Lower Body Lift, Lipo Breast Lift with Implants, NO Pain All GAIN! - Houston, TX

I had a lower body lift including lyposuction with...

I had a lower body lift including lyposuction with a breast lift and implants.

I was amazed how fast my recovery was. Coming our of surgery I was placed on a pain pump, after is was completed, I went home just taking tylenol. Pain was so minimal. I had no brusing, no bleeding and my incisions a month later look like a thin line of string. I attribute this all to following the dr's orders.

Months prior to surgery I did Pilates, ate very healthy, increased my protein intake and got all the right vitamins, cut out alcohol and decreased caffine intake.

Having a good team at the physican's office that included coaching and cheerleading as well as being really honest about what "I was going to have to do". I knew going in that it was going to be up to me to get myself up and walking the hallways and the sooner I did it the better it would be for me. My doctor made certain that I felt comfortable and fully informed. Going home I had cell phone numbers so that should anything arise I could get ahold of him immediately. I did not have to use it, but the reassurance he was there was invaluable. He or His staff called me daily during the intital recovery period to verify drainage output, temperature and general over health both physical and mental.

My results are amazing! I am so very pleased with every aspect of my procedure it has been a dream come true!

Houston Plastic Surgeon

The Dr. is an artist, a physician, a teacher and a warm and caring individual who is doing his true calling. His gifts are many and varied and he is utilizing them. My experience with him and his office has been nothing short of exceptional patient care!

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It seems like it took only a few weeks. It was hard to tell because I was so much smaller coming out than going in. After by weight reduction surgery and loss of 120lbs, I was a comfortable size 10. This last week I bought a very elegant designer gowan that was a size 4!!!! That extra skin adds a lot to the tape measure and just the way you look. I would say that by week 5-6 I felt that I was 100%, but as time went on I just got stronger. When you get home...walk, walk, walk and not just around the house, go outside and walk.Take you protein suppliments and eat better than you ever have in your entire life and don't forget those pre/post surgery vitamins! It is just so important.You should be doing some form of exercise prior to the surgery, muscles have memory and will get back to healthy faster. I was anxious to get out and get going after surgery and that is probably the hardest part is staying down at home long enough to actually fully recover. I just felt so good I just wanted to get out and going. Besure and get 2 post surgery garments, so one can be washing and one wearing.I lived in work out clothes during that time, but WOW the flat tummy is amazing. You are going to do beautifully and have the body you dreamed of!!
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Thank you for your kind words! I am excited! I know that it varies from person to person, but how long were you swollen?
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I might have been the exception, but the pain was minimal. The pain pump in the hospital really helped get me on my way. You just need to make yourself get up and get walking as soon as possible. I actually encouraged the nurses to help me get moving. The more you move/walk the hallways, the less time you have for soreness to set in. It has to be mind over matter. And remember what you fear will manifest, so focus on it being easy and pain free. I only took the pain meds at home if I could not relax or over did. You are going to do beautifully. Dr. LoMonaco is very gentle. It will be the best thing you ever do for yourself. Let me know your progress. I am sending you light and love.
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I am having a lower body lift from Dr. Lomanaco in two weeks, I am afraid of the pain. Anything I need to know?
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Thanks for the great story. From MIAMI
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