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I was always conscious of the frown lines at the...

I was always conscious of the frown lines at the edges of my lips and my disproportionately small upper lip that virtually disappeared when ever I would smile. I wanted to do something to improve how I felt about myself and Juvederm and Xeomin seemed like a great place to start.

I love the results!  My lips are proportionate but not too big and my smile lines tip up,just how I wanted them.  She also did some Xeomin injections and I love it!  I'm getting alot of compliments and I feel great. The procedure was virtually painless, just a few quick stings in the beginning and then pain free.

Glad you got the results you wanted! Did you have any swelling where the Juvederm was injected?

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Dr. Chiang took time to understand what was important to me. I didn't want obvious changes but I wanted an improvement. I never felt rushed and when it came time to do the procedure she made sure I was comfortable. Several of my closest friends have gone to Dr. Chiang as well and girls night out has never looked better.

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