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Loving my Lips! Gloss'em Up Baby!! Juvaderm Junkie Now - Birmingham, AL

I'm 48 years, never had full pretty lips- but as i...

I'm 48 years, never had full pretty lips- but as i age- they have gotten progressively thinner. Yuk! i had gotten to the place I refused to wear any lip gloss :( ! now that'S a tragedy!!

Let me first, before I go on with my review, let you know I am a red head who tends to bruise and bleed easily. This being said, the first injection' s bruising would not be unusual for me to do. I get bruises from carrying grocery bags :)

My first Juvaderm (ultra, I think) injection was January of 2013. I got it to increase fullness in my lips. I didn't want the "lined" look. My Dr knew exactly what i was talking about, whew! I did get a dental block as it was offered. Once I had the block- I was numb. Boy, was I ever numb!!! Dr Schaffer injected the Juvaderm, and it was quite easy, I didn't feel and discomfort, I couldn't feel anything For hours for that matter :). I did start to immediately bruise and swell. I used ice, but before I got home I looked like I had been beat in the mouth :) the bruising stayed about 9 days total and was pretty slow to fade. You should have seen me explaining my bruised mouth at work!

I went shopping at Dillards 4 days post injection and the LancĂ´me lady drug me over to her counter to "help" lol. She even gave me a huge sample of concealer- ghah - THAT bad, huh?!? Lol. The swelling was mostly gone in just a few days- by the end of 11 days I totally loved my lips! Gloss it up baby! Gloss it up! And I did.

July 2013, much of my Juvaderm was gone, I still had some, but really didn't want to wait until it was completely gone before getting more. I talked with Dr S. and requested a second injection. I did ask him if he thought it was too soon (didn't want Lindsey Lohan lips!!) I showed him the after pictures from January (the cute ones) and he said that I was good to get more :) ya!!!

Several days prior to this appointment I started taking arnica 30x. I had used it with my TT surgery and it really helped with bruising. Was keeping my fingers crossed it would work on my lips too!!

This time I decided to try just the numbing cream instead of the block. My nurse, Penni painted me up but good. I looked a little like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth- quite sexy I must say! We waited about 15 minutes and I was nice and numb. Dr S. came to inject me- he kept talking and I felt the need to respond. That's the polite thing to do, right? I refrained as I had needles stuck in my lips with fillers flowing. Ya, I could see me moving my lips and making the fillers go in weird places, lol. Note to self: next time tell them not to talk about anything I may have an urge to reply an answer to :D

On about the numbing up- I did feel maybe more of the actual injection with he numbing cream. But honestly, I can't say which I thought was more uncomfortable, the dental block which smarted quite nicely. Or the injection with the topical applied. I think I like it better with the topical. For one thing, the "numbing" wore off quicker which was nice.

As soon as the injection was completed I popped 3 more Arnica under my tongue and Bromelain. I would do it again before bed.
Ice was applied- on 20 minutes off 30. Hmmm, very little swelling and only a teeny bruise on my bottom lip!! Nice.

Later that night, I still did not have any more bruising and minimal swelling!!!! Arnica is my hero!!!

It felt weird to drink from a cup or straw for several days, almost like I couldn't get me lips in the right place, was so afraid I'd drool! Also when I spoke, it felt like I wasn't forming my words correctly the initial days. After the initial says, I was back to my ole expressive self :)

7 days post injection, my lips were nice, fuller and I was loving them!! Yep, glossed and ready to go! I love lip gloss, the glossier, shinier, sparklier- the better!! did I already tell you :) sigh....

Bottom line, I love Juvaderm! Am considering the lines around my mouth one day, maybe soon will let you know.

Was very worth the money to me. I will do it again. My sister loved my results so much, she got Juvaderm too :) awe, I'm a tread setter, a trail blazer, a leader of the pack... Ok, I'll stop now.

Glossy lip D. ;)

Loving my lips!! 4 weeks post injection :)

It's been 4 weeks since my Juvaderm injection. I love my results!!

All the awkwardness of drinking and eating has diminished and my lips feel normal. They are fabulous (to me anyways) :)

My sister liked it so much she went last week and got Juvaderm and Botox. I really only tell my secrets to my sisters and RS :) lol If someone asks I won't lie, but mostly people just say I'm looking so great, wow you must be doing good. I just say you know, I am. Lol

My spa is having an open house in a few weeks, I'm considering getting the smile lines done. Not sure will ask my Drs opinion about it.

