vbeam for venous lake-Houston, Texas

I had been told be a couple of dermatologists that...

I had been told be a couple of dermatologists that said there was not much that could be done for the venous lake on my lower lip, se other than removal (cut). Went to another dermatologist that utilizes VBEAM for broken capilliaries on my face and asked him about teh venous lake. He used the VBeam on it too. he said it might take one or two treatments. i am 4 days post treatment and it is barely noticeable. Significant improvement-in fact you probably would not even know it was there unless I pointed it out and you looked closely. Happy. Will probably go back for touch up-but could live with the results after one treatment. Plan to write a separate review on my VBeam experience for the broken capilliaries (aka-elangiectasis)


Hi Native,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm glad you found someone to fix the "venous lake" on your lip. Do you have pictures? Please keep us updated and we will look forward to your second review.



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