Horrible Results from Juvederm Under Eye Injections!

About 7 months ago i had juvederm under eye...

about 7 months ago i had juvederm under eye injections. they have looked horrible from beginning to end. not only were they puffy like a little pillow, the pillow outlined the bags that were there to begin with. Now that the juvederm is starting to disapate, it is lumpy and the skin looks baggy.

nothing but cons to report. puffiness, bruising TO THIS DAY, they tried to "fix" it in the begining with thermage? what a joke!

Is a law suit applicable here? if there is anything i can do, i certainly don't want to go back to the same doctor! Of course after the fact i heard negative reports about him. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GO! What was I thinking :-(

will my eyes go back to "normal" once the juvederm is all disolved? or will i now have stretched out baggy skin under my eyes? soooooo frustrated and sad!!!
I had juvederm in my cheek and it ruined my face. I have big dent, hollow under my eyes and in lower face. Look 15 years older and deformed. What they dont tell you is that when your face swells youre skin stravhes and when swelling is gone youare left with saggy droopy skin. They injure your nerves and muscle with needles and your own tissue gets weak and dies pver time , you see more hollow and droopiness. but they say youre gonna look like the way you were before in worst case! Dont believe this trash at all. They say your body produce collagan due to injection , No its scar tissue but they want your money
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The bags he put in my eyes in 2008 are still there, and it is now 2012. I would say after a while you may need to find a competent practitioner who can gently remove it properly.
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he is horrible, tried to fix it with thermage, didn't refund ANYTHING even after they realized how bad it was. Also continued to recommend face lifts. I'm 38 years old and look pretty darn good! Even his nurse and partner told me later that an idea of a facelift would be rediculous for me.

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