Really glad I did 4 months after my procedure

Cons: 1. Procedure was VERY PAINFUL. Felt like...

1. Procedure was VERY PAINFUL. Felt like the fascia in my abdomen tore due to suction. After 2 weeks, still hurts.
2. Pricey ($1,400).
3. Slow to see any results (it takes 3 to 4 months to see any results, so while you are dealing with the pain, it doesn't feel worth it).

Pros: Unsure.

Pre-treatment photos + a photo of the initial...

Pre-treatment photos + a photo of the initial post-treatment frozen look.

nice article thanks for share
Here's an update as of October 19th, 2012: Procedure was done on September 28th, 2012. So, being a "scientist" I wanted to get some numbers to determine if there in fact was a change because of the Coolsculpting. I use a measuring tool (caliper) called "Accu-Track" which we bought from Amazon for about $20. This is a body fat measurement tool. I took 3 measurements of each area and averaged them out. I used the tool to measure my belly fat on the left, center (umbilical), and right side of my stomach. It's a little hard to get the left and right sides exactly the same since there are no set areas to mark...but for the center measurement I used my belly button as the reference guide (to keep it simple, I'll only give the center measurement). Measurements were as follows: 9/28/2012: center of stomach measured 40 mm of fat. 10/11/2012: Center of stomach measured 24 mm of fat. 10/19/2012: Center of stomach measured 12 mm of fat. I have been using my TENs unit (an electrical stim unit used for pain relief) on my stomach area since it still has been sensitive. I wonder if this has helped to move the macrophages (fat eating cells) in and out of the area. Not sure. So, that said, it appears that the procedure IS working. My clothes fit more loosely in the stomach. I'm glad I didn't throw away one of my favorite pairs of pants since they once again fit. Hope this all makes sense to you. Final words for this update: Yep, it hurt...but I would do it again.
I read a lot of blogs and I don’t finish blog posts that are too technical. I think it takes a lot of skill to write in a manner that attracts a broad audience.

So my last measurement of fat loss was on November...

So my last measurement of fat loss was on November 5th (Monday). The fat measurement in the umbilical (belly button) area via caliper measured 10 mm (millimeters). So since the initial treatment date of September 28th, there has been 30 mm of fat loss!!! Original measurement (again, with each measurement session, the values were taken three times and averaged out) was 40 mm at the central/umbilical location. The latest measurement was 10 mm (so 40 - 10 = 30 mm of fat loss).

Just a few comments:
-Numbness of the belly area lasted for about 30 days or so. I did require Motrin on a daily basis for about the first 2 weeks. The procedure was not painless for me. It felt like my intestines were being pulled up inside the machine. However, apparently vanity prevails since I'm relatively happy about the results, despite the discomfort from the procedure.
-I used a TENS unit to help decrease the pain in the belly area. I believe this also assisted with moving some of the dead fat cells out of the area.

So today I went for the "post" pictures of my...

So today I went for the "post" pictures of my coolsculpt procedure. The front photo really shows you how much fat has been lost. My final measurement with my caliper in the umbilical area was 8 mm. So I went from 40 mm on September 28th, 2012 down to 8 mm on February 1st, 2013. That's a total of 32 mm of fat lost. YAY!!
I did not feel the blog was technical at all. In fact I appreciated it very much. Wish more people would post helpful information rather than just general information. Thank you for sharing.
Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

This provider was relatively close to my house and had a small practice as opposed to the big, multi-doc conglomerates in nearby Huntsville. Plus, it allowed some privacy to me doing this (since I'm not someone who would usually sign-up for optional procedures such as this). I have to say that each time I go over to Dr. Vinyard's office, I am reminded at how very nice and professional his whole staff is. Thanks Dr. V!

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