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I'm getting surgery on the tip of my nose in a...

I'm getting surgery on the tip of my nose in a couple of weeks and thought it would be good to keep track of progress for those who may want one in the future. I'm not a blogger or anything, so I hope this is helpful to someone! I haven't found a ton of people who are just doing the tip, so I thought it might be good to do, though I'm pretty private and this is kind of embarrassing. I've heard that it takes quite a while to see the results you want with the tip because the swelling lasts so long, but I'm excited!

Good luck with surgery Monday. That's very exciting!! You are going to look great!
Thanks, Lillybug! I'm excited!
Good luck girl and don't be embarrassed. The tip does take longer then any other part of the nose to heal. I'm a little over two weeks post op and my tip is still pretty swollen. You'll look great afterwards and since you are only changing your tip I'm sure it will look very natural and nobody will notice :)

Tomorrow's the big day! Nice and early so I don't...

Tomorrow's the big day! Nice and early so I don't have to wait around being a stress case.

I've been trying to lay off the sodium yesterday and today, and my doctor gave me two herbal medicines to start today for swelling and bruising: Arnica Montana and Staphysagria. I take four of each four times per day for four days starting today (at least the dosage is easy to remember!). You put them under your tongue and let them dissolve, but they're sweet like candy so it's hard not to just eat them!

Day of surgery: I had my surgery today!!!! I can't...

Day of surgery: I had my surgery today!!!! I can't believe I actually had a nose job...

I was expecting to just blink and have everything be over like when I was put under for getting my wisdom teeth out, but it felt more like I was awake (though I know I wasn't because time went way too fast), and I was tripping out on acid the whole time. I really was conscious the last part of the surgery, but my eyes were covered and I couldn't see or feel really anything except these round lights above me that seemed like they were dancing around.

About 12 hours later, I can kind of walk without falling, though I'm still a little out of sorts. My splint and packing look awful; I'm excited for tomorrow to at least get the packing out so I can breathe better. I've been bleeding a little bit from under the packing, but the doctor said that might happen, so I'm not too worried. I haven't had any pain; the doctor said all I'd need is Tylenol. I can't wait for this week to be over!

Day 2: Removal of the packing Sleeping last...

Day 2: Removal of the packing

Sleeping last night felt like trying to sleep straight up with cement in my nostrils.But I made it!And I have not had pain; I took some Tylenol just because I though I should be in pain, though I still wasn't, and I haven't touched it today. I was scheduled to get my packing out at 3:30 pm and I could NOT wait!! My bleeding from last night stopped, but this morning I kept sneezing and, though I was trying to do it through my mouth, my nose started bleeding a ton. The doctor said it wasn't necessarily good, but wouldn't mess up my nose, so that's good.
Getting my packing out was like someone pulling a gigantic, long booger out of my nose. It hurt, but it felt so, so good when it was out! I could breathe! He left the tape across the tip of my nose on after some thought; he said it was on there really tight so it would be easier, plus it would cause the swelling to form lengthwise instead of across, which is fine with me. I got the surgery because of my wide bulb so I would rather it be long while it's swollen and see it without the bulb right away! I've never had a length problem, so I'm okay with that for a while.
I think I've been feeling a little too good, though. I've been bounding up and down the steps and around the house like nothing's happened, which can't be good for the swelling, so I'm trying to quarantine myself to bed for a while. That's probably why I'm writing a book on here. I'll try to hold off until Monday when I get my splint off to write more!
i got my Revision surgery the same day as your initial surgery! I was more nervous this time than the first time. I had to laugh a little at your review above with the lights above you and how you felt like you were tripping out on drugs or something because thats exactly how i was yesterday too! You probably had the same kind of anesthesia that I had, you're asleep but kind of awake sorta thing? lol.
How funny! Yes, the doctor told me today that it wasn't general anesthesia but "sedation" and that some people experience hallucinations. It all makes sense now!

Day 3: Isolation I feel like I should be...

Day 3: Isolation

I feel like I should be etching marks on the wall to keep track of time. I can't believe I have five more days until I can be halfway normal! At least yesterday I got out for a little while to see my doctor; now it's just me and my room. I'm not very good at sleeping on my back, either, so I've been tired without being able to sleep. I hope it's all worth it!!

I got my splint off today, whooooo! Unfortunately,...

I got my splint off today, whooooo! Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy it because right before that I locked my keys in my car in metered parking and was stressing about what I was going to do about that...

Throughout the day, I kept looking at my nose. I was amazed at how thin the tip was and with no swelling. THEN I got home and saw my profile and remembered that he had said the swelling would be to the front---yeah, he wasn't kidding at all. I look like Pinocchio and wondered if people had been horrified at the sight of me. But then I looked at it more and realized that it's not really that bad and at least it's not forever. I don't think so, anyway. I emailed him about it just to make sure it really is swelling.

As long as that really is swelling (I don't think your nose can magically get longer through taking cartilage out, so I'm not overly concerned, just a little), I think this will be worth it. I feel like my nose does fit my face better, and I feel like my eyes are drawn out more now. I'm a pretty happy camper so far. He told me I still have to wear the splint at night and anytime I'm at home for a couple of weeks. He showed me how to do it, but I'm scared I'm going to screw up my nose. Fingers crossed.

It's official: This was SO worth it. And I'm...

It's official: This was SO worth it.

And I'm not a doctor or anything, but seriously, if you have the type of nose job that can be done with a closed approach and a doctor who is very skilled at it (which mine is; he learned that way), then DO it! I was terrified of the swelling that I saw in so many other people and dreading having to go through that, but when I got the splint off, the tip was SO refined and small. I'm pretty sure a lot has to do with the fact that it was closed. Like I said before, it's longer die to swelling, but I can live with that. Then I thought it might swell afterward like what happens with others sometimes. It's been almost two days and nothing has changed. It might be because my doctor is having me wear my splint whenever I can (at home relaxing, in bed, etc.) for the next two weeks and because I continue to sleep with my head up, eat little sodium, eat lots of fruits with vitamin C, and drink tons and tons of water. I am very, very happy so far.
How is your healing going? Still happy? How's the tip swelling resolving?
Pretty sore, but now I'm at two weeks at it's not really bad. It's more sore at times than others!!
Happy you are enjoying your new nose =) Is it super sore?
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