year and this year I had to go...

I got my BA last year and this year I had to go back for a revision surgery because one of the pockets opened up. I don't know what the cause of this is but I had to get this taken cared of right away. Aside from the revision surgery, what I'm having a hard time is dealing with the size I chose. I wanted something that was proportionate to my body. My doctor recommended 325cc but I got scared and at the last minute changed it to 300cc. Now the more I work out, I feel like my breasts are getting smaller. I guess I'm keep losing the breast tissue which I didn't have much to begin with or now that the breasts have settled and all the swollen is gone, I guess they look different to me than before. I don't know if this is just in my head and I'm just being silly. I went from a 32A to a 32DD. I know this seems a lot but I don't really see my new girls to be that big! Has anybody else gone through this?

It's been a week since my revision surgery. I'm...

It's been a week since my revision surgery. I'm feeling better and so far I'm happy with the results. Last week when I started posting my story and pictures here, I was a bit down about my size but I'm coming to terms with myself and I'm starting to like what I see. I've found some really cute shirts and bathing suits that make the girls look really nice! I've also spent a good amount if time reviewing other profiles and its nice to relate to some if these stories and receive positive feedback. From the moment I decided to get implants, I didnt realize this ride was going to be a physical change and emotional. I'm still glad I went through it. Now I can't wait to start working out again. I'm looking for a good sports bra ... Anybody have any recommendations?

I'm looking for a good sports bra or wireless bra...

I'm looking for a good sports bra or wireless bra to sleep at night with, does anybody have any recommendations. I'm looking for something comfortable and with good support.

2nd Revision

I went to see my PS yesterday and my right breast is bottoming out AGAIN! I was bummed but then I started talking about going bigger. The nurse gave me some sizers. I don't want to go a whole lot bigger but big enough to wear ANY bra and look like the girls are still there. I've been buying Demi bras only because they give me that extra volume I like. Anyhow I'm looking at 375 or 425ccs. My fear is that since I'm bottoming out again, will I continue to have this issue with a bigger implant?

2nd revision

Getting my second revision soon!

I've decided to look at other surgeons and finally decided to go with somebody else who actually does the Strattice procedure. I felt so comfortable talking to this other surgeon and now I wished I would of met him a long time ago. Not only will I get the Strattic done, I'll also go a little bigger and with another type of implant. I'm considering going with a moderate plus vs HP and go up to 375ccs. Wish me luck ladies! I really don't want to go through this again.

Has anybody gotten the Strattice done?

Need some words of encouragement and your thoughts on the Strattice technique. Thanks in advance!

Three More Days Until My Revision Surgery!

I'm excited, nervous....all the above.
I got my house cleaned yesterday so I won't feel bad that the house turns upside down while I'm in bed. I hope the recovery is easy. On my first surgery, I didn't have to take narcotics- just 800mg of Ibuprofen. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to just stick with Motrin. What I'm mostly worried about (sounds kinda bad) is the swelling on the abdominal area. The one that makes you look like you've just gone through labor only there's no baby. Yup....that one!
I haven't told my friends of this revision surgery and I have an event on July 27 that I'm hoping to attend. I'm hoping they wont notice otherwise I'll have to cancel. I'm reading about taking vitamin K which apparently helps with swelling after surgery and is found in pineapples, leafy greens, apples, red onions to name a few so tomorrow I'm making a necessary trip to the grocery store. Does anybody have any other suggestions about a quick post surgery recovery without over doing it? Ok, ladies....I'll try to write before Monday (btw-it's at 8:30am) but if my nerves take over and I forget....wish me luck please! I want all of this behind me for sure. Good nite.

It's done!

I had my second revision: strattice plus new implants this morning.
Everybody was so nice and I didn't feel like they were trying to get in and out of the door as quickly as possible.
One thing I was dreading was the andominal swelling but I don't I have that much. Yay!
Pain wise, none since I'm taking medications. Now as far as pressure and soreness, I feel like I've done 500 push ups! Lol
I was told to not use my arms when getting up just my core and legs. This is a bit difficult but doable.
I'm in bed now trying to get some rest. The healing process has begun...

So far so good....

I'm on my 4th after my surgery and I'm feeling better than expected. I was able to raise my arms to wash my hair by myself today. I do get tired more often and believe me I'm listening to my body more this time. I'm not stressing out about the mess around my house and if I'm tired, I just take a nap.

