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Lower Body Lift and Breast Lift After 180lb Weight Loss... Amazing Results!!

I had the most amazing experience with my Dr. in...

I had the most amazing experience with my Dr. in Houston. I had a lower body lift and breast lift done at the same time. I have lost over 180 lbs and was in desperate need of a lower body lift and breast lift. The results are amazing!!

I was in very little pain, and was back at work 3 weeks after my procedures! I was monitored closely for my follow ups and didn't have any complications.

I can't recommend my surgeon highly enough!! He is amazing and his work is spectacular! My scars are so thin you would never believe I had major surgery! I can't wait until I'm fully healed and can schedule my next round of plastics!


If you don't mind me asking, how did you lose your weight?

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Wow! Two weeks! I am amazed! I am coming in from out of town, and I will be staying at a hotel for two weeks after the surgery, so I can be close just in case. How long did your swelling last?
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Dr. Lomonaco is amazing with pain management! You will wake up with a pain pump, which delivers medicine directly to your lower abdomen. I really didn't feel any pain at all. It was mostly what I would describe more as "discomfort" when getting in and out of the bed. On the third day, when I went home, I only took 1 pain pill a day for 4 days and then never took another one. Pain is different for everyone, but Dr. Lomonaco does a fantastic job with keeping it in check! I was back to work 2 weeks after my LBL and BL. I have my second round of surgery scheduled with him in September and I can't wait. You are going to be in FANTASTIC hands!!
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Houston Plastic Surgeon

My Dr. is a perfectionist. He spends all the time he needs to in order to give you the best result. He has so much experience with people who have lost massive amounts of weight that he has an eye for knowing how it all needs to be put back together! His bedside manner is the best and his follow ups cannot be beat!

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