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I am very unhappy with the rhinoplasty results. I...

I am very unhappy with the rhinoplasty results. I didn't ask for much, there was something very small I didnt like about my nose that I wanted to improve. Unfortunately, it didnt turn out as what I hoped, asked for, and expected at all. I made it clear what I wanted to be done, but he made it worse. The looks of it worsened and I have become more upset and insecure. Honestly fully regret having gotten this surgery. Im going to have to find another doctor to re-do this all over again. Not looking forward to it at all.

I had a very disappointing experience...

19 Jul 2013

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I had a very disappointing experience with Dr. Wiesman. I had gotten in a car accident in 2009, and my nose broke from the airbag. I had no problem with my nose before that so never thought I would get rhinoplasty. I couldn't breathe well and my nose had widened alot. I needed surgery and for it to just be slimmed and look how it did before it broke. I went to a surgeon at Northwestern Hospital, he is way older and has much more experience. But unfortunately, on one side of my nose, he gave me a deep "pinch" and it did not look natural. I was sad and surprised about that. So last year, I turned to Weisman for him to just soften that "pinch". Thats it. Thats all I wanted. Yet, he changed the whole thing. The bridge of my nose has been pulled to the left, so it doesnt go straight down how it used to be, he barely softened the pinch, and on top of it all, he ruined the perky tip of my nose. Before my nose broken, I always had a slighty perky tip, you the know the one that all women want. It was feminine, soft, really flattering for my face. For some strange and unknown reason, he got rid of it. He shortened my nose, rounded the tip big time, and pulled it way down. Looks terrible, so not flattering, the profile just looks unattractive in pictures and when I look in the mirror. Its a terrible reminder every day, making me even more sad. Wish I never did it the second time, and with him. People I ask, even 3 surgeons in Europe for their opinion have told me I definitely shouldn't have done anything, that it looked way better before, and the tip of my nose looks like it has been "dropped and pulled down." I showed them before and after pictures, and they said the way my nose looks now should have been the before picture, and how it was before should have been the after. I also had shown Weisman the before and after pictures so that he could see how sad I am and the big unnecessary difference and he told me he sees nothing! He told me no he did not do that. And that "it's fine. It's fine!" Terrible. He argued with me. Wow. Didn't expect anything like that, it's so wrong and made me upset. He didn't even offer to fix it. I still am saddened and disappointed and can't get over his reaction and how he spoke with me after.

We will agree to disagree You've expressed your feelings. I actually perform many revision rhinoplasties Please post similar positioned before and afters. AP and Lateral views with same lighting and the community can decide. As well I would prefer to not get into a Internet argument so I will not respond to your posts. You have exhaustively expressed you views .
Wow! A doctor getting into an argument with his patients on the internet. I think that's a private matter and should be discussed in private. A patient should have the right to review their doctors good or bad.
this is another example of a patient not having realistic expectations and being impatient. If this is who I think it is , she is an attractive young women who had some subtle irregularities of her nose. I did minimal tip work and grafting. Her breathing was admittedly better. She has very thick skin and the swelling will take 1-2 years to resolve. This post was less than 1 year post-op. A few points in this post that are just incorrect. If she really did need a major reconstruction with a rib graft or skull graft, both of which I perform, then she would still be a candidate for the operation since a simpler operation was done. The cost for those operations would be in the range of $20-30,000. If a surgeon is saying that she is not a candidate for the operation then it IS only because they realize that she is unrealistic and will likely be a difficult patient. There are patients that have a 3rd,4th or 5th revision surgeries on there noses. I have not seen this patient in months to see how the swelling has resolved but I have looked at my pre and post op photos ( with her being very swollen) and there is no deformity or poor outcome. Again I would challenge this person to allow me to post the photos so the general public can have all the information necessary to come to an opinion. I'm not saying that I always get the result that I want but I do try to make my patients happy whenever possible . Unfortunately, some people you can never make happy.
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