One Week AND one Day!

My birthday was yesterday so I was a bit busy to update my profile. I can't believe its been over a week since my surgery. Time does fly by. These are my pictures right now...

1 Month post op and LOVING IT!

I can't believe it's been already a month since my revision. Just to remind everybody this was my third surgery in less than a year. No bueno. I had the strattice put in on my right breast and got bigger implants with another surgeon. So glad I did this and all I wish I would of done is found him a long time ago. The implants I got this time not only were they bigger but instead of HP I chose moderate plus and man... They are sooooo soft! Some of my friends (close friends) can't believe how soft they are. Even my husband noticed... Score! ;)
So, I know there aren't many reviews about the strattice for bottoming out but if anybody out there is considering this procedure, it's 100% worth it. The other difference now is that I have a cleavage where as with the HP implants, I didn't. Never thought my boobs would look like that without a push up bra.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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Love your results!
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U look great! It makes me even more sure i need to have my third revision and change my implants to mod plus profile. How much did your third surgery cost?
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Wow, you look fantastic! I may have missed this but what is your height and weight, if you don't mind me asking?
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Thank you Beth! 5"2 106lbs
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Ahhh, very petite! Be sure to include this info in your next update! ;)
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How have your boobs settled? I just had a revision 4 days ago and was wondering if I am still swollen or if this is the size I will be staying at. How long did yours take to settle to their final size after last revision?
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Hi there! I read both of your reviews and I thought I was the only person with the same thoughts. I also had boob envy and still have it. Yup, you read right. It's been almost a year since my last revision and at the beginning I was on cloud nine. I was so happy with the results. A week later I went out on a date with my husband and I got lots of compliments from people that didn't know I just had surgery. This time my face didn't swell up like on my first surgery. People just complimented on how natural I looked especially since I didn't wear a bra. I did go bigger and unfortunately, the swelling on my breasts did go down and even though I'm still a 32DD, I don't feel like a 32DD ya know? My boobs did get smaller and I don't like going out wearing an underwire bra. I have to have a Demi bra such as the one from VS to look fuller. I think what's worse is I compare my noobs with others which is where the where the boob issue starts. Lol!
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Im actually feeling the opposite. I think they are a tad bit bigger than what I wanted. That's why I was wondering if I was still swollen or not.
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I think they look great!
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Can you list the ps that did your revision? Thanks
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Yes! His name is Dr. Bradley Hubbard. He is amazing. I'm trying to create a new review about him but for some reason I can't. ******
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They look great!!!! Congrats
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Hope your doing great !
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Yay ! Your happy ! You have been through a lot it's great to see you finally have the boobies you wanted .there beautiful
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Thank you Sissy48! Yes, it's been a roller coaster but glad I can put that behind me. I want to hear about you. How are things?
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My revision has been a breeze . I will post pics and update next wk . I have a bad lower back and I need to get my butt back to my chiropractor . I have a dang UTI so my back didn't feel to go right now .
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Best boobs ever!!! Really amazing! You must be thrilled!
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Thank you for your sweet words Newmeaug13!! I'm very excited and I can only thank my surgeon. ;)
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you look fantastic!!! i love it!!! you must feel great!!!!
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Thank you emn! How are you?
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susietexas--i am doing great! i love my new breasts. he also did a great job on the facial fat injections at that time. i also love my TT i just did. and i intend to do some things to my face next. i am reinventing myself!! such fun!!! and so expensive, and i do not care-- i do it!!!
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It is expensive but if it makes happy, I say go for it! Did you recently have a TT?
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yes look at my site, i did it 6 weeks ago. i had hernia repair also, and hips lipo. i am doing great. i am stretching now and my energy is back. i am so glad to see you did the surgery and now have the breasts you wanted, and it is even! you must feel more womanly and feminine and great in clothes!!
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How are you doing ?
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Hi Sissy48! Sorry I'm getting back you this late. I've been super busy with work and preparing for the kiddos to go back to school. Anyhow, I went to see my doctor yesterday and he's happy with the results which I'm too. I was given the green light to start wearing bras and slowly getting back to exercising but I'm going to continue taking it slow for a couple more weeks. I want to make sure I heal a little bit more. Just trying to be very cautious. Anyhow, how are things with you?
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