D. :)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

I've used Dr Schaffer for several procedures, including my amazing BL/BA, TT, Botox and have been completely satisfied with my experiences there. Actually satisfied is an understatement, I feel great about being me! He takes time to answer concerns, gives honest answers ( he will tell me quickly if my thoughts are not the best choice). I like that. His staff is great! I'm always treated like a friend from the reception and nurses, wait time is reasonalble. Dr Schaffer never appears rushed or trying to hurry out. Even though some of my questions may not be huge- he has always treated them as important. I love the beautiful facility and the spa has incredible specials from time to time! (Spagraystone.com) It's one of my favorite places :) I feel Dr Schaffer tries to make each person look their best. Thanks, Dr S., you rock!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow, your results are awesome!
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Thank you AnaScott! I have really enjoyed it a lot. Actually did my smile lines too a couple months ago- very happy with the results. Have you done it?
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No, but I just turned 47 and am looking for ways to stay younger looking. I know that aging is going to happen but we don't have to take it lying down :). I haven't been brave enough to do anything on my face more than a facial.
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BTW, I have to tell you that I love the way you write; I feel like I'm right there with you.
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Exactly!!! That's me me. :) I do laser genesis on my face- have for the past 1 1/2 yrs. it smoothes, deminishes pores, tightens some and promotes collagen growth. I also do facials every 2 months. My face products are SkinCeuticals C E furlic, B gel, their cleanser/moisturizer/eye cream - I love this line!!! I also do Botox in glabellar, crows feet lines and Juvaderm/Restylane fillers. Sounds like a lot but it's all spread out so the changes are very subtle. No one ever knows unless I tell them :)
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Oh wow! Thank you!! I write how I see things and usually don't filter much- which could be bad or good depending on the day lol! Have you read my TT review( which needs updating) lol
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I've tried peels and microdermabrasion but after discovering genesis- I stopped those.
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WOW! WOW! WOW! D, you look G-E-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! I have not logged on to the website in a few weeks, but wanted to see how you were doing. Love the lips! hugs! Dancing
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Girl!! How in the heck are you doing?? Totally made me smile when I seen the note from you!! Work and life has been so busy I do t get as much on time as I used too :( thank you :D I had my laugh lines filled a month ago. Totally love it! I posted that pic on my TT wall. Who knows why, lol! I'm doing great! Don't have any residual from my TT but a super tight abd especially after a workout So thankful I did this for me :)
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I am doing GREAT! Love my new tummy! (and SO happy that I did that, too!) Been busy buying new clothes! lol Off to check out your laugh lines that are now gone!
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Dancing, you look fabulous!!!! Wow and wow! Love your tummy!! You lol 20 lbs lighter!
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you look great =)

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Thanks realCathyofSeattle! I had my smile lines done two weeks ago- LOVE!!! I posted a pic on my TT review. I was surprised at the difference it made
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Is arnica a prescription?

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Hey Jena, sorry I just seen your post, RS notifications was messed up and. I guess I didn't get it. No, it's not a prescription. You can get it from GNC, some spas have it I ordered mine from PureFormula.com because I got a bottle of arnica x30 250 tablets for about 8.00. I get Botox and Juvaderm and always, always start taking it a week prior so I don't bruise. Love it!!! I'm a red head so bruising comes easily to me- I just got restylane in my laugh lines and didn't bruise at all!! Huge deal as you can tell from my first injection with out it, lol.
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Is nice to meet you btw :) thanks for stopping by!
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Love the photos, your result and review. Thanks for sharing. My dermatologist suggested I get Juvederm Ultra 1 syringe for marionettes (lower face chin area). They charge $700 a syringe so that makes me not want to do it! However, they do have buy one get one 1/2 off to new patients but they only recommended one for me. I could always take advantage and fill top lip or somewhere else or maybe they will "hold it" for me until I need it again in the marionette lines. Anyway, love your results!
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thank you :) ! I totally love my lips now- not too over done, butfull enough so I can wear lip gloss :) That seems like alot, 700/syringe. I think I would check around, maybe check at a plastic surgeons office? I paid alot less for my Juvaderm (500 and then used my brilliant distinctions award money for a lesser charge) and my sister lives in Fairhope close to Mobile- her was about the same cost as mine.... I am seriously thinking of getting my smile lines filled at the end of the month. My plastic surgeons office has a spa and they always have fantastic deals on Juvaderm ( usually 400 a syringe) Hey why done you just run over to Birmingham and get it all done? May be worth the trip, LOL! thanks again, girl! Was nice to meet you and thank you for the sweet compliments!
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No, not too over done at all. They look nice. $700 is a lot. She has a good reputation though, beautiful facility and in a prime location so that probably plays part in it. I would be afraid to go somewhere where they may use alterative fillers that are legit! Not saying all the cheaper stuff is not legit but it makes me question things. LOL. I guess I could go to Birmingham to get everything done! Vacation plus a little extra.
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I'm very leary of going just anywhere too, but thought a board cert plastic surgeons office in your area could be a good option- if you decide to go to bham ;) their web address is www.heddenmd.com the spa is ran by them as well. Some time in the next couple weeks they will have a big event. The facility is gorgeous, love the drs there! Juvaderm will prob be 400. Botox 200 :D if you decide to go, let me know ill tell you a good place to stay. Good luck :) and let me know how you do!!! Oh, I use arnica 30x 3-4 days prior to injection to reduce bruising. I'm a red head :)
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It's very smooth and no one has noticed that I had anything done. I have been getting it for a while and has made a huge difference in the way I look. You should talk to ur dr. I sm sure you would ve thrilled with the results.
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I think I will :) thanks !
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I had the smile lines done using restylane and they look very natural. They usually last a yr. You would be pleased with the results.
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That's great to know. Is it smooth or does it feel lumpy?
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Your lips look very nice and natural. I had restylane on my lips. They last more than 6 months. I like that you used arnica before the procedure and after. I will do that next time.
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